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  1. Thanks! The dial isn't the greatest, so predator probably makes much more sense. I'm going to give Kavil a try too! I like the idea of Dengar over FCS+Ketsu. My concern for a lot of this would be how often I would even use tractor beam in the first place? It's just a nice title to add a barrel roll for the price really. Tractor beam sounds great in theory, but I think you're right: how often can you pull it off. I agree. I'm really excited about Genesis Red. I just don't know how soon I'll pick up the C-ROC. This. I think my problem is that I just WANT talonbane to work. Thank you all for the advice! I really appreciate it. I think I'll give the list a try and also see how replacing one of the ships with Kavil goes. Depending on how much I will (likely) find Talonbane the weakest he'll probably be the first to go and replaced by Kavil (or eventually genesis red).
  2. Hey everyone, I could use some help with this list. I've played about 25 casual games and am ready to jump in to some local tournaments. Looking for a fun list to fly that won't get immediately stomped. This gives me 3 PS9 aces all with repositioning and they can all roll 5 dice at range 1. I like Fenn this way, but am not sure about upgrades for Zuckuss and Talonbane. Talonbane Cobra: 33 Push the Limit (3) or Predator (3) Vectored Thrusters (2) Fenn Rau: 34 Push the Limit (3) Concord Dawn (1) Autothrusters (2) Zuckuss: 33 Veteran Instincts (1) Fire Control System (2) Ketsu Onyo (1) Mist Hunter (0) Tractor Beam (1) Thanks for the help!
  3. I like Super Dash and Miranda personally. Both can move around the board a whole lot and you can keep em together or have them both just go crazy. Edited to get back on topic.
  4. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I don't have FileMaker Pro so I'm not sure if I can open the database. I'm worried I'll have to go through click by click on the wiki.
  5. Hey everyone, Is there a database that has pictures of all of the pilot and upgrade cards? The x-wing wikia has a pictures archive, but it's any picture uploaded even in the comments and having to click open each picture to then save and name it sounds like a bit of a pain? I want to use OneNote on my PC to be able to place down the cards on a digital canvas and then add in an automatic point total. Online squad builders are great, but there is something about laying out the cards for me that I enjoy (I normally take pictures of my 100pt squads but this would be a lot easier). Thanks for the help! -RogueOne
  6. I love the look! How did you do the Seraphim's engines? With an airbrush? I've been trying to figure out how to paint mine, but all I have are regular brushes.
  7. How about a forward and rear 30deg arc instead of the normal 45? Fits with solar panels in the way and would keep the ship a cheaper TIE from a points perspective. Could also make for an incredibly fun ship to master and fly because of the finer positioning required.
  8. Wave 11 is so broken. PWTs are still OP and power creep is such a thing now!
  9. I would just like to be able equip my T-65 pilots on the T-70. I know Wedge is still competitive on this own, but c'mon! Wedge in a T-70 would be amazing! Same thing with Wes and Luke!
  10. Enough with the soap box... So you've simplified the game to Rock Paper Scissors. You want me to stop playing rock and start playing paper so that you can play scissors? Cool - I'll stick with rock. I love this game and I enjoy turrets in them (cuz guess what??? Star Wars has turrets!! OMG!!) TLTs are great and add variety to the game. That's what it's all about. The more competitive lists there are the better! But if you hate turrets so much and want us all to boycott them, just find a new game to play. Let people fly what they want to fly. And fly casual!
  11. Thanks! I know what you mean about the engines! I just finished the falcon and outrider. I just had to keep going! I'm going to the store tomorrow to pick up some gloss and I'll post the pics as soon as I'm done! Thanks again for all of your help! I might even try to repaint the Scyk this week!
  12. Burninnapalm, Thanks for the inspiration and how-to! I got into this game because the miniatures are pre-painted, yet here I am with a paint brush. It's my first attempt at anything like this so any critique is very appreciated! I also thought about adding a gloss varnish to make it shine a bit more. Thoughts anyone?
  13. Agreed! Those engines look great! I'd like to do something similar but I have no idea what I'm doing so any help would be appreciated.
  14. I'm gonna get mines before you do... haa, hee, haa, hoo, hoo! I know!! Normally I wouldn't care about the few hour delay but in this specific instance all I can say is: NNNNNOOOOOOOOO! Take good care of your Raider for me! Miniature Market was awesome as usual though. They would have shipped this morning if not for the mix-up. But I did receive an email saying my order shipped within an hour of my phone call.
  15. I just talked to MM: they had accidentally lumped both orders together. They split them back up again and my raider should ship tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll post any updates if they are worthwhile as a good FYI for others, but looks like MM's customer service took care of me (hopefully) right away.
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