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  1. After countless amounts of campaigns over the last 3 years or so finally going to try the app this weekend. Being an imperial player mostly I am a bit weary but we shall see. How much XP can one assume to get through the 5 missions?
  2. Agreed. The power creep in campaign is getting annoying. Seems like the last two campaigns they are releasing units that for the same price as previous threat units are just wayyyy more powerful and not worth using the older units. Sad to see the game going this way and lost it’s focus on balance.
  3. I'm wicked excited about Reactive Defenses deck. I really hope it adds a strong surviability element to imperial units to help combat late game rebels domination of power. It'd be great to get some defensive boosts and have some troops survive more than a round. Guess we will see how defensive it gets!
  4. Want to make this into 2 questions and see everyone's thoughts on survivability in this game. The thought came up with the new energy shields (very excited about these) but in the current core and expansions available what does everyone think is the most "survivable" imperial class deck? As in, which boost units defense, healing, health, or anything that helps them last longer. Additionally, what Rebel heroes do you think are the most survivable and with what items/skills contribute to that?
  5. Is there any items or skill combos to counter pierce? We are playing Jabbas Realm and the imperial is using the Hutt merc deck, his first skill purchase was Guild Hunters and the pierce 2 combined with the hidden has been devastating. Won our mission last night in round 3 but he was only one guy away from everyone being wounded. Concerns all will be wounded quite quickly. The imperial also brought down Shyla in 3 attacks. Impressive. We are still doing well clearing threat just concerned the imperial doesn't need many attacks to really get high damage. Party is mostly black die characters so obviously doesn't help. Gaarhan, Shyla, Vinto, Onar. So any strategies, tactics, or item/skill combos to help counter pierce?
  6. Patiently waiting the arrival of JR, any body got any ideas on building Vinto? He seems the least straight forward of the three. My thoughts were Pinpoint shot, then Shot on the run, then Rapid Fire, then Merciless, and if you get 12 points then Sharpshooter. Thoughts?
  7. Any tips for Rebels to help counter mortar. We took 12 damage in the first round of a mission the other day. 3 damage to 3 rebels and an ally. This deck has potential to sling a lot of damage and I think we are suffering from low health characters but it's really getting us. We have Loku, Verena, med droid built for combat, and Gideon built for attacking. It's the Bespin mini campaign and lost first two missions. Characters are a lot of support but we're trying to build them differently so could be a factor. Thoughts on countering armored onslaught?
  8. I am very curious to see the Villain imperial class deck, that sounds so unique and awesome to me. Hope it makes it easier to bring villains into the missions.
  9. Seriously??!?! Will you ever be happy? Really, what would it take to make you happy? Imagine if it was a full-blown Rebels expansion! Im with you, Patrick do you even like this game?
  10. It is utterly broken as are most of the Bespin missions. The Imperial player has to literally hand you the mission which means it's no longer a game, it's playing pretend. Congratulations on your Imperial player rolling over and handing you the win. If you look at the numbers it's one of the hardest missions in the game. But go on believing you're awesome rather than math. A lot of players are incorrectly believing that Rebels can only move one civilian per action, which would make the mission unplayable. As long as the rebels are moving 2-3 civilian with each special action and spending strain for bonus movement on the civies, the mission shouldn't be unwinnable. So Union, were you playing the mission correctly, or were you only moving one civilian at a time? Yes, typically moved 2 or 3 civilians. Did YOU play properly and spend an action to get the civilians to move or were you doing it for free? When I was Empire I let the Rebels double move the civilians (ignored the limit of once per activation on special abilities) because I saw just glancing at the mission it was stupidly impossible. However that wasn't anywhere close to enough help as the real problem was the amount of threat on the board and the fact that the Rebels didn't have Fenn to do his blasts. I only played "Panic" as Empire. When I went through Bespin as a player, I played and lost it's equivalent mission on the "win" branch, the equally screwed up, "Reclassified." I don't see a way of winning either "Panic" or "Reclassified" as Rebels without either exactly the right party and knowing the mission ahead of time and good rolls, or by having the Empire hand it to me. As the Empire I don't see a way to lose without throwing the mission or spectacularly bad rolls or maybe Fenn + Gideon taking 6 figures off the board each round with blasts. Playing Reclassified with my RL group tonight. What was the issues with this mission for the Rebels?
  11. Inspiring Leadership to me has been the most powerful deck. It's focused around Action Economy, and the amount of extra actions over the course of a mission with this deck is INSANE! However, as mentioned, its a very slow starting deck, and takes until late campaign to really shine. Think of it as a classic Wizard, not great in the beginning but insanely powerful at the end.
  12. How do the Cleaves stack for weighted head? Okay so I exhaust and get a Cleave 1, I decide to spend a surge on Cleave 1 again. Does 1 target suffer 2 damage from the cleave? Or are 2 different targets taking 1 damage each?
  13. Yeah I am curious to see what they do with this. But IMHO, I think people get too obsessed with theme. At it's core its a board game thats wicked fun to play. If the characters don't completely fit the theme 100 percent, its not a big deal for me. I am just excited to have them. Personally, I am excited to see characters like Obi-wan enter the game, and I will allow my group to include him in the campaigns they wish to b/c its fun to play with him. I also hope they add Yoda, and make him wicked awesome, even though it wouldn't make sense from a story perspective.
  14. This is my favorite deck, my recommended build is: Combat Medic - seriously the easiest to use and most powerful heal card in the game. However, if the Rebel team is strong at getting focused (Gaarkhan, Diala, Mak type characters) then I would go Riot Grenades instead Combat Veterans - Such a powerful card, and fun to play on Heavy Stormies/Elite Stormies Endless Ranks - Getting it third in order is about the time you see the benefits from it, right around threat level 4 is the best because you can now get Elite Stormies in 2 rounds. As the campaign goes on, this becomes more and more useful Assault Armor - Combo this attachment with Combat Vets and you have some seriously powerful troops. Also works well put on solo on a group of Royal Guards, Trando's, etc Sustained Fire - Love this skill, an extra attack combined with Show of Force can lead to some powerful rounds and increasing the odds of wounding whichever Hero you target.
  15. Was curious to see what skill cards Imperials out there absolutely hate.....maybe hate is a bad word b/c you can hate something but its not overpowered. What cards do you hate soooo much because they are overpowered? And how would you fix it. For me.... Gideon's Masterstroke - this should seriously cost 1 additional strain to use, that would fix it Fenn's Trench Fighter - holy hell this is stupidly strong, exhaust for 2 additional damage. I would say this either needs to be limited to 2 spaces away (maybe 1), or just +1 damage Meddroids Miracle Worker - you wound the guy and then seriously! They come back!?? My biggest gripe with this card is it's a level 3 instead of a level 4 Verena's Close Quarters - this skill is just wow wow wow....I guess its heavy on strain drain, but **** does Verena have some seriously impressive rounds when she starts chaining this. Not really sure if there is a fix since her character is based on it....maybe make the attacks at -1 surge (since ya know, she's learning about the weapon she stole...) Murne's Sonic Bellow - I've only played one mini campaign and started a Hoth campaign with her, but I already hate Sonic Bellow....a free stun each turn (I guess unless you wound her to make the odds worse) is just soooo powerful! I think she should require 2 successes for it to work. So thats my list of OP'd skills. Whats yours??
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