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  1. Wouldn't CC be under "organized play?"
  2. I'm glad it's working better for someone. It is not working better for my daughter, or for me. They kept making her use multiple methods to solve arithmetic when she had already figured out the right one for her. Now she dreads math homework more than anything because none of it makes sense to her. I'm still more of the opinion that America is lagging in STEM fields because we are attacking intelligence and not supporting schools and teachers, not because we never taught kids math mountains and pairings and drawing weird line sets and calling it good. But hey, if it really works than it really works. its very likely math just isn't my daughter's thing.
  3. This is very common with multi-release games. You see the same general thing happen in X-Wing, with older ships rapidly becoming over-costed relative to newer ships. Even Demolisher is starting to fade as new ship and upgrade options make alternatives more appealing. Usually, this occurs because a ship is part of the original launch, and so the new meta hasn't had any impact on the design. This is one of the core reasons, for example, that VSDs in general are so ineffective. The CR90 Corvette was also rapidly losing steam until several Wave 2 upgrades radically improved the damage output. The Nebulon-B Escort is seeing a dramatic rise in popularity due to new improvements to its carrier capability. Id agree if they didn't come out in the same **** wave...
  4. Still baffled by how that upgrade can cost 12pts and Demolisher is only 10.
  5. Battlefoam needs to hurry the hell up and release wave III-V trays .
  6. Tie bombers should be slower. Why be speed 4 when you had means of speeding them up AND increasing their range in wave I? Why give Awings a bomber tax due to their speed?
  7. You'd probably choose the deck you want to draw from, just like you choose which crit effect you want.
  8. Note to self: paint your next base of xwings in "Skull Squadron" colors.
  9. Now if FFG wants to really generate buzz, they announce the SSD expansion and it's companion rebel expansion (probably 2 more small and medium ships) at the same time. Then they announce an internet campaign similar to GWs "Eye of Terror" from back in the day. If the rebels win, the construction of the SSD is "delayed" and the Rebels release comes out first, with the SSD released a month later. If the Imperials win, the SSD comes out first and fear keeps the local systems in line, and the Rebel ships get delayed. Real world consequences of the campaign.
  10. I only said all that so that it did all the fighter things. It's price point is what would keep the Pelta in business, though obviously it would have that slot.
  11. 2 red, 2 blue front and sides with no turbolaser or ion cannon upgrades. It would have two offensive retrofits, a defensive retrofit, an officer slot, a weapons team slot, and a support team slot, and a fleet support slot, so it can do Expanded Hangers, Rapid Launch bays, fc/fcts, flight controllers, and All Fighters Follow Me. It is also so cost prohibitive that you can't take more than 4 y wings.
  12. It's the range issue for me. I just can never get fighters in black range. One time I almost did, but my fighters activated first and blew it up.
  13. Have him be like Ackbar... but for front arcs.
  14. Man, you guys must get WAY more use out of black AA dice than I do. If I ever get black AA off its after something has attacked me. I have tried to aggressively fighter hunt with black dice and it just doesn't work.
  15. The Princess is going on my fleets for 2017. Last citizen of Alderaan. RIP.
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