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  1. Scenario: I have two large base ships and a small base ship. I want to delay the large base ships from committing to going anywhere until I can see a little of what the opponent is doing. No desire to fortress or to exploit a stalemate. My small base ship is actively playing, making its own separate approach. How long can I bump my two big bases together before I run afoul of the rules makers? There is no written rule (that I know of) to cover how the interpretations and unwritten rules are being applied. Is it literally just "I know it when I see it?" If so, then I'd need to ask a judge before every set of games. I promise this is not meant as a crusade. I just want to know, as I practice with this list I have in mind, how I am allowed to play it, and what strategies I am allowed to utilize to win. I don;t think I could win many salvos anyhow, so whole game stalling is not an option.
  2. Increase everything by 10%, then adjust based on performance. I realize that this won't happen because it doesn't sell an 8th TIE/fo, but the game would be better for it.
  3. Noticed yesterday the game doesn't handle the R4 Astromech/Cova Nell interaction properly. A 1 turn is supposed to be red still for Cova's ability, but the game treated it as white and lowered dice accordingly. EDIT: It is possible this has been fixed. I just realized the computer I was playing on was running 0.9.8
  4. Ooooooh, I like this! I'm not entirely sold on Engine Upgrade, but I can agree with the appeal of an open dial. Had a chance to mess around with this on FlyCasual, and Outmaneuver Jake seems like a great inexpensive piece.
  5. I was just brainstorming Skywalker Siblings last night. My starting point was Luke plus config; Leia plus K2SO; Braylen. Problem is it is 201 points. So that’s out. Taking Braylenn down to Ten Numb does it, but I don’t know if I want to do that. Another option is dropping K2S0, which I may wind up doing. The other direction I looked at was similar to this - Luke + R2D2: Leia + Hull + Falcon + K2S0; Arvel + Intimidation I want to mess around with all these and see what clicks for me.
  6. Let me clarify. Playing on fly casual, if I blue move over a Debris cloud, I emerge with a stress token. I shouldn't, since the stress giving step occurs in the process of executing a mov3, but the re<owing happens after the executing of the maneuver.
  7. I believe that it isn't handling the Korr Sella interaction with Debris properly. My understanding is that Korr Sella kicks in after you have fully executed the maneuver, which is also after receiving Debris stress, and so you should be able to blue over Debris and emerge stressless.
  8. I've been chewing on something, and I'm curious what thoughts others might have on the matter. People find the mobile fortressing strategy unpalatable, as it makes for a bad game experience. Rules language about creating and exploiting a stalemate provides justification for calling this strategy out of bounds. Fair enough. But the unpalatable strategy/bad game experience applies also to "score some points and run." Some have tried to make the case that that is "real X-Wing" or should count as dog fighting, but I'm pretty sure it is just as foreign to whatever the idealized form of X-Wing would be as is the mobile fortress. There is no rules language that I know of that can be stretched to try to declare the run away as out of bounds, though. What avenue, if any, is there to address this bit of unpalatability? The only thing I can conceive of is to change the tournament rules/structure in such a way as to make this a bad decision, though I'm not sure what form that might take.
  9. What's your build look like? Mine was Chertek - Ensnare Crack Shot; Grievous - Outmaneuver Soulless One; Maul - Hate Palpatine. I never decided between Impervium Plating on Grievous and Shield Upgrade on Maul for the last 4 points.
  10. If I drop a Rigged Cargo Chute Debris cloud on a ship, it is not immediately suffering the effects. This may be a byproduct of a previous ruling, but the ruling currently is that they get stress and roll for damage.
  11. Do you use Debris with this to provide additional opportunities for stress to benefit Koshka?
  12. There was some discussion of how this might be changed. What about inserting the phrase "...and if you are focused..." after "if you are tractored" on Ensnare? That would open the door to some more counterplay by way of bumps, jam, as well as taking away the option to evade if you want to use ensnare and stopping ensnare off bumps, while still letting the Nantex reposition off a bump if they want to, but now they have the consequence of a tractor token.
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