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  1. Triple IG88s, including A, with IG2000, and able to afford adequate upgrades.
  2. Leia to 8. The effect should be as playable as Luke Gunner.
  3. Tie Punisher with Trajectory Simulator launches a Proton Bomb 5 forward, then moves 1 forward. Does the bomb hit the Punisher that threw it or not? From my tooling around with this, it looks dependent on whether the nubs count.
  4. So let's say you are going to play in a quick build tournament. What do you play (6-points or 8 points)? What tactics do you use against that guy who brings 3 or 4 Upsilon shuttles? Any particularly potent QBs?
  5. How many squad points do you think the Nantex will cost? - It has a mobile arc - That Mobile arc only shoots 2 reds - It has a fixed arc to shoot 3 - That fixed arc is only the bullseye - It can only focus and evade - It also can tractor itself to rotate and pseudo-boost or barrel roll - The dial is pretty nice Comparable - maybe a HWK with Moldy Crow? But that HWK gets a full front arc and it gets to keep focus tokens. The cheapest HWK w/ Moldy Crow is 51 points for I2 (for the rebels at least). That also has seen next to no play since the Crow was raised up 6 points. Over or under 40 points for the base Nantex? What do you think?
  6. Thought-experiment Premise: it is undesirable for X-wing games to go to time. It would be better that they finish. Assumption: You really can't lengthen the round time without making tournament days too long' if anything, it'd be preferable to shorten round times. Proposal: increase the point cost of everything by 10%. Then, particularly tanks things, i5s, and i6s increase further. Expected result: smaller squads, fewer games going to time. Problems: points fortresses become more of an issue when the opposition has fewer attackers to run them down. Possible solution: sihorter round times to give the hit and run (and run and run) ships time to get their hit in before they run. Rip this thought-experiment apart, please. You can take a run at anything, from the premise on
  7. Have you tried running naked Grievous and then putting Palpatine on Maul or Dooku?
  8. Like when someone means "This raises the question..." but they say or write "This begs the question..." which is an entirely different established and useful category of fallacy. I know someone somewhere decided that since enough people were doing this it became legit, but...no. Don't, please.
  9. Me too Possibly Dooku instead of Maul. I want to proxy up Sun Fac just to mess around with flying it. I want points now for a ship that won't be out until September. I sound quite entitled...
  10. On the one hand, this is awesome. On the other hand, you can't rotate from forward to forward. If you rotate, the arc actually needs to change.
  11. So how exactly do you fly with the Torrents? Do you just kind of joust with them in the hopes that they do some damage before they get wiped off the board and try to get some blocks with them in the hopes that your jedi might be coming in off the flank and able to get some extra damage? I have been using Ani/Mace/Wolffe, but would like to try Torrents since players far better than me have done so, but in my brain, I'm not sure how best to make use of them.
  12. So I got my first Jedi table time in today. The three force Jedi hit like a truck AND dodge like an ace. Has anyone tried an Anakin/Obi-Wan/Mace list?
  13. Do you think the one point bid is better than a Crack Shot on Grievous? I've messed around with pretty much this same list. I think there is something there with Grievous out on the flank. If they go for him, you can chase with the Infiltrators. If they go for the Infiltrators, you hopefully can get around the side with Grievous. I need to get more time on the table, though, to work out some more strategy and tactics.
  14. What was your Boba Guri list, and what are your thoughts on it in the current environment that seems unfriendly to two ship lists?
  15. Sith Infiltrator has a 3K but it should be a 5K
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