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  1. I did a short Old Republic campaign, intended to be a one-shot that ran a bit longer and will eventually get revived. Simply reskinning stuff works. I started them at Knight level, to allow for the more powerful force users from that time. It worked well and everybody was having lots of fun - we all played SW:TOR together, so I could draw upon some shared memories and in-jokes.
  2. So, we all liked it. Without too many spoilers, it has a rather dark tone and there is lots of action. It looks and feels great - original Star Wars, baby! Plot and characters are OK, but none really gripped me. Acting is fine, though, for the most part. I will see it on the big screen again for sure.
  3. Nice, you put lots of work and energy in this.Thumbs up!
  4. So, got the last seats for the first screening on the 14th (well, actually starting right with the 15th) with a couple of friends. Early dates are usually the best in my experience, as the other people in the cinema are fans, too. And I get to see the movie before too much information might spoil my openness.
  5. Does anybody do a conversion for a system that is rules-lite(-ish)? I will be playing a short game, probably just one or two sessions and do not want to spend to much time on rules. For my last campaign, I used Pathfinder with a home-made conversion, but I find that D&D3+ is simply too unwieldy if played with those who do not already know the system.
  6. Mary Sue is such a lazy accusation, because it can be applied to so many figures of popular fiction. Since these stories are pretty much all about special people, accusing them to be about special people is, well, intellectually unchallenging, to say the least. Star Wars is about special destinies, the Force making farm boys awesome fighter pilots, single pilots blowing up gigantic superweapons, the few against the many, good versus evil and all that. Yes, the characters in these stories are not accountants in the Imperial Tax Bureau with 2.3 kids and a secure pension. If you do not want wish-fulfilment, Star Wars is the wrong genre for you. By the way, compared to other main characters of the Star Wars universe, Ezra scores pretty low on the Mary-Sue-O-Meter anyway: no great destiny, no great parentage, powers despite being talented not outside the ordinary for Jedi. Finally, where does this "Grey Jedi"-stuff come from? The trailer shows exactly zero evidence that Ezra can call upon the Dark Side without being corrupted. On the contrary, the imagery being used places him in direct danger of giving in to the temptation of greater power and changing. Which, of course, is one of the underlying tropes of Star Wars since the OT.
  7. A bit late to the party, but awesome work on the update! Thanks a lot, OggDude!
  8. Good idea and a move that will please a lot of fans. The Thrawn-books were part of the bit of the EU that I enjoyed, although reading them again not so long ago I realized that I was simply younger when I read them first. Still, fond memories and all that. Given that I like Rebels and Thrawn, I am really looking forward to this. The whole trailer looks good, though. Darker, with the whole Ezra and the Dark Side storyline (which makes a lot of sense) and the rebels seemingly coming under a lot of pressure. It will remain a kids' show, but maybe it takes a turn like Clone Wars, becoming a bit more mature and darker as the story unfolds in later seasons.
  9. I have tried it, but it rarely works out. These days I usually have the character of the absentee linger in the background, or do something off-screen. In important scenes, I might narrate a bit according to the actions of the PCs; for example, in combat the character will fare about the same as the rest of the PCs, but no dice are being rolled. If a new player enters a campaign, I try to get the new character into the game as soon as possible, so that everybody at the table can play. Sometimes the players' fun trumps plot.
  10. I quoted you by accident; it was supposed to be an answer to the poster above you. Sorry for the confusion - that's what I get for posting on my pad ...
  11. The dice are not mirrors of each other. EDIT: I quoted the wrong post by accident; fixed now.
  12. Missing a session means missing the fun. If you cannot make it, you are not part of the awesome stories, silly jokes and all the rest that makes this hobby great. I see no need to refrain from granting the same XP to all players in addition to that. Players who miss sessions are already heavily penalized in the fun department. I have experienced a player missing a session with one of the most awesome moments, which still gets referenced almost 15 years later, and I know that this alone sucks. That goes for regular rounds. I have run open tables and the like in which only attending players earned XP, which was simply due to a 50+ player pool in a strict sandbox campaign.
  13. Looks good. Too little to be sure, but the production design and choice of actors is encouraging. Perfect timing, since we're playing EotE tonight. So let's blow up some Imperial stuff and rebel!
  14. Or move the genocide in time, after your group was there - and maybe made friends / allies? Maybe there is even a way for the events on Geonosis leading towards it? That could be a very powerful storyarc in any campaign.
  15. I really enjoyed that. Pretty dark throughout and especially at the end, silly helicopter-sabres notwithstanding (apart from the "how does it work?", I am not a fan of "now they suddenly can do this when they never did it before"). Characters undergoing trials and tribulations changing, as they should be. Some of the episodes this season left me cold, but that was a nice finale. And more Sabine in Season 3? Yeah! Or rather: Oya!