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  1. Gonna alter this as I invisioned it would be more like this... Now that's more like it lol
  2. Interesting, I like the idea, but im gonna jazz it up a bit... IDS looks good, but seems like ICS could be done differently... This is looking like a good set of upgrades...
  3. Hooray we fixed the Imperials! Maybe, Kinda, maybe not lol
  4. That makes the Latge ship a pretty big gun magnet, Perhaps give the Modification a passive effect as well like this maybe... "Modification, Imperial Only, Small Ship Only Integrated Combat Receiver You may remove one Stress token during the end phase on this ship, if you did not gain a free action from Intergrated Combat System 2pts"
  5. System, Imperial Only Integrated Combat System Action: All Friendly ships at Range 1-2 that also have "Integrated Combat System" may preform a Free Focus or Evade Action and recieve a Stress Token 3 Points (maybe 4)
  6. I feel a large based non shuttle type ship, perhaps something similar to a Deci but cheaper and filling more of a support role (systems, Tech, crew, etc...) would help not that the faction is dead but it needs more love I feel... on the other hand they could also release another standard tie ship but give it more than 3 upgrades in the box, make it have a bunch of upgrades that help ships on the empire side that don't get to see as much play (Phantoms, Interceptors, Punishers, Advanced & Adv Prototypes) most of these have a system slot so maybe add some awesome and useful System upgrades no idea what they could be but they could help
  7. I look at what people are using and try incorporate known good combos into my style of lists, I almost always fly a Decimator or some form of Bomber or Defender in my lists (my fave ships so far)
  8. I think we can safely assume that you remove the dice before they are modified or else why make the pilot ability at all lol
  9. This! but instead of Engine Upgrade I'd use Experimental Interface, and instead of Daredevil I'd use Expose...
  10. I may have to try this, I loved flying my phantom in with the ace's... perhaps it's time to dust them off and put them back on the table
  11. They don't work together but they do compliment each other, on that one attack out of the two you do if you roll two natural hits out of three you can use the chips to make it three hits... only use the corrector if you roll less than two hits... this combo give a minimum of 12 damage dice per salvo and a max if your lucky of 18 thats most of a Decamator or Ghost in one shot, and if your lucky even a complete kill...
  12. How about this? I've been thinking about running this for a while but don't have 3 Punishers Swarm - Punisher Alpha (744) (100) "Redline" (36) - TIE Punisher Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Black Eight Sq. Pilot (32) - TIE Punisher Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0) Black Eight Sq. Pilot (32) - TIE Punisher Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0)
  13. Thanks for the ideas guys... im thinking of going with a light Tie/sf or the most suggested Inquisitor... i might even shove a countdown in there to toss things up lol
  14. Having trouble finding something to fit the 33 point gap in this list, any ideas? Suicide Squad (67) Colonel Vessery (41) - TIE Defender Ruthlessness (3), Flechette Cannon (2), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) "Omega Leader" (26) - TIE/FO Fighter Juke (2), Comm Relay (3)
  15. Yes! would love to see this, as would a lot of others I'm guessing ?
  16. I always have a handshake before and after the match... always have always will, British politeness and all...
  17. RAC Palpmobile + Vessery Escort 088 (100) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (62) - VT-49 Decimator Expose (4), Emperor Palpatine (8), Emperor Palpatine (8), Inspiring Recruit (1), Experimental Interface (3) Colonel Vessery (38) - TIE Defender Veteran Instincts (1), Tractor Beam (1), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)
  18. Fell may be a hard sell in the meta right now, but an annoying jax on the other hand may squeeze into some lists
  19. Squad Leader Railgun Lightweight Phantom? 7 Attack dice at range 1
  20. Would recruit work on a rage phantom?
  21. Tie Defender all the way, a beautiful powerhouse that rains death on it enemies
  22. Think we need a: Twin Laser Cannon (TLC) 3 Points, and exactly the same as the Twin Laser Turret (TLT) accept its stuck in your forward firing ark Would make smaller ships a bit more interesting
  23. I must admit I misread this topic and thought I would be seeing ships with Titties lol
  24. The General Crew (General Hux?) cards looks like it also has a condition card ability: Fanatical Dev? (Device maybe?) Something about Defence and looks like a defence ability that lets you turn one of the focus rolls to a crit when you spend a focus token? Maybe I dunno, that and the tech items look cool too... Target Synching & Hyper Comm Relay
  25. This guy almost always ends up in my lists if I'm struggling to fit a decent 40 point pilot in... Major Rhymer (26) - TIE Bomber Veteran Instincts (1) Concussion Missiles (4) Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0)
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