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  1. I've used Tactical Direction and Overwhelming Fire to settle down PC's who got a bit too overconfident. Crippling Blow and Natural Marksman can be very effective as well.
  2. Amen, though as GM I think the thing I'd most look forward to in a ED/Genesys hybrid would be NPC creation. In 1st ed. ED, making an Adept opponent was really, really unpleasant. I imagine Genesys will maintain the same ease and flexibility as the SW system.
  3. Earthdawn. I ran 1st ed. and love the world, but now that I'm old and crotchety I don't have the patience for that level of crunch The current storyline on my EotE game is winding down... when it's done I'll have the time to start laying some groundwork in prep for the GENESYS release. The thought of running a Barsaive game using the narrative dice system fills me with glee.
  4. Agreed, they give some really good specific advice on building different styles of NPC for each type (minion, rival, nemesis).. glass-cannons, tarballs, etc.
  5. I've listened to the set several times. I like queuing them up on the podcast player and listening while on the way to my regular weekly game... they help me get in the right headspace to run EotE.
  6. Can you say more about Campaign Cartographer? I've been thinking of picking it up, more for fantasy games than Star Wars.
  7. I don't use maps, I just make a skeleton framework for the location and scribble down a few details for each area. I find maps too restrictive, once I've drawn something out that's all it is. With a rough framework, it's much more malleable for me and can react easily to changes during play. Plus, drawing out maps takes a lot of time and effort, while a skeleton just takes me a few moments. For example, here's my version of the Heartache Bistro on Nar Shaddaa:
  8. I didn't see a physical description of him when I ran it. In my mind's eye, he looks like a younger (and slightly slimmer) version of Baron Harkonnen from David Lynch's Dune.
  9. The 'Beyond the Rim' adventure has some fun rules for flying through the colossal junk pile that is Raxus Prime while suffering... shall we say... Imperial Complications. Essentially, they have built up a few narrative mini-setpiece complications where positive results on Piloting checks (Advantages and Triumphs) lead to good things happening (collapsing junk on pursuers, boost dice on next check, increasing distance to foes, etc.) and negative results lead to bad things (collisions of varying severities, setback dice, etc.) You can either roll dice to select what complications are hit, or just choose the ones that seem coolest. Of course, gunners can still fire on the pursuers, slicers can use electronic warfare, etc. My group really enjoyed it, and I think something similar would work well for your situation. You could easily toss in a few complications (positive and negative, of course) that include the Gozanti. Good luck, it sounds like a fun encounter!
  10. I doubt we'll see any main character deaths. Heck, Ahsoka is still a question-mark.
  11. Fiction writers are often told they have to "kill their darlings" -- that is, dump their favorite ideas since they usually get in the way of even better things. I think we GM's face a similar situation... we have to be ready to kill *our* darlings when player ideas, events, or narrative dice rolls come knocking. It can be hard to do, but it's always been worth it when I've managed to pull it off.
  12. Instant teleportation might be the character's recollection, but that doesn't mean that's what actually HAPPENED. He may have been drugged or had his consciousness & memories force-tinkered-with then delivered the old fashioned way... in the hold of a crummy tramp freighter. A tramp freighter who's pilot may *know* things (plot hook alert)
  13. I drove down to my FLGS to see if they had a copy in stock, and didn't call me about my reserved copy because they're forgetful/incompetent/mean. Turns out they haven't received it yet. I blame society.
  14. I've been reading and running a fair bit of Trail of Cthulhu lately, and the Skip Tracer looks like what you'd get if the GUMSHOE system came to the Star Wars universe. Psyched.
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