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  1. I'd say you need to increase the attack up to 3 and/or give it a cannon upgrade slot

    not sure on the Palp pilot but if you increase the crew upgrades to 2 slots then we have another Palp mobile lol

    also would be a good expansion to release a system upgrade that helped the cloak more for this and the phantom...

  2. 31 minutes ago, Rakaydos said:

    My best "squint + line length match"


    I'm thinking they removed the circles around the cannon and (other upgrade) icon. I'm not sure about the system, but I couldnt quite get "Lose missile slot" or "Lose torpedo/missile slots" to parse.

    The second part is line matching what redit is apparently saying the ability is. No guarentee there, but the blobs fit, more or less.

    If thats true Gunboats just broke the internet ;) 

  3. I'm a huge fan of the Decimator but in the current Meta it doesn't fare too well, so I decided to go down the less used tankier version of the Deci, here is what I've used in test matches at my local club and so far it's undefeated...


    The Hound & The Mountain (99)

    Commander Kenkirk (60) - VT-49 Decimator
    Expertise (4), Inspiring Recruit (1), Ysanne Isard (4), Rebel Captive (3), Engine Upgrade (4)

    "Quickdraw" (39) - TIE/SF Fighter
    Expertise (4), Fire Control System (2), Sensor Cluster (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2)


    Kirk plus Ysanne the combo of choice for a survivable Deci, surprisingly tanky almost tripling the Deci's survivability

    and the Standard QuickDraw with Sensor Cluster for a bit more survivability

    So my question is, have I just been lucky or have I struck Deci gold?

  4. Can't the empire get a non shuttle large base ship this time, the Decimator was such an interesting ship we need another large base non shuttle ship to beef out the empire

  5. 15 minutes ago, Deadfool said:

    Have they ever done an FAQ that removed upgrade options like that?

    No but the emperor change was substantial enough that it needs a reprint really...

    so I wouldn't put it past FFG to do this...

  6. I'd have let him change the dial on the first turn, clearly not the intended move and an honest mistake any of us could make if we aren't paying attention for some reason...

    I always try to remind my opponents of decloaking, stress removal, unused used actions, etc...

    if however it was later in the game then I'm afraid that I'd probably be more harsh on the matter...

  7. 4 hours ago, Magnus Grendel said:

    Firing cluster missiles requires a target lock, which means being at range 2 or less with no focus or evade tokens. TIE advanced are fairly tough for their cost, but not that tough compared to recent ships (compare to R2 Integrated Astromech T-70s, or Lightweight Frame bombers at the same price point), and being without defensive tokens means there's a pretty good chance that one of those fighters will die with missiles still in the tubes (that's the main problem with low PS alpha strikes and the reason people are obsessing over PS9-10 alpha strikes - unless the launch platform is something like a TIE Punisher or tougher, even a non-alpha strike list can blow one of them away before it fires).

    I do agree, I also have a Punisher build that follows the same rules, just not as many shots...

    Swarm - Punisher Alpha (100)

    "Redline" (36) - TIE Punisher
    Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0)

    Black Eight Sq. Pilot (32) - TIE Punisher
    Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0)

    Black Eight Sq. Pilot (32) - TIE Punisher
    Accuracy Corrector (3), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), Guidance Chips (0)


    Minimum hits 12 max hits 18, feesable 1 turn kill on a Ghost or Decimator if the lucks on your side...

  8. Old but still good at 1 shotting Ghosts and Decimators lol

    Swarm - Advanced Alpha (100)

    Tempest Squadron Pilot (25) - TIE Advanced
    Cluster Missiles (4), TIE/x1 (0), Guidance Chips (0), Accuracy Corrector (3)

    Tempest Squadron Pilot (25) - TIE Advanced
    Cluster Missiles (4), TIE/x1 (0), Guidance Chips (0), Accuracy Corrector (3)

    Tempest Squadron Pilot (25) - TIE Advanced
    Cluster Missiles (4), TIE/x1 (0), Guidance Chips (0), Accuracy Corrector (3)

    Tempest Squadron Pilot (25) - TIE Advanced
    Cluster Missiles (4), TIE/x1 (0), Guidance Chips (0), Accuracy Corrector (3)


    Minimum of 16 hits maximum of 24 on the alpha

  9. What if this Missile has no damage base and what ever speed manoeuvre you do prior to firing is the damage dice you roll, that way maximum damage is still 5 and would make for interesting decisions of manoeuvres to get the best shots?

  10. Ok I agree my idea was a bit OP when used on ships that don't need help... hmm how about something to help the least used Ordanance Carriers?


    "Optimised Weapons System:

    Universal Upgrade (Torpedo or Missile)

    Equipped ship may maintain up to two target locks on the same enemy ship

    Cost: 0"


    I'm just a sucker for trying to get the less popular ships back into the game...

  11. In my frantic builds to streamline overpriced ships into the 100 standard many upgrade slots go unused, I have an idea that could help bring less frequently used ships back into the fold...


    "Stripped Down (limited)

    Universal Upgrade (Crew, Astro mech, Salvaged Astromech, System, Tech, Cannon, Turret, Missile, Torpedo, Bombs, Illicit)

    For every upgrade that is unused on this Stripped Down equipped ship reduce the cost of this card by 1 (Multiple of the same upgrade type count as 1)

    Cost: -2"


    Anyone else think something like this is needed to help get the underdogs back in the game?

  12. I'm thinking of running this version:

    "Whisper" (37) - TIE Phantom
    Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Sensors (3), Lightweight Frame (2)

    So this build is based on using Whisper as a 4 attack dice ace in an unconventional way...

    Using Advanced Sensors before movement to get an Evade allowing you to do a red move, now you can always give Whisper a focus and/or target lock with 3rd party upgrades, and after you have attacked with Whisper regardless of getting a hit or miss you will still get back a Focus for defence...

  13. 18 minutes ago, Johen Dood said:

    10 bucks says Imperials won't be able to use it.

    That would suck


    I do like however that the condition when triggered deals a damage through shields on the target lol

  14. Let's talk about what we can see on this new Missile...

    It has its own little token to put on its victim.

    It has its own condition card:

    Harpooned - When you are hit by an attack, if there is at least  1uncancled crit result, each other ship at range 1 suffers 1 damage, then discard this card and receive one facedown damage card...

    (rest of card hidden)



  15. Hmmm was thinking of a new system upgrade weapon...

    Mass Driver Array

    System Upgrade

    3 attack, Range 1-3

    Attack, Discard This Upgrade: Roll 1 extra attack dice for targets at range 2 & 2 extra attack dice for targets at range 1

    treat all eye results as hits



  16. I'd loose the focus and Evade, makes it more interesting...

    also with 2 agility the cloak would be broken on a large ship so I'd say make it 0 or 1

    perhaps change the title to something like this...

    1 hour ago, the1hodgy said:

    Imperial Pursuit Craft (Mobile Firing Arc) (Large Base)

    PS1 (Generic no EPT) 25pts 

    PS3 (Generic EPT) 27pts

    PS5 (ACES EPT) 30pts

    PS7 (ACES EPT) 33pts


    Attack - 2

    Agility - 1

    Hull - 5

    Shields - 2 


    Crew - 1

    Tech - 1

    System - 2

    (Different enough from both the Upsilon and the Shuttle) 

    Action Bar; Target Lock, Rotate Arc.


    Title; "The Liberation" 4pts 

    Imperial Pursuit Craft (Only) Unique

    Equipped Ship Gains the clock/de-clock action and looses the Rotate Arc action.

    When De-clocking this ship uses a 1 Straight template, Large ship rules apply for barrel rolls.


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