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  1. They were setting stock aside for the system open players. I wonder if they will still be able to ensure that those players have the opportunity to purchase one. I was anticipating getting two ships because my son and I were both signed up to play in the system open. It was going to be my 5th Adepticon System Open and his first.
  2. Maul and K2-S0 are most likely in hyperspace because they came in the Hotshots and Aces pack.
  3. In the team epic event at World's, I played against Soontir Fel with swarm tactics knocking up a 6 ship Jonus Swarm to initiative 6. That had potential to do a ton of damage. Great flying by me partner kept the damage down by spreading out the shots to multiple targets along with her insane evade rolls. I agree that Diamond Boron will be a thing. I had that on my Jonus and he caught 4 Sigmas with one missile. Being able to use a Tie swarm with 7 named pilots was a lot of fun, but keeping track of all the abilities got a little tedious.
  4. No huge ships used. We used 6 obstacles per team. Some people set them up two at a time following 1st edition rules. In my matches, we set them up 1 at a time range 2 apart from each other to make wider lanes. We set up ship out to range 2. 3 hour time limit. As there are no official rules, the person runnin GB the events made up rules on the fly.
  5. I wasn't planning to buy another C-roc, but the Corsair refit card has me intrigued. I can see running two with ion cannons and a bunch of vultures. Ion a ship and pummel it with the vultures. Throw in some Hyenas for missile/torpedo fun.
  6. I have tried out this list and it is extremely strong. While the torrents can be a bit tricky to fly, the Sinker reroll mixed with the torrents getting in the way and taking actions away from the opponent is super strong. If you can get two turns out of Sinker, you can quickly get ahead. I absolutely decimated the Imperial 5 x 5 list and my friend conceded when he had Mauler and Scourge left against Ric and three Torrents, all at full health.
  7. My son will continue to run his Wedge, Biggs, Dutch, and Thane list as long as the points don't change too much.
  8. Gold Squadron Podcast will be streaming the hyperspace trial from team covenant Friday night and all day Saturday. He streams on YouTube and Twitch. I'm certain many top players will be there so that will give you an idea of what lists to expect. You can also check out his YouTube channel as he has streamed many hyperspace trials this season.
  9. Dear Moderator, Could we lock this topic? It's getting rather redundant and trolley.
  10. Yes, you can use the rebel arc dial/ship. You can't run 2 generics unless you buy a second republic arc. There are enough ship chits but only 1 pilot card.
  11. First Earth on Twitch streamed Milton Keynes. It seems that his videos have moved to subscribers only since yesterday. If you have Amazon Prime, you get one free Twitch subscription per month and you help him bring more content to the community.
  12. I have not seen Redline played much, but that may be because many of the dedicated Empire players have moved to 4 phantoms or 3 phantoms + friend. The Adepticon top cut shows how popular that list is right now.
  13. I believe they are only recording and will post at a later time, so the hosts can play in the tournament.
  14. My favorite list to fly. I am biased though as I flew a lot of Triple K-wings in 1.0.
  15. I'll second this. I wish Defenders would have the Tie/d title instead of the x/7 in 2.0. They were underrated by all my opponents until I dropped a ship in the first round of combat. Had my best run at Adepticon last year, 9th after swiss, running Tie/d's but haven't been able to get consistent damage in 2.0.
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