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  1. 8 minutes ago, drail14me said:

    Here's what I'm wondering:

    Whisper decloaks and takes the evade action. She then activates, completes a maneuver and takes a focus action. She then attacks and rolls natties which result in the attack hitting. She then, because of her ability, gains another evade token. So now, she's decloaked, has two evade tokens and a focus but rolling two die on defense through the round because she doesn't have advanced cloaking anymore. If, after all shooting, she still has an evade at the end of the round, she can spend it to cloak. Right?


  2. 53 minutes ago, BVRCH said:

    I'm keen to see the other pilots abilities and whether Kyle's is force related.

    If Kyle ain’t got a force power then I have no idea what they are thinking on dishing out force powers, he should be atleast 2 points I recon...

  3. The ability cancels damage to a minimum of 1 the damage you deal is 1 then you dish out ion tokens

    the whole purpose of the status type weapons (Ion, Tractor, Jam) is to bypas this kind of shenanigans anyway

    a reinforced hull or shield won’t stop you getting any of these statuses only a higher agility

  4. 4 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:

    at 3 dice, you can keep phantoms relatively cheap and balanced across all initiative levels, giving you many more options and much needed variety of viable squads

    I agree that things need to be balanced and things and obviously everything is guess work untill we know full prices and upgrade slots...

    however as it stands now with the information I have the Phantom is same power as a Tie Advanced With less defence and a cloak action

    I like the cloak change and I hope it gets some interesting upgrades it could still be amazing and it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong about something like this I hope I am, hard to not be negative after seeing all the love lots of the other ships received...

  5. How can the Decimator a large patrol craft have less (same if it has a gunner slot) crew than the Falcon freighter?

    Sure it’s probably to nerf the palp combos but still, seems odd that a ship that was sold on the purpose of being a large hulking crew wielding support craft got robbed of its versatility

  6. 48 minutes ago, ficklegreendice said:

    And know you can put ACTUAL EPTS on her! (Instead of stapling +2 ps)

    If the price is right, the phantom will be incredible and fun as ****

    So want to use phantoms that don’t pop as soon as they hit the table ;)

  7. 2 hours ago, Kanawolf said:

    Or it could be a bait and switch kinda like the hyperspace report where everyone was thinking they were gong to cover all products.  Maybe its a Solo reveal?  Why wouldnt they put this off till closer to Gencon or at the con for that matter?  Is it just to increase hype to fuel preorder sales?

    This could be a knee jerk reaction to all the members that are saying they will quit and are leaving etc...

    and FFG are like “hey guys look this is what your money is going to get you”

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