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  1. They maybe ran out of copies Sorry, no idea
  2. Ok, so I tried to make some scale drawing of the Ordinatus. Just to get some hang of the scale. If you want too see a bit larger image you can take a look here: http://bit.ly/1pmV7Cu I realized after I took the image of my drawing that the width of the Ordinatus might be larger. The larvae feet width of 3m I think is fine, but I think the width of the machine itself maybe should have been more like 15m or something. That would result in a total width of 21m. If someone have any feedback I would be happy to hear it! And I hope I help other people who run this awsome campaign.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anyone else here have GMed the Final Testament adventure? My players have just reached the Ordinatus now and they are about to try to enter it, then I started to wonder where you actually enter the cockpit on such a monster to machine? Have someone made some kind of map over this huge machine? The cockpit is supposed to be located on the front between and above the tracks. That means that it located like 7-8m above ground probably. So, where should you place the hatch to the cockpit? Would you require the players to climb up on the machine and find the entrance up there or? It feels like this thing would have lots of rooms and corridors inside it to be able to reach the different machine rooms and places like that inside it? Hope someone can help me with this!
  4. Ohhh, I totally missed that from the Dark heresy v2 book Thx! Really looking forward to start using this rule!
  5. Awsome looking pdf Do you have any list of armors and the max agi of each armor?
  6. I suppose the max AGI for an armor also applies to the movement in that case? Like if the max of an armor is 30, you will count base movement from 3 in AG bonus instead of what you have?
  7. How do you determine the max AG for armor? I really LOVE that rule! Then there actually is a reason to use armor which doesn't cover the whole body and such Awsome idea!
  8. I was going to ask the same thing, can someone please get the website up and running again or do someone have the files and can share them?
  9. Really nice application of the Tech-Use skill! I will certainly start using this as well. In the basic rules one of the examples of applications of Tech-Use is demolitions, I would like to break out Demolitions from Tech-Use and make a separate skill for it, so a guardsman actually can focus on Demolitions without also being a tech-specialist It was its own skill in the first version of Dark Heresy, really booring that they merged these skills. I would like Demolitions and some examples of applications of this and some new talents connected to demolitions as well. That would be awsome
  10. Awsome work! This dedication is awsome! Will definitely take a look at this!
  11. Nice initiative! More evil stuff to release on the players is really nice! Will try to find some stuff to put here as well!
  12. Really great idea! Something to make it a bit more fun for the mechanic in the group! I will try to think of parts we could add to this list as well. It would be fun if there is at least like 20-30 different outcomes with some outcomes which has lower chance to happen but are much harder to get, like 95-100 should be something really obscure while 01-05 could be something really common, does that sound like a good idea?
  13. Yay! More super-awsome stuff Really looking forward to more sweetness We switched over and started using these psyker rules in our only war campaign and our Psyker is really happy One thing that we have discussed a lot is when you use e.g. a psykic bolt, do you get any positive/negative modifiers for range, surprised, prone, large/small and so on? Or is that the benefit/disadvantage of the psykic powers, that you don't get any bonus at all?
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