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  1. So a hero cannot chosse to suffer two stamina and suffer health instead (which is possible in other situations)
  2. As you have already played Astarra as conjurer: which are the abilities that you did get for her? Currently I'd go with that order of selecting abilities: 1XP Many Friends 1XP Illusory Path (is it really so strong in hinderung monster movement as I guess?) 1XP Refraction 2XP Blinding Light 3XP Prismatic Assault
  3. Zaltyre, thanks for the clarification! I hope our overlord reads those cards and description the same way With the "teleport" function enabled I think Astarra will be a great choice because I wonder how many real move actions I will have to use, they should rarely be necessary! And she can do sprints: Create one image, move image one, teleport next to image -> Move 4 Action: Move 4 Create two more images and block the way in your back Action: Move 4
  4. Can Astarra use her ability to teleport next to her own image tokens. It says they are treated as "hero figures", the ability says next to a hero within 3 spaces. Another question here: Does Prismatic Assault stack with "many friends" extra green dice?
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