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  1. I like using him on Echo with FCS and putting the prototype on Whisper with Vader... a nasty combo
  2. Decimator needs a points reduction, for a 0 agility ship in a swarm meta it’s just not worth the points at the moment by a big margin thia could probably be said for all of the big fat ships, but I only fly the Deci so I’ll stick to what I know
  3. Special text should be they only last 3 rounds then blow up due to bad ship design...
  4. Tie Phantom & Vader crew is an interesting combo i like it, I like it lots! im gonna have to look into utilising it in a future list
  5. Nobody else notice that the resistance Awing has an ability regarding a rotate arc action? Resistance Awing with a turret primary or turret upgrade slot?
  6. Yeah his ability let’s him shoot at range 0 now, so I’d say an improvement if you move after your victim that is...
  7. If Kyle ain’t got a force power then I have no idea what they are thinking on dishing out force powers, he should be atleast 2 points I recon...
  8. Swarm leader... still gonna try till it works lol
  9. Surely that is a factual name rather than a joke? o.0
  10. But who would fill the seat in Delta 6?
  11. The ability cancels damage to a minimum of 1 the damage you deal is 1 then you dish out ion tokens the whole purpose of the status type weapons (Ion, Tractor, Jam) is to bypas this kind of shenanigans anyway a reinforced hull or shield won’t stop you getting any of these statuses only a higher agility
  12. I agree that things need to be balanced and things and obviously everything is guess work untill we know full prices and upgrade slots... however as it stands now with the information I have the Phantom is same power as a Tie Advanced With less defence and a cloak action I like the cloak change and I hope it gets some interesting upgrades it could still be amazing and it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong about something like this I hope I am, hard to not be negative after seeing all the love lots of the other ships received...
  13. I don’t see how keeping its 4 attack dice would have been that bad seeing as its meant to be a glass cannon, now it’s more of a mid tier fighter with a gimmick
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