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  1. Crew


    If all dice rolled are critical hits, disintegrate (destroy) enemy ship. Roll one bonus attack die if attacking unique pilots.


    Cost: 10

    I like this! Seems overpowered then you calculate the odds, it's s nice crew upgrade for 10 points :D

  2. How about something like this, remove the Cannon Slot and add this Modification card:

    Integrated Blaster Turret

    Tie Special Forces Only, Modification

    After you make an attack with your Primary weapon you may make another attack from your Primary or Secondary Firing arc, you do not have to attack the same target.

    (This ability can only be used once per combat phase)

    Cost: 0

  3. Tie Elite 3 (Vader, Fel, Inquisitor):

    Darth Vader, Tie Advanced (29)

    + TIE/x1 (0)

    + Predator (3)

    + Advanced Targeting Computer (1)

    + Twin Ion Engine MKII (1)

    Soontir Fel, Tie Interceptor (27)

    + Push the Limit (3)

    + Stealth Device (3)

    + Autothrusters (2)

    + Royal Guard Tie (0)

    Inquistor, Tie Adv Prototype (25)

    + Tie/V1 (1)

    + Push the Limit (3)

    + Twin Ion Engine MKII (1)

    Total: 99 Points...

    I like the look of this list, obviously can't be fielded for a while but I recon it could be quite nasty to fly against, unsure how competitive it would be though..

    What do you guys think?

  4. Royal Guard:

    Imperial only, Small or Large Ship only

    At the beginning of the Combat phase you may assign yourself a Stress Token to increase your Attack or Defence by 1, all damage cards you recieve are turned faceup for this combat phase.

    (Crew) Cost: 4

  5. Hmm maybe maybe my first impressions were overly negative, old inquisitor def needs a good look at I can see the loss atk ds he provides, didn't even consider him with ptl and title in a swarm that's quite resilient, I'll still be getting 1 or 2 for his cards but maybe He might sneak into my playing lists aswell thanks for sharing your impressions guys :D

  6. So looking at the Wave 8 looks like Scum and Rebels get some goodish ships compared to Empire who get a silly little weaker Tie Advanced? Wth is up with this?

    Only reason of ever getting the advanced prototype would be for the new upgrade cards, I just can't ever see the Advanced Prototype being used in any decent squad list or even a friendly list...

    I know we get the cool Assult Carrier the only saving grace for empire in this wave in my opinion, looking forward to seeing the other 3 special ties :D

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