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  1. I have tried out this list and it is extremely strong. While the torrents can be a bit tricky to fly, the Sinker reroll mixed with the torrents getting in the way and taking actions away from the opponent is super strong. If you can get two turns out of Sinker, you can quickly get ahead. I absolutely decimated the Imperial 5 x 5 list and my friend conceded when he had Mauler and Scourge left against Ric and three Torrents, all at full health.
  2. My son will continue to run his Wedge, Biggs, Dutch, and Thane list as long as the points don't change too much.
  3. Gold Squadron Podcast will be streaming the hyperspace trial from team covenant Friday night and all day Saturday. He streams on YouTube and Twitch. I'm certain many top players will be there so that will give you an idea of what lists to expect. You can also check out his YouTube channel as he has streamed many hyperspace trials this season.
  4. Dear Moderator, Could we lock this topic? It's getting rather redundant and trolley.
  5. Yes, you can use the rebel arc dial/ship. You can't run 2 generics unless you buy a second republic arc. There are enough ship chits but only 1 pilot card.
  6. First Earth on Twitch streamed Milton Keynes. It seems that his videos have moved to subscribers only since yesterday. If you have Amazon Prime, you get one free Twitch subscription per month and you help him bring more content to the community.
  7. I have not seen Redline played much, but that may be because many of the dedicated Empire players have moved to 4 phantoms or 3 phantoms + friend. The Adepticon top cut shows how popular that list is right now.
  8. I believe they are only recording and will post at a later time, so the hosts can play in the tournament.
  9. My favorite list to fly. I am biased though as I flew a lot of Triple K-wings in 1.0.
  10. I'll second this. I wish Defenders would have the Tie/d title instead of the x/7 in 2.0. They were underrated by all my opponents until I dropped a ship in the first round of combat. Had my best run at Adepticon last year, 9th after swiss, running Tie/d's but haven't been able to get consistent damage in 2.0.
  11. Does anyone know the procedure for getting the system open playmat at Adepticon this year? When I signed up last year, there was an option to purchase a playmat, but I didn't see anything about that this year. I tried contacting OP, but never received a response.
  12. I was really hoping these would be released by now. I am trying to prep for Adepticon and need to know if a pivotal card in my list is going up. I'm not sure if I'm liking this new system.
  13. I pulled my Defenders out last night and had a go against Poe, Pava, and 2 Green Squadies. I ran Juke Rexler, Juke Onyx, and Seyn. The game went to time with Seyn and a Green Squadie destroyed, Poe on one hull, and Onyx on 1 shield. My thoughts are this list is similar to my Tie D's + Countdown that took me to top 32 at Adepticon 2018. It doesn't have the straight up offense that the Tie D's had, but the evade makes them last so much longer. Without TLTs in the game, you can afford to play the long game and choose unpredictable moves that can catch your opponent napping. The secret is knowing when to forego the fast moves and dialing in a one bank. Sometimes going slow and grabbing an evade is enough to keep you in the fight. I need some more practice against top tier lists, but the Defenders may make another appearance at a system open this year.
  14. Your opponent can call for a judge to look at your list in any tournament. If you don't have the official FFG card, you can be disqualified if you cannot produce the card. In the higher tournaments, it is not uncommon for judges to check and match your FFG official cards to your submitted list. You can play with fan made alt arts, but you need to be able to produce the FFG cards when requested. The list checking/deck checking is typically done before Day 2 gets underway for those that make the cut. My cards/deck have been checked twice when I made it to Day 2 at a System Open, and yes, my opponent had to dig out official FFG cards when he was using fan made alt arts.
  15. I wouldn't be so quick to pass off the usability of Barrage Rockets on Kwings. I am 4 games in running quad Kwings and when flown correctly, Barrage Rockets do some major work. The key is to set up kill boxes that will last multiple rounds, bringing different Kwings into range/arc to get off the rockets while flanking with the others and shooting out the sides with the cannon. Your ships should have a wide initial setup, allowing you plenty of room to use slam to position your ships for the initial joust. Once your opponent tries to chase, it's time to start dropping those bombs. This list is all about playing the long game and being patient, but it will wear down your opponent and win you games.
  16. I tried out the 4 K list at our launch party tournament last night. This list really needs to be run in a very loose formation to prevent action losing bumps. The bombs are definitely hard to connect with, but they do help prevent your opponent from coming up from behind. I will be changing the proton bombs to seismics which will allow the addition of skilled bombardier on two ships. This should give me extra flexibility to get bomb damage in more consistently. This list can work, but it will take a lot of practice.
  17. With the scum swarm list, you want the attention on Drea and not the Quadjumpers. The Quadjumpers tractor ability makes this list terrifying and the longer they are around, the harder it will be for your opponent. I ran the Sunny Bounder version of this in 1.0 and did very well with it, even in the harpoon era. People underestimate its ability to muck things up and wear down even high hp ships.
  18. As a former triple k-wing flyer, I am intrigued by the quad K's. I am not sure if the two red dice are going to be enough to consistently take down ships, but it might be worth putting it on the table.
  19. I use them to differentiate ships when I field multiples of one type. I find it easier to keep track of my ships instead of using the ID chits. I put an extra empty base on the ship card so my opponent can differentiate them as well.
  20. Tie/D Defenders. Seeing the expression on your opponent's face after you tractor their ship into range one of two Defenders and melt it in one round of fire.
  21. Going 5-1 at the System Open at Adepticon 2018 to make it to my first Day 2 ever. Brought 2 Tie/D's with Countdown and placed 9th out of 300 players after Day 1. Only loss was to final salvo with no ships destroyed to Kylo and 2 x7 Deltas.
  22. System Open at Adepticon this year. Made first cut ever with Tie/D Defenders and Countdown. 9th out of 300 players after Swiss with only loss being a final salvo with no ships off the board against Kylo and 2 x/7s.
  23. Haven't seen mine yet and I live 20 minutes from FFG.
  24. I would run four mindlinked scyks. I had a list all ready to try out and then the faq dropped.
  25. When the wife and I went shopping for a new dining room table, my only requirement was that it be big enough for an epic game, so I play X-wing on that. We use it for all our family gaming needs.
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