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  1. We need four, because we are still lacking the JV-7
  2. I think all of the large ship PWT should have been stuck in 1 and 2 speed manuevers,
  3. Maybe they could give it a reinforce or brace action, that is like a temporary hit point.
  4. It was so awesome it changed the color of their shirts
  5. Ok, heres one. A title that gives the firspray barrel roll but using the 1 bank template, now not having 1 hard on the dial is not a problem.
  6. Imp FS?More like BDSM >_> S&V one isn't a top choice and Imp one is plainly terrible I meant "what's BMST"? Black market slicing tools Action: DERP an enemy with stress at range 1-2 takes stress token away, rolls a red die. ought to end the reign of PTL I don't think it will stop the reign of PTL, I anticipate people will just be more cautious about when to use PTL. It is not a guarantee to hit and it also takes an action, which mean no modified attack dice (or no attack at all if they arcdodged). Hopefully it does bring back some of the jousting ships and other EPT.
  7. I know that it is an escape pod, but the transition on the model itself looks like crap. Pair that with the flying phallus jokes and it really could use a bit of a redesign.
  8. I love the look of the tie scimitar, it has amazing panels and the hexagon pod is sweet. The only part that I dont like is the front pod portion that looks really tacked on and unaesthetic. Here is what I envisioned it would look like if the cockpit ended at the hexagon section. Much cooler IMO
  9. That because people have gone full circle and are now starting ban threads.
  10. Which 3d model is that? Doesn't look like Mel's or the other I saw out there... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:877559 The one with the fins attached printed poorly, will be using for more 3d debris fields. Looking forward to seeing it! I would love to see this also. I really wish we could get the JV-7, Missile Boat and most of all GUNBOAT!!!
  11. My friend just handed me this after taking it off his printer.... GUNBOAT
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