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  1. Not speaking from experience here - but catching an ace, even with the broad side arcs is difficult, and shooting a ship with 3 agility and a focus (or some force) nets 2 hits (so an Ion token) roughly 25% of the time. So you have to catch and shoot an ace roughly 4 times before you ion them.
  2. Thanks, @Deffly for the report. Added it to the front page. This wraps up our 2019 SOS tour.
  3. Okay, so the last of the SOS tournaments, in Australia, came to a close this weekend. Anyone know the results?
  4. Nope, Łukasz was 4-2, just like me. It was this crazy list with just Kylo and Tavson: Lieutenant Tavson + Biohexacrypt Codes + Supreme Leader Snoke + Captain Phasma + Advanced Sensors + Shield Upgrade Kylo Ren + Hate + Advanced Optics + Proton Torpedoes
  5. I have to say, I like Kylo lists and 5 SFs, but I'd like to point out that only 1 FO list made the cut at the recent European Championships (anecdotal, I know, and some lists have been making results in other tournaments). I think that Kylo or the SFs are the way to go if you're going FO, though (I'm personally thinking of mixing them in one list, you can squeeze 3 decent SFs with Kylo.).
  6. Doesn't PA also give a little dial flexability? There's a lot of red on the Pod dial. Also, AOptics does nothing for you if you had to spend the focuses on defence... I'm figuring out which one to take if I take the list on for a spin, was thinking PA.
  7. Don't you think that adding all those points paints too much of a crosshair on Finn's back? I tried a few games with him very lean (just Heroic for 30 points) and he punches very much above his weight. On the other hand, both Perceptive Copilot and PAnalyzer seem like great value on him, it's just... 12 points more. Congrats on the Qualifier run
  8. Added the results of the Final for the Paris SOS - I don't have any more info atm. It was a bit of a weird one, with the points change already in place but without Wave IV if I understand correctly.
  9. Isn't 51 points a bit too much for a support ship that can only throw 3 dice in its bullseye? Also, if you squeeze in one more point, you can have C-3PO, so when Nodin coordinates, he gets a calculate for his troubles.
  10. Cova Nell + Heroic + Pattern Analyzer + R4 Astromech Finn + Heroic Jessika Pava + M9-G8 + Integrated S-Foils Nien Nunb + Heroic + Integrated S-Foils + Pattern Analyzer + Black One 197 points Played this yesterday, went 3-0, although with some luck. Mods all around. Cova is a bit tricky to use - I actually wanted an Electronic Baffle on her to have the ability to trigger her multiple rounds in a row, but forgot the card, so it's coming in for next tests. Having a 3/2/5/3 statline ship on turns she does a red is bonkers, though. Finn was easily MVP - a few lucky rolls and the fact that he seems a low-level threat compared to the others made him pump out a few great shots; he easily punches / survives a lot more than his 30 points price suggests. Still waiting for that double blank, add blank with Finn, heroic roll though Anakin's not-really-barrel-roll-but-barrel-roll is really neat, but he has trouble doing damage. I'm still interested in testing out Passive Sensor Nu's and a fully moded Whisper.
  11. I have to say, I've played a few games with GInqy and in my opinion, he's still terrible. I played him almost bare, with FCS only, and while SR does give him great action economy and relocation, he'll probably still be bad for the points. His ability costing him force is atrocious - resonably you spend 1 force on it, 2 force on modifing the attack (or in your build, Supernatural to get focus), and he starts the next turn spent - and you better pray he dodged all the arcs, cause he's 4 HP 3 agility with no defense mods. With Supernatural, if you use it next turn, you're making a 2-dice attack with a 78-point ship. Yikes. Also, I played with something similar - Duchess had Predator, and I had a Barrage Rocket Bomber instead of Supernatural and a bid, but I found that even moving last it's hard to have 3 basically flankers in your list - neither one of Soontir Grand Inqy nor Duchess wants to joust head-on and I found it hard to play with all 3 ships wanting to flank and dodge arcs. I'm interested to see if Supernatural changes any of this, but I found GI already starving for force, so I didn't think of running him with it.
  12. If you want to play around with the K-fighters, I'd still keep them lean and cheap. They have fun abilities, but they're not going to survive long enough to justify pumping too many points into them. Fun combos: Viktor Hel + Stealth (also comboes with Lando's MF title and a little bit with Asajj - no one wants to be double stressed) Graz - maybe just Outmanouver or Afterburners, to get an easier/better flank? Although like I said, I'd keep him cheap.
  13. They didn't include Inertial Dampeners in your build on the stream, I'm assuming it's a mistake? Also, congrats on Day 2
  14. Okay, Madrid SOS just wrapped in Europe. If anyone knows some more info about the TOPs, please let us know Just 3 more to go and they're going to be played with new points. Both finalists from Madrid - 4x K-wings and Wedge/B-wing Beef will be unplayable as of the points change, so there's that. I'm guessing the last 3 SOS might be a breath of fresh air with Wave 4 being playble and most meta staples (Beef, Phantoms, K-wings) being out. Streams galore: Final: Day 1:
  15. Vi Moradi + Angled Deflectors Rey + Rose Tico + Amilyn Holdo + Finn Nien Nunb + Heroic + R2 Astromech + Integrated S-Foils + Pattern Analyzer + Black One The base being the Pod + Ray with Holdo, snatching Moradi's reinforce token at INI 5, Nien is there cause he shares INI with Rey and is a decent threat. The main problem, ofc, being that people will just try to kill the pod and its a 3 hull, 2 agility beast of a ship - but if you can hide it for a few rounds, they have to contend with Reinforced Rey. Also: @JBFancourt That's a nice synergy between Sai and Redline's reinforce, gives him a pseudo adv sensors, while Sai gets reinforce or reinforce +TL. Neat!
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