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  1. Picked up my SSD from the FLGS today. I see that the ship data cards are larger than the norm. Does anyone know if there are sleeves that fit this size card?
  2. Just picked up the two expansions. The wing was missing off one of the nightgaunt miniatures and several of the figures wouldn't fit into the bases at all. I had to glue the models in place.
  3. Thanks for looking into this guys. I suspected that it was just a case of them removing the chits and not updating the booklet but it's good to get confirmation.
  4. I just purchased the Imperial Carrier. According to the booklet, there should be two target lock tokens, "TT" and "UU", but my package didn't include them. Am I missing a punch sheet with these tokens or did they leave them out and not update the booklet?
  5. Anyone else find that the max volume is now very, very low on iPhone? I can barely hear the app sound effects when I'm in a quiet room now.
  6. Got replacements for the Death Stars and half of the game board today. Awesome customer service!
  7. I don't have the game in front of me right now so I can't recall the Imperial mission card's title but it's the one that lets you draw one probe droid card for every four Rebel units at their secret base (probe droid initiative?). This came up during our play session tonight and I couldn't remember reading anything about rounding of fractions in the game. In our game, the rebels had 6 units at the rebel base meaning the Empire should get 6/4 or 1.5 cards. Does that round up to two cards or is it truncated down to one card?
  8. This came up during a game. If the Rebel base is located on a remote system and becomes revealed, all units and leaders must be deployed onto the system instead of the base. The reference says no units can be deployed on a remote system. I interpreted the rules such that they meant that no units from the production queue can be placed into the system once the base has been revealed because no units can be placed on a remote system but that the production from the base can still be used to place units onto the queue and deploy them on other systems. The other guy thought that you are still allowed to deploy units to the system once the base is revealed even though it's in a remote system. Thoughts?
  9. Hello all. I just picked up my copy of the game last evening. I got home and began to punch out counters and assemble the pieces and I noticed that there were quite a few defects with some components. I was wondering if this was a common issue or if I just got a bad copy. One of the TIE fighter miniatures was broken and missing a wing. Fortunately I was able to find the missing wing in the box and that was an easy fix with some modelling glue. All four hemispheres comprising the models for the completed Death Stars were deformed to some extent and would not fit together easily. I put some felt protectors on my vise and tried to reshape the pieces back into the desired shape. I glued them and left them overnight but I see that it didn't hold and the pieces had separated somewhat between last night and this morning. Also, the pegs for the stands didn't fit onto the bases and I had to use a dremel to file the nubs on the base down a little in order to get the pegs to fit. Finally, one of the game boards has some damage to it and a small (6-8mm) semi-circle shaped area along one of the edges is coming apart. The layers of cardboard aren't compressed together and it creates a large bump on the board. (Oh yeah, and I managed to shred the bottom of a few leader chits when I slotted them into the plastic stands but that's on me and my flailing, spastic nerd hands)
  10. You can? Ok, I wasn't sure if the powers as described on each of the 3 troll cards was dependent on that troll being in play or if they applied as a blanket rule for all troll characters. I'd been playing it as those powers described on the cards applied to all trolls regardless. That should make things easier. I've been able to take Tom out in a few play sessions by locking him in engagement, letting Gimli get slapped around a bit and then pulling out Gandalf for the 4 free damage on the next turn and then finishing him off with a wounded Gimli with dwarven axes and armour. If I can tag team the other trolls once he's gone, I should be able to get past them. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I've been playing two hands for the past half dozen attempts or so. Best I've managed to do is to knock down one troll before the threat counter wipes me out. Having the three trolls add 15 threat by themselves is brutal! (3 each and then the +1 per troll for player from one of the locations cards.)
  12. I've tried a few more times. I don't think it's possible to run through the deck due to the Cave Entrance location cards. Once they're out, you have to grab a number of discards equal to the number of player decks and recirculate them back into the pile. Once the trolls are out in addition to other various encounter cards, it's just not possible to generate enough quest points to overcome their threat and remove the Cave Entrance cards. I just can't understand why the designers would build recommended decks with which you can't beat the game. It's very frustrating.
  13. Yes, if I could commit more than one attacker that would work but the script on one of the three troll cards reads "Troll enemies can only be attack by one character at a time." Even though this is listed on only one of the three troll cards, I'm assuming that it applies to all trolls. The way it appears to me is that each troll can only be attacked by one attacker so the best possible outcome is to attack with Thorin (atk 3) vs the troll's defence of 2 for 1 damage/turn. No other character has an attack strength above 2 and therefore cannot harm the trolls as they have to attack individually rather than ganging up.
  14. I'm new to the game and just have the Core Set, The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill, and The Hobbit: On the Doorstep. I solo played through the "easy" scenario in the core set a number of times until I beat it and then moved on to the first scenario in Over Hill and Under Hill. I tried using a single deck as I'm playing solo so I went with the recommended "Leadership and Spirit" deck. I got pummelled very badly by the three trolls on my first few attempts. It appeared that I'd rushed through the first scenario quest card too quickly and wasn't ready for the trolls that pop up on the 2nd quest card so on my last play attempt, I held back and built up what I thought was a good force of Bilbo, Nori, Thorin, and Gloin as well as Fili and Kili, a Longbeard orc slayer, 3 snowbourn scouts, and a Silverlode archer. What I found is that if I'm reading the troll cards correctly, it's mathematically impossible for me to beat a single troll before the threat count reaches 50. The Troll trait on one of the cards says that only a single character can attack a troll at any given time. The only character that can possibly do any damage is Thorin with his attack of 3 vs the troll's defence of 2. So he can only do 1HP of damage per turn and the weakest of the trolls has 10HP. Within a few turns, the threat count will be high enough that all three trolls are engaging every turn and using 4 sack cards. Thorin is always one of the first to get tossed into the sack and it then becomes impossible to harm any of the trolls. One can hope to pull a bunch of Gandalf cards but even he can only do 2HP of damage per turn so it's still not possible to take out a single troll before everyone's dead or the threat reaches 50 Is my take on this correct? Is it simply not possible to beat the game with the recommended deck? I tried to play using both of the recommended decks but found that it's not possible to construct both decks simultaneously as both decks require 3 Burglar Baggins cards and only 3 come with the expansion.
  15. I just play WW2. I've been spending far too much money on eBay getting my meat hooks on the out of print WoW stuff but I've now got a decent collection. Ares just posted some photos of the new series 6 minis coming out in 2016. They look great! I can't wait to get a bunch of the SBDs and set up some new carrier attack missions. Up until now, we've been doing zeroes and Vals attacking US ships while Wildcats defend. We did try out some house rules simulating a B-25 strafing Japanese shipping while escorted by some P-40s and F4-Fs and it worked out OK. It's a shame that there isn't really any theatre appropriate Allied fighter that can go up against the Ki-61 right now. Hopefully they'll put out some P-38s and F6Fs soon.
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