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  1. What do you mean with they are? They are not attacking them if they are not engaged? Sorry I‘m not sure what you meant with your answer.
  2. Is its own location a connecting location? So if I stand at his location but haven‘t engaged him, will he deal damage to me? It sounds like no?
  3. Many pro players showed that option 1 is the option to go to without even talking about if there could be another way. And I just checked, it's in the rules reference on page 14: " A player can resolve any dice with the same symbol, even if those dice were not showing that symbol when the player started resolving dice."
  4. Or print everything out and use Star Wars Destiny commons and sleeves ;D
  5. Did they ever officially mention if 3 will stay "enough" or it might go up to 4? I just got Dunwich and realized that I need to sleeve all the encounters for 1 scenario the same so I can switch out the rats and that other set without resleeving anything. There go my 150 or so sleeves that I don't have enough of to sleeve it all the same ...
  6. You didn't even read the thread OR the rulebook, did you? As already quotet on page 1 damage is considered to NOT be done at the same time with the exception of +damage sides. So you are correct. Of course.
  7. Do we need 3 or 4 core sets to be able to also have all Dunwich stories pre-built? Or are 2 core sets still enough?
  8. But I can always engage it? And if no other text says any different, if I evade him he will not re-engage?
  9. Where did you find / how did you create all those nice pictures of the farms etc? Stunning work!
  10. http://e-raptor.pl/trading_card_storage_box_wooden or http://www.thebrokentoken.com/compact-card-game-organizer/(rather small after a while) or the big one: http://www.thebrokentoken.com/unfinished-wooden-artist-case-and-organizer-set/
  11. USA or Europe? USA -> BrokenToken (There is a big chest that holds thousands of cards) Europe: E-Raptor (Bix Chest for 60 Euros)
  12. I don't understand her ability. Why would a test be changed into another kind of test AFTER chaos tokens are resolved? Or is it WHILE? Will a new token be drawn after the first one is canceled? It's too complicated I think.
  13. I use two core sets, a scanner and a printer.
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