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    MrMaggles got a reaction from Old Sarge in So, let's talk first balance patch   
    Decimator needs a points reduction, for a 0 agility ship in a swarm meta it’s just not worth the points at the moment by a big margin
    thia could probably be said for all of the big fat ships, but I only fly the Deci so I’ll stick to what I know
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    MrMaggles reacted to HanScottFirst in Help us (future Rebel crew?), you're our only hope!   
    "You were supposed to bring balance to X-Wing, not destroy it!"
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    MrMaggles got a reaction from digitalbusker in Pushing the Envelope: 2.0 Imperial Squadron sample article   
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    MrMaggles reacted to BojambaMcMamba in The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing   
    I'm not worried about this at all, but I just want to pause and appreciate the person who so clearly laid out the case with pictures and descriptions, and who drew logical conclusion without wild hyperbole and/or nerd rage.
    Well done.  10/10 for effective communication.  I had to double-check that I was still on the forums.
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    MrMaggles reacted to GILLIES291 in Name That Faction   
    Republic dogs call us Separatists, but we are truly a Confederacy of Independent systems seeking to throw off the shackles of a corrupt and greedy dogmatic system.
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    MrMaggles reacted to Sir Orrin in Lets create fun joke upgrades   
    Crew:Grand Admiral Thrawn
    During the  place forces step, you may assign the "Know your enemy" condition to an enemy ship.
    "Know your enemy"
    Your opponent must tell you their personal Xwing history, philosophy, and their favorite Alt Art card.
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    MrMaggles reacted to thespaceinvader in Lets create fun joke upgrades   
    Han Solo (TFA). During setup assign the 'That's not how the Force works' condition to an enemy ship. When it spends any number of force tokens you may spend one charge to cancel the effect. 1 regenerating charge.
    Not too unbalanced but hard counter design is stupid.
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    MrMaggles reacted to Boris_the_Dwarf in Strike 3   
    After the May announcement, I was cautiously optimistic for second edition. I’d been saying for about a year that the game needed a second edition, so the fact they were making one was good news to me... until i saw what their idea of second edition looked like. Conversion kits that still run the risk of alienating new players who have to go backward to buy ships that haven’t been reskinned, higher pricing on ship packs, and the requirement for an online app just to handle some of the most basic operating requirements of the game. In my opinion, the app is there as a cop out mechanism to allow the designers to be even sloppier with design. Now they can just change everything on the fly.
    The one area I still held out hope for and defended FFG on when the topic came up was the idea that it would take multiple conversion kits to maintain playability. I based my response on the comments made by people who were in the room for the announcement. Because of the app, you won’t need multiple copies of the same upgrade card like you do now. That’s what I was hearing.
    And then I opened my TIE Reaper and examined the second edition contents. I stand corrected. What a disappointment. One conversion kit for a faction might not be enough after all, if there’s a really good upgrade card that a top tier list will need 4-5 copies of.
    My plan is to purchase the new starter, one imperial conversion kit and one rebel kit. Beyond that, I’m done. No more ships. No additional kits. This version has a year of life in it at best, as it has alienated veterans and new players alike. New players will have to backtrack to pick up old ships to go with the kits or wait out some future release date unless there is some other cash grab power play in the works that hasn’t been announced yet.
    For me, 1.0 still has a lot of life left in it and I plan to continue enjoying that for years to come.
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    MrMaggles reacted to heychadwick in Stupid Thane Tricks   
    That is all.....IN-THANE!!!!!!
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    MrMaggles reacted to Scrivner in Stupid Thane Tricks   
    Must be captioned with this...

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    MrMaggles reacted to Arschbombe in Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade   
    Scourge is in.

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    MrMaggles reacted to Magnus Grendel in The Imperials in 2.0   
    It was, but:
    As you noted, the Defender has also received Boost - and an Engine Upgrade would be another 4 points. As you noted, the Defender has also received a pair of green banks - probably only a fraction of a point. Most importantly, TIE/x7 was a negative cost card because it took away all your secondary weapon slots. The new defender has Full Throttle but likely still has cannons and missiles and has the ability to equip modifications. It's been noted that there's a significant increase in cost of anything capable of double-stacking defensive tokens; which is perfectly reasonable since offence has as a whole been toned down, and regen limited, which means that focus/evade/agility 3 (which even most TIE interceptors don't get) is probably the toughest defence going, and it's now sat on top of the second thickest shields of any small ship (after the B-wing) No-ones suggesting it should be 50 points for a generic, but 34 (or 68 in new money) isn't unreasonable.
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    MrMaggles reacted to Rakaydos in Gunner Luke is a geinus design decision, awful PR decision   
    There are a lot of naysayers talking about Gunner Luke bringing the horrible aspects of TLT ghost, Dengar Jump, Fat Han and Super Dash back to 2.0- even if he is overpriced to oblivion, his mechanics have no place in 2.0.
    Those people are wrong, but they will vote with their wallets.
    When a kid is learning to ride a bike, falling over is a scary thing. Until the kid learns to peddle and steer, Training wheels exist, that keep the kid from falling over. That is EXACTLY what gunner luke is- Training wheels for mobile arcs.
    The scary part of a newbie picking up a Shadowcaster (or any 2.0 mobile arc) is pointing your guns the wrong way. The nightmare, is pointing your guns the wrong way once, clipping a rock, getting bumped 3 times, and dying without ever firing a shot. (You've seen it happen, dont lie) Yes, the shadowcaster got outplayed, but we're talking a newbie here- they were always going to get outplayed. Gunner Luke, on the other hand, takes almost all skill out of flying a turret. Naysayers harp on this as a bad thing (except they remove the "almost"). But to the newbie, it may be the difference between learning the game and quitting after a roflstomp.
    "Almost" all skill? Yes, there is a skill element to Gunner Luke. If you dont need to use him to make up for your mistakes, he modifies your dice. A newbie will rarely get to use this when they get outplayed- but when they do get it, it's a reward for playing the game the 2.0 way. Eventually the newbie learns how to keep guns on target to maximize their force token use for offense... and once they can do that, they can start playing with different gunner upgrades.
    What's the most toxic archetype for beginner players to face? High PS arcdodgers- Lists that punish you for making mistakes, and dont even let you roll dice back. Stop picking on the newbie- or if it's a tournament, stop thinking like an arcdodger and start thinking like a green-heavy jouster. Luke will be expensive- 100% red dice uptime is worth points- and turrets arnt supposed to have the best jousting efficeny even without luke. If you cannot beat a pancake firing 1 shot per turn, either your dice hate you, or you relied too much on mobility and inititive and not enough on the fundamentals of jousting value and action efficency.
    Luke gunner has a very high skill floor, but his skill ceiling isnt much higher. Compare Veteran Turret Gunner, who gives a solid double tap if you can get targets in 2 arcs (which may be the same arc). At best, that's twice as powerful as Luke- a skill ceiling twice as high. Anyone who's flown a Tie SF knows the importance of those double tap shots for winning the game.
    So Luke does exactly what FFG wants- ease new players into mobile arcs while offering a reward for playing the game as intended.
    So why is this an awful PR decision? The reason is obvous now- bringing even a ghost of the former PWT days back frightens people who were driven off by the excesses of 1.0. If they bring back old turrets, what else are they bringing back? My leet skillz failed by a dumb kid with a netlist! Trust Ruined!
    I am confident in saying Gunner Luke will not be a competitive stable. A list to beat, certiantly- if you cant beat a no skill list that's priced appropriately, that's on you. But I predict Gunner Luke will not be showing up on any top tables in the next year. He is just training wheels for newbies who want to fly the heros they saw in the movies.
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    MrMaggles reacted to mcgreag in TIE Reaper shipping   
    An update on this, it seems their mail about them shipping it to me was sent out in error, something to do with how their e-commerce platform work with preorders.
    So no TIE Reaper yet sadly.
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    MrMaggles reacted to GrimmyV in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    But....Mag pulse warheads!
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    MrMaggles reacted to VanderLegion in Jumpmaster   
    Keep in mind that the title gives you an astro slot, which could be used for r4 astromech, which gives back green left turns and white right turns.
    Except the torpedoes all have multiple charges now.
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    MrMaggles got a reaction from Commander Kaine in 2.0 Ion Weapons vs Reinforce   
    The ability cancels damage to a minimum of 1 the damage you deal is 1 then you dish out ion tokens
    the whole purpose of the status type weapons (Ion, Tractor, Jam) is to bypas this kind of shenanigans anyway
    a reinforced hull or shield won’t stop you getting any of these statuses only a higher agility
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    MrMaggles got a reaction from Autosketch in Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"   
    Looks so good, can’t wait to see how this image evolves and even what your next project will be
    keep up the awesome work mate
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    MrMaggles reacted to Autosketch in Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"   
    lines are just about there. I have to decide on cast shadows. I think I've got rim lighting from the explosion behind, but then other than that there's a soft blue glow from the right from endor. I'll drop this in as greyscale shadows next, throw in a few lines for the ships, then start putting in base colours.

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    MrMaggles reacted to RedHotDice in Luke vs the New Turrets   
    But of course you can, tripple shoots with a docked ship is also allowed.. it is called rebel bias
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    MrMaggles reacted to Commander Kaine in Scum got nerfed hard   
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    MrMaggles reacted to Autosketch in Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"   
    here's the process I use to get to linework. I smudge over some rough shapes of darkness to get a feeling for where I might want forms, then I start working in lines. A lot of this is just redrawing bits of cool looking things off references. This stage things change a lot and get shuffled around.

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    MrMaggles reacted to Autosketch in Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"   
    Hi everyone, 

    I'm back! Going to try and put in place some of the stuff I learned on the last one, this time with B-wings. Someone was asking for what came before the lineart, so I've started here at the barebones sketch. I'll drop this down to 25% opacity and start drawing in the lineart with the line tool and a brush to clean it up, I learned from the last one that having really well-thought out shapes helps enormously on knowing where to put highlights and shadows.

    I'll do the same format as the last one, showing each step at a relatively clear break point.

    If you missed the interceptor post, you can see it here:

    Preliminary sketch:

    First pass lineart (of 2):

    Second pass lineart:

    Colour blocking:

    Backdrop finished for the moment, minus TIE fighters

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    MrMaggles got a reaction from Commander Kaine in All Screenshots from Unboxing   
    How can the Decimator a large patrol craft have less (same if it has a gunner slot) crew than the Falcon freighter?
    Sure it’s probably to nerf the palp combos but still, seems odd that a ship that was sold on the purpose of being a large hulking crew wielding support craft got robbed of its versatility
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