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  1. You put the token down next to the ship not the card, the card is just for the rules explanation
  2. Latest Beta is VERY stable in this respect.
  3. The shame.. Some bad choices in that game got me my *** handed to me
  4. If you bring B-Wings take the PS4 Dagger squadron pilots they KILL jumps lol 2x Dagger squadron with FCS 1x Nera with Trick Shot, FCS, Proton Torps and Extra Munitions 1x PS4 Z95 with the 1 pt Target lock missles..
  5. She can with a combat phase boost from Ashoka..
  6. Jamz

    Warped Wings

    As far as wings popping off, I've recently been leaving my model bag in the boot of the car and I've had 2 different models break at glue points so I do wonder if the glue FFG use becomes brittle at low temperatures. Luckily they've fixed very easy with a dab of super glue.
  7. Jamz

    Fav Playmat

    I've got a Grip mat, It's ok, doens't really grip all that well, much prefer my Yavin mat.
  8. Victory 2017 Yavin System Open. Round 7, final game of the Saturday - both my opponent and myself are on 3 -3. This win seals in some shiney target lock tokens... this is my first big event, the most I've done before this is an 8 person shop tournament. He pulls out his list, it's Paratanni same as mine, it's a mirror match... He then starts to pull out 2016 tournament dice, 2017 tournament templates etc etc.. I'm sat there thinking I'm screwed... However I played the best game of X-Wing I think I've ever played.. Every move right and my dice were on fire... Best game EVER! Defeat - Same day similar mirror match I proceed to fly a full health Asajj off the board as I'd set the wrong maneuver... Wont do that again
  9. Fantastic, I look forward to being able to help out.. It's a superb product.
  10. Fantastic, will the commit trigger the OTA update or will you have to approve that part (makes sense) Anything that helps take the load off you has to be a benefit though
  11. If you have a secure endpoint either template'd or UI that can be utilised to update Cards etc for OTA updates I'd be more than happy to help.
  12. I'd love to get the SWX number on the ships somewhere so it would make finding the dials you need for the upgraded dial kits easier.
  13. Jamz

    Ghost Balancing

    I think he's actually on about opening up the model not the packaging
  14. Stick VI on her so that she shoots first out your list and you've just dropped the targets agility by 2...
  15. Zuckuss isn't broken, it's Multiple stress not affecting a ship that's broken. If they introduce something that says after 3 stress tokens you cannot perform actions or upgrades that give you more.. something along those lines then it'll be fine.. I think
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