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  1. Howlrunner, Tie Fighter (18)

    + Swarm Tactics (2)

    + Stealth Device (3)

    Academy Pilot, Tie Fighter (12)

    +Stealth Device (3)

    Academy Pilot, Tie Fighter (12) x2

    Black Squadron, Tie Fighter (14) x2

    + Swarm Tactics (2) x2

    + Stealth Device (3) x2

    Total: 100 Points...

    I've used this a few times against my mates and some club members, X-Wing is pretty new to us but this has been pretty formidable and tanky considering there little tie fighters...

    4 Evade dice for most of them, 5 at range 3 is quite good and they mostly shoot first thanks to Swarm Tactics :D

    I know it's got weaknesses but I've not seen this combo used on battle reports ive seen etc so was wondering how good you guys think this is for casual play?

  2. Hiyas everyone this is my first post on these forums and I'd thought id start it off with a suggestion on helping the Tie Bombers hit as hard as their brothers the Tie Punishers...

    My idea is to give the Bomber a Title that retrofits it into a Punisher, we can use the old Bomber models but now with this title they can strike hard just like their bigger Brothers...

    Punisher Retrofit

    Tie Bomber Only, Title

    - 1 Evade, + 2 Shields

    + 1 Bomb, + 1 System

    5 Points Cost

    So with this title we have slightly weaker Punishers for the same cost but they will still have access to their Bomber pilot skills addng more variance to the Heavy Bombera...

    What you guys think? Be kind lol

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