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  1. How much damage can you redirect ? For example if I attacked the front hull zone which had 1 shield point and get say 3 hits and the port and starboard hull zones have 2 shields apiece could the defender take 2 hits to port and one starboard thus saving his front shield?
  2. Paragon The ship with this title must make its second attack against the same ship to get the extra die ("you" refers to the ship the upgrade is equipped to). Rules Reference: Upgrade Cards (page 13). Because the die is added to the attack pool (and not the armament), it can be used at any range. Official FAQ: Attacks (page 1). Once you have the black die in your attack pool, you can use the ConFire command to add a second black die (again at any range). My friend and I are having some confusion regards this. I, as the empire, say that he must have his AF in a position to attack the same ship twice in that activation and only on the second attack does he get the black die. If he is out of position and can attack from only one hull zone then no die. The rebel scum thinks if his AF is in position and in the activation he gets only 1 shot he doesn't get the die, however in the next activation as long as he attacks the same ship he thinks the black die counts for all his attacks and that as long as he keeps attacking the same ship he keeps the extra black die for all subsequent activation. Please can someone clear this up
  3. Do you get to chose which attack you use the con fire? I.e. In the case of demolisher could I use it on my second attack after I have moved?
  4. If a nebulous B has a 2 sqn command and uses a command dial in conduction with a command token can he activate 3 sqns if they are in range. Or can he only activate the 2 sqns shown on his card ?
  5. Straight forward and simple..... Thanks fellas things to try in my next game
  6. I am very new to this type of game, in fact a total Virgin. I have played 4 starter games with 3 of my friends and tried varing things but in all 4 games only once have I manage to get a front arc shot with the VSD!!!!!! Is there something I am missing? Also bit of a moan but the rebel ships are rock.... A frigate with 5 die to each left and right arc and speed 3 with shields that equal a VSD ...... MC 80 with 6 die to the flanks!!!!! Not to mention the MKII more shields, faster and comparable armed to the VSD!!!!!It is much easier, especially with speed, to get a broadside. Also superior fighters/bombers...... Beginning to think the empire is the underdog lol..... Am I just being a total newbie ????
  7. If a sqn is activated by a command dial/token and moves and shots do you get to move or attacking with it in the sqn phase ? Or does the command count as its activation and therefore it does not get the move or shot in the sqn phase? Secondly if a sqn attacks a ship do accuracy icons count?
  8. Is the ability once per ship when it is activated or only on one ship ?
  9. Let me get this straight if you use ACM's you get one damage to each adjacent hull zone and that is activated as a result of your crit die roll. If the adjacent hull zones have no shields then in effect you get two hits on the hull? Is that correct ? Newbie.......
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