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  1. Really we’re was that shown? I’ve missed that little nugget
  2. A simple solution would be in the rules for regenerating force points for it to say “You can only Regenerate a maximum of 1 force point for each ship that is able in the end phase”
  3. First order needs a bomber of some sort to match its Imperial counterparts, I’m sure more Resistance ships will appear
  4. This was my assumption also, I still however think the palp Vader combo if leagal would be a good way to smack two unavoidable damage on a ship
  5. MrMaggles

    Force Stacking?

    So force powers we know virtually nothing but the theory crafting part of my brain just likes to think up combos... but we do know of atleast two force crew members that could potentially go onto the same ship, I am of course referring to the good old faithful Decimator assuming it still has 3 crew slots and not 2 crew and 1 gunner slot... we can theoretically put both Vader and Palpatine on the same rig, give the Decimator Pilot 2 force points that can be used to modify focus results or on the crew abilities, so can we use Vader or Palpatines ability twice with this combo? And more importantly both crew have a regen arrow so will the Decimator regen 2 points a turn aswel? Seems awfully good if it is... ofcourse all speculation but gotta Love were this is heading either way
  6. Think the deci has a 180 arc mobile Turret instead
  7. They said ships with multiple weapon turrets ie: Falcon, etc will have the double mobile arcs
  8. I suggest if you can’t afford to play 2.0 st launch to just stick with 1.0 buy say just the core box set first just to get a foot into the door read the rules try a few challenge ratting games... new ships being released won’t be 1.0 compatible so instead of buying your new ship buy 1 Expansion, sure you will be behind for a while but atleast your not bankrupt and playing x wing the way you want
  9. Well they have stayed their not supporting that at launch of 2.0 there is nothing stopping him playing his large games in 1.0 still, it’s not like his large games are going to be tournament leagal or anything so he can play it however he likes
  10. You literally only need to buy 1 of each kit to play, all these multiple of x ship lists probably won’t even fly the same any more, how about you cool down and wait till more info on point costs of ships and their upgrades comes out...
  11. Wait what? Is this true? how have I missed this info? Lol
  12. Nah stealth device is same as before except it has 1 charge that you loose if you take damage, however if there is a way to get back charges then it would come back so interesting little change
  13. Yes but it can only be used twice as the card has two charges, unless there is a way to recharge them
  14. Don’t forget that the token goes on the ship I think so he technically gives the ship he’s on a force point they can use for modifying attack and defence dice on that ship... could be wrong though...
  15. Luke seems like he may be very powerful, basically reverting any Turret ship he’s on back to 360 firing arc
  16. Apparently he’s 84 points base
  17. So I’m just spitballing here but... Vader equipped with Afterburner can do potentially upto 4 actions a turn? Move 3+ for Boost, Target Lock, Force Point into a Focus and chain into a red Barrel Roll A guy in my group seems to think the sky is falling because of this, I kinda like it he’s meant to be the best pilot in the galaxy anyway
  18. If you buy the core set along with the kit you get 6 ties also if you buy saws renegades and a core set and kit you get 4 x-wings Thats most people’s collections right there
  19. Yes you must have the 1 straight template to be legal, so your basically buying a 1 straight and the rest is fluff they answered this question in the interview/announcement
  20. Wow, I’m not trying to be insulting here but did you guys even watch the the 2.0 presentation? He clearly says that they will aggressively release 1.0 ship updates alongside new 2.0 ships... we we will not need to get the separate ships in 2.0 if we already own them from 1.0 all the content for these ships has been done and put in the kits, they couldn’t possibly release all the ships at once that’s just unrealistic... don’t panic, buy the kits your not missing out if you don’t buy the new rerelease ships if you already own them...
  21. Veteran Imperial Officer - 1 Point (Imperial Only, Limited) Increase your Piolit Skill by 2 (This Upgrade does not stack with Veteran Instincts) a usefull crew for imperials that gives them the pilot skill they need without sacraficing an elite slot, and also opens up pilot skill upgrades to ships with no elite slots...
  22. Isn't that class of ship thousands of years old? Seems a bit far fetched...
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