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  1. Good luck with the role, I hope you have a blast!
  2. Dominator being 12. And costs your shields. I'd pay 12 and no shields.
  3. Subbing for you. Please keep up the great work!
  4. Bit out of practice on Vassal but i'll give it a go
  5. The only thing about letting defenses work at speed zero is that it allows for some castle type defense say 3 cymoons in a corner with gunnery teams that dont ever move
  6. I've been playing a lot of Raider 2 DCAP Heavy Ions. And a lot of Decimators supporting various ISD's.
  7. Mack played almost the same list in the Toronto Regional and came 4th. He plays that list very well.
  8. Doesn't the Chimera come with 3 of each base?
  9. Pretty good for a smallish town. We have 8-10 players around and last kit we did was good fun. Usually at least one game a week going on.
  10. I'd like to see Babylon 5. Lots of factions but not quite so many ships for each one.
  11. It's a one of the things that makes this game complex on so many levels. Going first is an advantage. Counter this with objectives that provide your fleet an advantage (and most objectives benefit 2nd player more)
  12. Finally getting myself to Toronto for some tournaments. Those guys are good people. They are also extremely good at this game.
  13. Side deck would be a bad idea. Allowing a skew list to unskew if a hard counter shows up is why you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
  14. Welcome back! Hope you had a good time away with your work.
  15. I am still getting games in my area at least once a week. I also think getting people into your flgs to see it in action is a key to enticing people to play. The 1000 point game we tried definitely got some looks of interest.
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