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  1. If you don t use Blade after House cards reveal and you "say you ll use it when ToB cards show up" - you use it then. If you don t say anything about the Blade it is considered you agreed not to use it in that battle.
  2. Controling Iron Throne gives you more options during all lenght of game then controling the Raven - you can bid less tokens if you hold the Throne or you can decide new bid for influence tracks if certain Westeros card shows up (rarely player with Raven looks Wildling card - he ll switch order in 90% cases) plus you decide every non-combat tide situation - and in last 1-2 turns Throne it s lot better then Raven. I would say that Raven is most important (that s why everyone bids most for it) but don t bid all tokens on it - grab 1-2 stars on Raven and that will be just enough for cruising in the game. Importance : Iron Throne : 30% - Fiefdom: 20% - Raven (King s Court) 50% N.B. I would gladly trade Raven first 2-3 turns when playing with Lannister for Greyjoy s Valyrian steel blade.
  3. Is there maybe a official Game of Thrones Board Game Tournament ? If something like that exist - when, where, how often ? Hope this is the right place to ask this questions.
  4. Agressive Stark (in 5-6 players) ? Haven t seen that a lot. May turn out well if mustering happens 2 times in short period but I won t recommend it. Suggested strategy: Round 1: 1.Cons (*) on Winterfell (put 1 ship on Bay of Ice and 1 ship on Shivering sea) 2.March+0 on White harbor (move to Widow s watch) 3.March+1 on Shivering sea (move to Narrow sea) - if Baratheon decided to take narrow sea play this march order after his Round 2: -if there s mustering: - 1 ship in Narrow sea (from White harbor), - 2 FT on Winterfell 1.march+1 on Winterfell (1 FT on Karhold, 1 FT on Stoney shore - optional/1 FT on Moat Cailin) 2.raid/def+1 on bay of ice 3.support+1 on shivering sea 4.supp/def+1 on narrow sea 5.march-1 on Widow s watch (1 FT to fingers) -if there isn t mustering: 1.cons (*) on winterfell (place 2 FT) other moves same as above. - at the end of turn 2 - you ll have 3/4 supply barells, 2/3 castles, controling 3 seas and 2 great areas for consolidating power. If you play like this you ll have plenty options on next 8 rounds to adjust your strategy to your liking.
  5. Tyrell is House that s "Growing Strong" Strategy is similar to House Stark strategy - gather your forces first 2-3 rounds, wait for CoK and then act. There is no point going agressive from the start of the game or you ll suffer heavy loses and gain almost nothing. Be smart, gather power tokens, barells, armies and then move - especially if Martell fights Baratheon and Greyjoy fights Stark. Your natural ally is House Martell in a very obvious reason - he has to expand somewhere and better option is Baratheon lands. "Southern alliance" happens very often - offer Martell either Prince s pass or Boneway - and agree not to attack him on Starfall (you can take Starfall later for win). Martell will agree becouse he needs to consolidate and his best places are 2 mentioned above (+Sunspear off course). Plus, he has to feel safe on 1 border. Only downside of this plan is - if CoK doesn t apper until 5th round - your tokens will mean nothing, becouse other houses will have plenty tokens too. One time CoK only come out on Round 7 so Tyrell was really devastated. But that rarely happens. Opening move: 1.march+0 highgarden (move FT to Arbor - you can consolidate there all game if you want - and KN to Oldtown) 2.march-1 on ship (move ship to west summer sea) - you have to control this sea ASAP 3.cons on dornish marches After that take Three towers and Prince s pass/Reach and gather resources. If you are not greedy you can win game with Tyrell almost every game with 5 castles on 10 th turn. That s it. Enjoy.
  6. We came up with a solution (my group) with inbalance in 4-5 players game. As a rule, we often play with 4 or 5 players (can t find the 6th player) becouse lot of new players quit from this game. To the point: Option A) 4-player game, switch greyjoy for tyrell, cut off martell lands (4 territories in dorne), Pyke, Storm s end and place neutral forces tokens on Prince s pass and Boneway (3 strenght each). or Option B) 4-player game, use Greyjoy (don t use Tyrell) and cut off same areas as mentioned above (don t cut off Pyke XD), leave Highgarden as neutral force army (Greyjoy and Lannister will fight over it, Baratheon possibly) and leave neutral Prince s pass and Boneway. Both of these Options works. In 5 player game - also 2 options: Option A) Use all houses except Martell and cut off Martell lands + Storm s end, leave neutral forces in Prince s pass and Boneway. Option B) Use all houses except Greyjoy and only area that needs to be cut off is Pyke. That s it, have fun.
  7. I read this whole topic so I ll just state few moves that Lannister MUST play to keep neck above water. First of all - my group always gives Lannister player to the most experienced player (other houses are chosen randomly). Second - we play with Tides of Battle cards (which means Greyjoy can t be sure to win in tie situation, or even if he has +1) and it helps Lannister a lot. Third - Lannister BEST opening is: 1. mar+1 golden sound 2. mar+0 stoney sept 3. con (*) on lannisport Fourth - look at the greyjoy moves : A) if he played march order on ironmans bay and on port of pyke (on both ships he has) he will probably attack golden sound (other option is move for sunset sea) - in this scenario Lannister attacks his ship in Ironman s bay as a 1. move - and plays Jaime (strenght 2 - which gives him 2+2 - 4 strenght vs greyjoy 1) - greyjoy plays Blade (1+1) and has to use a good card to win (Balon, Victarion or Euron) - the worst choice for Lannister is if he play Euron (has a sword) but Lannister could draw Fortification icon or Skull icon on ToB cards and save his ship or kill greyjoy (he MUST try - this move is essential). If Lannister wins - he controls Ironman s bay and Greyjoy can t move his land units around (then greyjoy attacks with 1 ship from port of pyke - march-1 - attacks 1 lanni ship - lanni plays tyrion and makes Greyjoy uses his second strong card) - Greyjoy CAN T afford this to happen - he will play strong card on first Lanni attack (on Ironman s bay). If lannister loses battle (but saves the ship) - retreat and next turn attack with 3 ships (muster 2 from lannisport) - in this case greyjoy moved to sunset sea. If Lannister loses battle (and the ship) - if greyjoy marches to Golden sound and to Ironmans bay (moves his 2 ships) - Lannister takes Riverrun without battle. B) if greyjoy played only 1 march order on ship (ironman s bay) and march on pyke - then Lanni plays same opening as mentioned above. If greyjoy moves for riverrun (land units from pyke) - attack him from Stoney sept with FT and play The Hound (2 + 2 Fortification icons) - Greyjoy MUST play second strong card to win - if Lanni loses battle - withdraw to harrenhal. C) If greyjoy plays anything else on Ship in Ironmans Bay - take Sunset sea with your ship and then place 2 ships in golden sound (cons *) - N.B. if greyjoy takes Riverrun attack him from stoney sept - withdraw to harrenhal - Con (*) - place 1 ship in Golden sound and upgrade your FT into Siege engine. CONCLUSION - in every of this scenarios Greyjoy HAS to use 2 of his strong cards to keep or win vital areas (in 2nd turn he will miss 2 of these cards - Balon, Victarion and Euron - and you will have Tywin and Clegane). If Clash of Kings appears - you make sure you bet more on Iron throne then Greyjoy - that s a MUST - betting 2-3 tokens will be just enough (maybe you even get the throne). N.B. when clash occurs Greyjoy always goes for Blade (he wants to keep it) or for the Raven (he wants more special orders). You keep playing before him (have 2 castles - Lannisport and Harrenhal, or Lannisport and Riverrun if lucky and wait for mustering) - 2nd important thing - Greyjoy will control only Ironmans Bay or he MIGHT have another sea BUT then he will have only Pyke (of castles) and that rarely happens. If Greyjoy has 2 or more castles you will have Sunset sea - or opened way for Ironman s bay. I played several times as Lannister (I am most experienced player XD) - and this Tactic really works - adds a element of surprise becouse Greyjoy isn t used to defensive position, especially againt Lannister. Good luck guys, and have fun with Lannisters.
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