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  1. Defenders are still popular around where I play, they're just not *absolutely everywhere* like they were for a while. They're still solid. A triple tie/d PS1 defender list just won a 36-person tournament I was in on the weekend.
  2. Crack shot is also in arc only.
  3. You get that the problem isn't that you were wrong, but that you started throwing accusations first? Apparently not. Also, welcome to my ignore list.
  4. Just gonna say this - calling someone a cheater before you've even read the FAQ, and implying they were deceiving you without even bothering to check is pretty crap. It's OK to not know all the details of the rules, and have stuff to learn. It's not OK to throw accusations at people like that without basis.
  5. Bombs are everywhere, and they say no to formation flying. So no, the conventional Howlrunner swarm is not coming back without something changing. Which is annoying with the new Howl/Black sq alt arts coming out. Miranda/Dash are both big in the meta, and are nightmares for tie swarms. I have put my swarm away for now, and I'm playing with other stuff.
  6. scumbuck

    What the.... FFG

    I have it on good authority* that every whinging thread about the x-wing fix pushes back FFG's planned fix by a week. *by this I mean I just made it up.
  7. Do FFG really need a cash grab? Last I heard, the game was pretty popular and selling well. I really don't think their marketing strategy works the way you think it does.
  8. I don't agree that the u-wing doesn't show up much because it's 'balanced', even though I see a lot of people saying that. I believe that's because it doesn't really give the rebels anything they need. And I don't mean 'something overpowered'; I mean something that fills a gap in their repertoire. It's another large base (relatively) low agility ship, but one with only a forward arc. Not many of them see play in any faction - except as a way to move Palp around. It looks cool though, and the movable wings are fun, so it's not like it brings nothing to the table. I also believe that generally the game is in a pretty good place. Rebels seem a bit lacking, but I'm still not sure if that's because everyone is enjoying the new toys the other factions have, or if they're genuinely underpowered in comparison.
  9. I consistently disagree with this point. Latts Ventress is very tanky but loses not only a significant amount of punch (she hits like a soggy tissue) but also loses the nice feature of stress control. She only hits poorly if you don't use your other action to give you dice modification - like a target lock. In a mindlink list, as long as someone else is focussing, she can do that freely. And you don't need to remove the opponent's stress - it just gives you the option to. I find it very hard to pass up that ability to tank damage.
  10. I've been wondering if bumpmasters with snap shot could be a thing.
  11. I think it makes life a bit harder for Inquisitor at only 2 hull. Other aces aren't so bothered.
  12. Kyle's player chosen the crit, not the enemy. Yep, misread it. My bad.
  13. So this just went from amazing to irrelevant, because noone is going to choose a crit they can't live with to go on there. Unless it gets reworded.
  14. The condition card says 'may'. So the person who is assigned it doesn't need to put a damage card on it?
  15. People are dismissing Dengar on Boba. Boba doesn't want to be at range 1 of too many ships, unless he can bump one, or dodge arcs, because firesprays are fragile against mass fire. Getting more than one or two innate rerolls is unlikely without also risking massive damage in return. If you're trying to catch something fast like aces or other large base ships, being able to get rerolls and still use EU is pretty useful. Dengar means that Boba's shooting is frequently action independently completely rerollable, freeing up your actions for what is situationally best - and it's cheaper than gunner. It's less able to capitalise on stripping tokens, of course.
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