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  1. Very nice and detailed thoughts with pictures that really helped me see what was going on. Thanks for your work!
  2. I personally like the idea of this format. The rules try to make it harder for the extreme edges lists to do their thing. Squadronless builds being an example. Same with max squads. Having a more rounded list for everyone tones down the extreme. I don't think it's a good idea to do for competitive play where people tend to enjoy the most advantage of their list, in build and style.
  3. I got a game in against one. I did bring it down with several turns of focused fire from an Onagar and Arq's at long range. Intel officer helped too.
  4. Good show! Of course Geek19 brought Leia Jank so fun.
  5. I used Asteroid Tactics with my SSD lists. Being able to place all the rocks and then use them to refresh defense tokens is very handy. Also limited the first player benefits while the asteroids are under the SSD
  6. Maybe it's time to consider a scoring system like Armada. Margin of victory earning points. It's not always perfect but it does reward bold play / aggressive battles. Sitting in the edge of the map earns a draw which won't make the cut out of Swiss.
  7. My only game so far with the Command prototype was a win 10-1. Sloan and 8 generic tie fighters. 2 Gozanti with repair crew. I fought a Rieekan swarm and those ties savage a small fighter team. They then stripped the shields from a pair of mc 30s. The battle was a lot closer than the final score would have indicated. If Rieekan had not hit a mine early in the 2nd turn it would have kept the admo in a double arc on the rear arc.
  8. Good luck with the role, I hope you have a blast!
  9. Dominator being 12. And costs your shields. I'd pay 12 and no shields.
  10. Subbing for you. Please keep up the great work!
  11. Bit out of practice on Vassal but i'll give it a go
  12. The only thing about letting defenses work at speed zero is that it allows for some castle type defense say 3 cymoons in a corner with gunnery teams that dont ever move
  13. I've been playing a lot of Raider 2 DCAP Heavy Ions. And a lot of Decimators supporting various ISD's.
  14. Mack played almost the same list in the Toronto Regional and came 4th. He plays that list very well.
  15. Doesn't the Chimera come with 3 of each base?
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