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  1. That is fantastic! Thanks oodles much!
  2. In the game that i'm running there are food riots almost weekly. The PDF have been called in to assist but the arbities are in charge. For a squad (10 arbitrators) of Arbities assigned to "Front-line Duties" what would they be issued? I'm thinking 6-8 have shields, All have 1-2 tear gas grenades, All have shock batons, then one without a shield has an Auto gun with a few man-stopper and or dum-dum rounds, then the last has a heavy stubber with the same rounds and a tripod. Or am i going about this wrong and should it just be the PDF?
  3. When you kill and Ork Warboss by bashing his head in with a glow globe and stale ration pack even though you have melta charges. When you run under a Defiler with a lock shield and lascutter, attach the lock shield to the bottom of the defiler and continually drill holes in the bottom of it until its dead.
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