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  1. Kushielrdf

    Side Deck?

    Side deck would be a bad idea. Allowing a skew list to unskew if a hard counter shows up is why you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
  2. Kushielrdf

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    Welcome back! Hope you had a good time away with your work.
  3. Kushielrdf

    I kinda hate Armada and here's why

    I am still getting games in my area at least once a week. I also think getting people into your flgs to see it in action is a key to enticing people to play. The 1000 point game we tried definitely got some looks of interest.
  4. Kushielrdf

    Intel Sweep - The Current Meta and Imperial MSU

    Good read indeed! Inspiring me to try some other off meta Imperial builds.
  5. Kushielrdf

    Happy Friday ....

    Well except for the victory antenna issues my fleet is intact.
  6. Kushielrdf

    Let's play a game. Upgrade cards.

    Avenger - It's a powerful title but the reason I wish it didn't exist is it takes away a lot of gameplay. The choice to use tokens is removed from the defender which is frustrating. Before Sloan and Boarding Troopers it wasn't as big an issue. Expanded Launchers for 13 points its VERY pricey. Dice adds should be though. I think a reasonable alter would be to drop a point or two. Otherwise given the number of turns most ships are in black range External Racks is just too good to pass up for the 10 points. I think SaD is fine even though if both sides bring one it negates itself. It should be there to help Large ships vs MSU. Not to completely counter it just give back a bit to the Large ship fleet.
  7. Great report thanks for putting it together so quickly.
  8. Kushielrdf

    Renegade Fleet Command Episode 5 up now

    It was nice to hear about the prior waves from a current perspective.
  9. Kushielrdf

    The Problem with Pelta

    I had a lot of fun with this a few months ago. Took stuff nobody was using in my area. Forgotten toys Author: Kushiel Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 398/400 Commander: Garm Bel Iblis Assault Objective: Precision Strike Defense Objective: Fire Lanes Navigation Objective: Superior Positions [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 points) - Garm Bel Iblis ( 25 points) - Phoenix Home ( 3 points) - Flight Commander ( 3 points) - Major Derlin ( 7 points) - Fighter Coordination Team ( 3 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - All Fighters, Follow Me! ( 5 points) = 110 total ship cost Assault Frigate Mark II A (81 points) - Paragon ( 5 points) - Quad Battery Turrets ( 5 points) = 91 total ship cost GR-75 Combat Retrofits (24 points) - Bright Hope ( 2 points) - Toryn Farr ( 7 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 41 total ship cost CR90 Corvette B (39 points) - Dodonnas Pride ( 6 points) - Lando Calrissian ( 4 points) = 49 total ship cost 1 Nym ( 21 points) 1 Keyan Farlander ( 20 points) 3 Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons ( 21 points) 1 Dagger Squadron ( 15 points) 1 Lietenant Blount ( 14 points) 1 "Dutch" Vander ( 16 points) = 107 total squadron cost
  10. Kushielrdf

    Darth Vader Boarding Team

    Have to agree stripped Admonition off with Vader and it makes a difference. I also was able to remove an external racks before they were used.
  11. Kushielrdf

    Happy Friday

    Rules could use at least an update at 3 years to account for the FAQs and new keywords.
  12. Kushielrdf

    Fleets accidentally hurt by FAQ

    For getting the ISD and cool squads maybe try Thrawn as the admiral to get the most out of the squadron value while still doing its killing.
  13. Kushielrdf

    Any new waves planned?

    They also drop modification on anything that adds battery to an arc. Which is a great call imo.
  14. Kushielrdf

    Where is the point increase?!

    400 is the right feel for tournament play. That being said my group has played a fair bit of 500 and it is fun place to play casual games. It usually just takes a smaller ship and upgrade to a larger one.
  15. Kushielrdf

    Are B-wings dead?

    B-wing can still be moved with several different upgrades. They're also a great way to control an area of the map. Like contested outpost. Or dropped off by RLB.