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  1. Okay, so in my league play this past Thursday night, my second opponent was fielding a mostly standard "Doughnut of Doom" Dash Rendar (Dash Rendar, Push the Limit, Outrider, Heavy Laser Cannon, Engine Upgrade), except instead of Nien Numb or Kyle Katarn, he had Kanan Jarrus. The rest of his list was a Ghost. Now, the way I'm reading Kanan's effect is that it a friendly ship (the Ghost) executes a white straight speed maneuver at range 1-2, the ship equipped with Kanan Jarrus (Dash) removes a stress token from "that ship" (the Ghost). Now, what my opponent was doing, it didn't seem like the range was being checked. And later on, after he performed an ill-fated 5 k-turn that landed the Ghost off of the board, Dash Rendar was still using crew member Kanan's ability to remove a PTL induced stress from Dash with 3-turns and the like. So my question: Is this even legal? Am I reading the card right? I did not question it during the game because my opponent is more seasoned in X-wing than I am, but this has been bothering me all night, because it did not seem legal. Kanan Jarrus reads: "Once per round, after a friendly ship at Range 1-2 executes a white maneouvre, you may remove 1 stress token from that ship" The way this seems to me: A friendly ship (the Ghost) executes the maneouvre, triggering only if it is a white maneouvre and only if it was executed at range 1-2 of the ship equipped with Kanan Jarrus (Dash Rendar). Then, "you", implying the equipped ship, may remove 1 stress token from "that ship" (the Ghost) which implies any other ship other than Dash Rendar, or the ship that Kanan Jarrus crew member is equipped with. And after all accompanying ships have either been destroyed or flown off of the map, does Kanan even trigger any more? In case it matters, the Ghost was a Lothal Rebel equipped with Intelligence Agent, Autoblaster Turret, Fire Control System, and Hera Syndulla. The entire situation seemed highly illegal to me, is why I bring it up. Thanks for the feedback~
  2. @blade_mercurial Problem I see with the adjustments is that Ion Pulse missiles won't ionize a Y-wing for 2 turns. It gives the target 2 ion tokens, yeah, but they don't behave the same way as stress does. Once the Y-wing moves, it'll remove both ion tokens from the ship, so Ion Pulse isn't gonna keep the stress hog out for more than one turn. I don't consider Juno and Maarek "jousting" pilots. They're super maneuverable -- Juno in particular as she is the most maneuverable ship in the game -- especially with Engine Upgrade on them both. I don't have it on this list, but if you take Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced, slap on Engine Upgrade with Daredevil EPT and his maneuverability is so awesome that it's fricking scary. They're not full-on arc-dodgers like Soontir Fel, but they're damned close.
  3. I tend to mutter to myself and cross my arms if I'm in a really tight spot, or if I'm thinking really hard about what actions to take (barrel rolls, boosts, and the like in particular).
  4. Hi~ been a while since I've posted in here, and gonna try and be a bit more active starting now. So, as we all know, we have some people that run the same lists all the time in store leagues, right? A friend of mine runs a rather effective list and I have been trying to come up with some ways to counter it. I have a few different options in mind, and would like some feedback before the league this coming Thursday. My Friend's List: (100) Ten Numb -- Mangler Cannon, Fire Control System, and Veteran Instincts (38) Gold Squadron -- Twin Laser Turret, BTL-4 Y-Wing, R3-A2 (26) Gold Squadron -- Twin Laser Turret (24) Bandit Squadron -- (12) List 1 that I want to try: (99) Captain Yorr -- Ion Cannon, Darth Vader (30) Juno Eclipse -- Veteran Instincts, TIE/x1, ATC, and Engine Upgrade (34) Maarek Stele -- Push the Limit, TIE/x1, ATC, and Engine Upgrade (35) Alternatively, I can somewhat change this list to: (99) Captain Yorr -- Ion Cannon, Rebel Captive (30) Juno Eclipse -- Veteran Instincts, TIE/x1, ATC, and Engine Upgrade (34) Darth Vader -- Veteran Instincts, TIE/x1, ATC, and Engine Upgrade (35) And the last list I can try is rebel: (100) Poe Dameron -- Autothrusters, Veteran Instincts, R5-P9 (37) Corran Horn -- Fire Control System, Crack Shot, Engine Upgrade, R2-D2 (46) Tala Squadron -- Munitions Failsafe, Adv. Homing Missiles (17) The idea behind the first Imperial list with Darth Vader in the shuttle is to outmaneuver Ten Numb with Juno by giving my opponent the initiative, the adjusting Juno's maneuvers accordingly. The shuttle's job would be to absorb the stress from the stress hog Y-wing, as well as pinning down the low-agility ships with Ion cannon shots. Lastly, dealing deadly crits to the Y-wings and Ten Numb once their shields are down. The second imperial list is essentially the same, but opts for two ships that can outmaneuver Ten Numb and hopefully burn him down quick while the shuttle whittles at that stress hog and second TLT Y-wing. Lastly, the rebel list is more for a battle of attrition, by regenerating Corran's shields with R2 and Poe's with R5. The Tala is there to fill out points, but also to potentially get a hard-hitting crit under Ten Numb's shields. Ideally -- even though it's a LONG shot -- he can fire the Adv. Homing missiles at Ten and get a Major Hull explosion that then cascades into a direct hit. Long shot, but would be so great if it worked. That list is incredibly annoying to me, so I'd really love to come up with an effective counter to it. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Been working on builds to take out the so-far dominating four Y-wings, each with Unhinged Astromech and Twin Laser Turret. A build that isn't an expected arc-dodger with auto-thrusters setup. It's a Scum setup for 99/100 points. Talonbane Cobra: Predator, Assault Missiles, Glitterstim, and Engine Upgrade for 42 points. 3x Binayre Pirate Z-95s, each decked out with: Assault Missiles, and Dead Man's Switch (When you are destroyed, each ship at range 1 suffers 1 damage). The four TLT Y-wings I have seen typically fly in a semi-tight formation so that they can have overlapping fields of fire, and may break formation later depending on the situation. The idea behind this is to unload the assault missiles from all four ships -- particularly the Z-95s -- on the Y-wings. The primary target, assuming he's targeted by all four ships, is more than likely to be taken out in the opening salvo. Then, assuming all four missiles hit, the other three Y-wings take 3-4 unavoidable damage, getting rid of their shields. Then, once the missiles are fired, the Z-95s' jobs are to a.) block actions b.) stay within range one to both attack and to be intentionally destroyed to dish out free damage to the remaining Y-wings and c.) keep some of that nasty TLT heat off of Talonbane so he can mop-up whoever is left once the last Z-95 suicide bomber falls, using engine upgrade to get in close to take advantage of his bonus die ability, and using predator make certain that he deals max damage (as the pilots used for TLT Y-wings is a level 2 pilot, letting him re-roll two dice instead of one). In addition to that, even though it doesn't matter against the Y-wings, that last unused point will help to give me initiative. So what do you all think? Can this build work as well as it sounds in my head? Part of me feels that Push the Limit might be a better option, so he can boost, use PTL to take a target lock or focus, and the combine TL/Focus with his extra range 1 bonus. Either that, or another upgrade instead of engine upgrade.
  6. So, I have two ideas for the Punisher's use in this Thursday's League at my local store. Each build has a heavily outfitted "Redline" as its main ship. Build One (97): "Redline": Enhanced Scope, Extra Munitions, Adv. Proton Torpedoes, Assault Missiles, Concussion Missiles, Ion Bombs, Proximity Mines, Munitions Fail-safe (51 points) 2x Storm Squadron Pilot: TIE/x1 Title, Fire Control System (23 points each) So the idea is that Redline is the heavy hitter, having a wide variety of various ranged weapons to tackle various situations. Since his attack value is only two, the idea is to use Extra Munitions and Fail-safe to keep his armaments going for as long as possible or until he's dead. The two Storm pilots would be support. Personally I don't think Adv. Targeting Computer is that great and would rather be able to use my target locks for re-rolls, and be slightly below points to guarantee initiative. Build Two (100): "Redline": Enhanced Scope, Extra Munitions, Flechette Torpedoes, Cluster Missiles, Concussion Missiles, Proximity Mines, Munitions Fail-safe (44 points) 2x Royal Guard Pilot: Push the Limit, Royal Guard TIE, TIE Engine Mk. II, Autothrusters (28 points each) Similar idea as the previous build, with Redline carrying slightly less munitions in favor of having a pair of arc-dodging interceptors as support. Twin Ion Engine Mk. II seemed like a good choice, until I looked at the Interceptor's dial and realized that they'd only benefit marginally from TIE Eng. Mk. II, though at this point I don't wanna sacrifice more munitions from Redline to give them Stealth Device or Targeting Computer, though it might be for the best. So, opinions~? Also, I love how the Punisher looks. So badass.
  7. Hello~ So, this is a question I've been wondering about, just as a discussion that might be interesting. X-wing has two different ranged weapon one-offs, torpedoes and missiles, and I'm wondering what is the difference between these two armament classes. In real life, missiles are guided rockets that can track and home in on their targets with the guidance of GPS. Missiles are typically associated with aircraft, surface ships, and some ground vehicles. Torpedoes, on the other hand, are more associated with submarines; guided munitions that are almost like missiles, but swim their way through water to get to their targets. So, what would the difference be between missiles and torpedoes in the Star Wars universe? They both explode, relatively speaking, they both track their targets (except for a couple, though that is the exception rather than the rule) as most require target locks to be fired. So what's the difference in your own opinion?
  8. Yeah, no. If X-wing stuff was not already painted, then I wouldn't be as in-to the game as I am now. I've never painted before and while I may like doing it at some point, I don't have the time to do so now, what with school, just got 40 hours a week at work, and other obligations. Not saying that painting is off the board forever, but it's definitely not something I would have liked. Likewise this is the reason why I wouldn't get into games like Warhammer 40k, because that requires time, effort, and money into painting, which I'm also not a very artistic person -- with the exception for writing stories.
  9. Hmmm, standard 58 Dash with Corran sounds great, so does 2 rookie pilots. Though, what is the 58 Dash? Not sure what it has.
  10. Hmmmm. Sounds good. Another build I was kinda considering was a Rebel build Corran Horn: R2-F2, Fire-Control System, Push The Limit, Engine Upgrade Biggs Darklighter: R2-D2 2x Bandit Squadron Pilots The idea behind this is Corran is the heavy hitter with FCS, PTL and EU, and when he does his double tap with TLs, he can then use R2-F2's ability to help keep him alive when he has a turn where he cannot attack. Then, Biggs Darklighter flies in formation with the 2 Bandit pilots, acting as a small swarm. Biggs takes the damage and regenerates with R2, while they attack with the Bandits.
  11. Hello~ So, I'm heading into a larger tournament and would like some opinions on a couple builds. And possibly ask about ways to counter an opponent's build that has repeatedly stomped me into the ground in Store Tournaments. So, first, his build. It's surprisingly simple (or to me it is, anyway): 1x Patrol Leader VT-49 Decimator, with Darth Vader crew card. 3x Scimitar Squad TIE Bomber, each equipped with 1 Proximity Mine secondary Essentially this build bombards people with free critical damage from Vader, which the Decimator can tank because of its 12 hull and 4 shield points. It's extremely effective against un-shielded ships, like TIE fighters, interceptors, etcetera. Which sucks for me because I love interceptors. And always have to watch out for the bombers, because of their proximity mines. However, in the four games I lost to my opponent with this build, he only ever got to use one Prox mine on me (which I got lucky on the dice roll and rolled blanks for damage). Some builds I've been considering: Build 1: Rear Admiral Chiraneau - Expose, Dauntless, Ysanne Isard, Mercenary Copilot, Experimental Interface "Echo" - Tactician, Adv. Cloaking Device, Fire-Control System, Veteran Instincts Basically a "Super-Crit" Rear Admiral with arc-dodging Echo. I like Echo better than I do "Whisper" since Echo has more versatility with the 2 bank maneuver template instead of the 2 straight; it's actually helped a lot when I was maneuvering. Build 2: Dash Rendarr - Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider, Nien Numb, Experimental Interface, Marksmanship Ten Numb - "Mangler" Cannon, Adrenaline Rush, Sensor Jammer, Engine Upgrade Doughnut of Doom with a guaranteed crit-machine. I did this build last night and it worked okay. I'm thinking of replacing Sensor Jammer with Fire-Control System, and then doing some other Elite Pilot Talent, but unsure what to use. Probably Predator for a re-roll Thoughts?
  12. Hello. I didn't see this on a post and the core rule book doesn't seem to specify this particular problem, and I just want to make sure that my opponent and I had the rule straight. Okay, so, him and I are playing in a local store tournament, and he had some kind of upgrade setup that let him have two focuses on one ship. Two of my ships had that ship with the two focuses in their firing arc. He can use one focus per one-on-one engagement, is the way we interpreted. Like this: Ship A fires on his ship (defender), and spends a focus on a focus roll. Resolved as normal. And the, Ship B fires next, and the question is, can he spend that second focus token in this second engagement, or, does this second focus have to be used when his ship goes to attack? It wasn't quiet clear for either of us, so I let him do it because it didn't seem illegal or anything. I'm mainly just curious. Thanks guys!
  13. @VanorDM Thanks for the build links! I've been using them a lot to experiment and they really take the headache out of keeping track of points, sorting through upgrade cards, et cetera. Bookmarked for sure
  14. @Darth Emphatic: It is a great game, and I love it so~<3 @Darth Emphatic & @Slugrage: Thanks for the info, guys~ that solves that mystery for me I was worried I'd have to re-design the builds I worked on. XD Thanks again
  15. Hello~ So, I recently got into X-Wings Miniatures about three weeks ago and I'm pretty much hooked. I've been looking over what I bought (I went a little crazy) and was working out builds. My more recent purchase was the VT-49 Decimator, a ship I practically drooled over when I first laid eyes on it. I noticed it had three "crew" upgrade cards, and noticed that these crew upgrade cards have two types: generics like Fleet Officer and Recon Specialist, and named crew like Mara Jade and Moff Jarjarodd, the latter two having the same "dot" indicator that the named pilot cards have. So my question is, when upgrading the Decimator or any ship with two or more crew slots, can more than one unique crew member be used? Obviously not two Maras or two Moffs, but like one Mara and one Moff on the same ship. I have a second question, as the Modifications and Titles seem a little confusing for me. These particular upgrades don't show up on the cards, and the rule card for Mods and Titles seemed conflicting. Can any ship have a modification and a title? Like the Decimator could have the Dauntless title and the Tactical Jammer? And also, does this rule apply to generic ships? Like Academy ties, rookie pilots, et cetera. Thanks for the help~
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