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  1. First of all, great work. I will be using this in every game from now on I believe that importing the list should not be a priority, but I agree that being able to save your own list would be a big quality of life upgrade. I think the timer value needs to be flexible, so you can use in a final cut game (2 hours). The layout could use some work, it isn't very clear which player has which score.
  2. First of all, thanks @Dalli for sharing this here. I really loved the ideas you shared here and adopted Hot Rod as my main list for this extended season (mayber further?) Just played yesterday in a 34 person tournament and got second place, after being 5-0 in swiss (we had a cut to top8). I could have won but made a critical mistake with Whisper in the final game, which got her killed in one turn. Totally my fault and not the list (also merit of my opponent for capitalizing on my mistake). So far the only weakness I see in this list are very well flown aces with double reposiiton that move after Chiraneau. If they manage to get behind you or on your side in the turn you didn't proton bomb them, you are screwed for some time because they can easily arc dodge you when they are in close quartes and still keep their offensive mod (Soontir has a focus, Kylo has force, etc). Aside from that, I don't fear much in the meta. Unless some good lists with multiple proton torpedoes arise or maybe some very good refel beef interation with 4 good 3 attack dice ships get back to the meta, this list can answer anything. The new Luminara + Padme combo might prove to be troublesome aswell. My current version is this one: (76) Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator] (4) Dauntless (8) Moff Jerjerrod (14) Darth Vader (5) Proton Bombs (5) Lone Wolf (3) Shield Upgrade Points: 115 (57) "Whisper" [TIE/ph Phantom] (9) Fifth Brother (6) Stealth Device (7) Juke (6) Collision Detector Points: 85 Total points: 200 Main difference from the lists Dalli provided after points change is Collision Detector. CD on Whisper is BIG, believe me. I cannot recommend it enough. I'm currently considering switching the Shield Up and Dauntless for Tua, but that will require some further testing. Other than that, I don't see anything that's worth adding or switching for now. My thoughts on this matter are EXACTLY the same. But having played the list a few times now, I can see situations where I would have flipped a crit and used Tua forthe free reinforce. Or picking up a TL for a R1 shot on someone and still getting reiforce for the passive Chiraneau mod. More actions are always welcome and losing the bump + reinforce on the first or second engagement is probably the only downside when switching from Dauntless to Tua. Both are situational and have their merits.
  3. It seems Jim Blakely is running Chewbacca and 2x Y-Wings with TLT Couldn't find the full list of upgrades though.
  4. In Brazil we didn't have any National competition so far. And our distribuot is really bad when it comes to supporting and setting up these kinds of competitive events. It seems most distributors outside US aren't really that good :/ Maybe FFG should negotiate with more than one distributor per country, or at least put some big retailers in the game? At least give them some reason to set things up and promote the game. In some cases it's the sh*tty distributor or importing the ships (that's not even an option depending on the country) so they kinda have it all too easy to sell the ships and feels like they are lazy about it.
  5. You can still watch them on twitch in the past transmission videos
  6. anyone got the compilation of the top16 lists?
  7. Actually the fastest match so far
  8. Anyone have the lists of this round 5?
  9. Am I missing something or the google docs versions doesn't show any comments with the lists?
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