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  1. I somewhat disagree. The flexibility of an extra card per round is more valuable then just the one resource. I find it gives me more flexible options during each play. That extra card is HUGE, way more valuable then 1 resource.
  2. Was considering FFG putting LOTR LCG on 'pause', does that mean we are done getting new Nightmare decks?
  3. I'd like to see a re-imaging of the rules/ deck requirements/ quests. For example, Arkham LCG and Marvel have much more manageable deck sizes for folks who don't like to deck build. LOTR could, for example, reduce the deck size to 35 and restrict each card to 2 copies. It'd make the game more approachable and easier for folks to jump in.
  4. Hi Guys, Thought I share some thoughts about the game, for those waiting for theirs or are on the fence. About us: We play exclusively co-op games at 2-player count. We generally enjoy dungeon crawls and deck builder/ deck construction games. We own all of the LotR and Arkham LCG content. Yes, we love the format and challenge they provide. Our thoughts after ~ 20 plays of Marvel Champions: Pros: Great co-op feel. Depending on your chosen aspect, the game can feel very co-op. Having allies block for the other player, applying boosts, using your heli-carrier. Very good! Marvel theme. I think this will differ for folks, but we love Marvel Distinctive roles. Each aspect feels very distinctive, even on the same hero. I.E. my wife played the Captain Marvel starter deck with aggression and HATED it. Combat focus is NOT her favorite. She switched to Justice and LOVED her...totally different feel to the hero Time. Each session with 2 players tends to last between 60-90 minutes. Great bite-size session Meaningful decisions. Rarely does a turn have 'automatic' or obvious actions. Lots of thought goes into how to play out your hero turn The encounter deck variability. Having hero 'obligations' and being able to swap different encounter sets makes the game interesting each time. Easier deck construction. The limitations for each hero in their deck construction makes this 'chore' easier. Cons: Limited Hero selection. This will likely change, but if you don't like any of the included heroes or just 1, you may feel there isn't much content. (my wife really only likes Black Panther) Some 'fiddly' rules. Some rules may seem fiddly to a person new to the LCG. For example, boosting the villain's attack or scheme is easy to forget, particularly if it comes via an encounter card. Dials for hero health. I like the villain dial since health can scale fairly high, but the hero dials seem unnecessary for us. (Plus they were fairly low quality and tend to be tough to turn) No campaign. I think this may change too, but no confirmation. Having no way to link scenarios in a meaningful way is a con for us. We LOVE the Arkham mechanism, but realize it may not fit here. We'd love to see something like the LotR saga boxes. Overall thoughts: We love the game. Most of our cons will be fixed with more content. I'd highly recommend this to a couple looking for a challenging Marvel experience. Don't let the first few plays spoil you on the game. It is worthwhile to change up the hero decks and try something different. Make sure you're not missing any rules. Watch a play-through or two. Don't be shy about seeing what others are doing with deck building on MarvelCDB. Most of all, turn off your phone, unplug from work, and have fun with your friend/ significant other!
  5. In Narrative terms, you could easily support Dark and Light side characters. Take Arkham as an example, each scenario has different outcomes and choices, a branching narrative. FFG could easily have a Dark story and Light story to each mission/ story/ episode. It also isn't a stretch to say you could weave them back together for common story plot elements. EXAMPLE: The Jedi are setting up a new academy on Planet X - Dark: Slaughter Jedi kids **record in your journal you slaughtered the kids** - Light: Defend academy from invaders **record in your journal you saved the kids** Depending on your choice, outcome y happens, although slightly different for each choice. - Chapter 2 - The Academy was just the beginning, as you unveil the Jedi's deeper plans In this format, you could even have 'good/bad' characters make questionable decisions AND they could change from chapter to chapter...all great options in an LCG/RPG/ fun game
  6. With the explosion of popularity of board games, lots of folks want them to replicate video/ computer game cadence of BIG RELEASE - EXPANSIONS - SMALLER CONTENT. The reality is when board games try to do this, it is content overload and the games usually become unwieldy. My shelf of unopened and rarely played games can attest to that. There are a lot of good parallels between video and board games AND I definitely am enjoying this renaissance period for the board game hobby...but the release cadence of video games is not something FFG or others should try to replicate. Board games should always feel 'content complete' and standalone after their release. I should be able to play many, many times and not feel the 'need' for expansions. Additional content is welcome, but certainly not a must. I applaud FFG during the AMA for saying 'we don't want to ride a horse until its dead, but give each game a life cycle' Marvel Champions and other LCGs are brilliant in that they support an easy release schedule which works best in co-op. Rarely do expansions for LCGs change game mechanics dramatically, rather they add different types of cards for theme and function. They add new cards that you may or may not want to buy. (i.e. I didn't buy every LOTR pack upon release and still felt my game was sufficient). So, TLDR, when I hear complaints about release date, game is dead, no expansions...I immediately assume that person is a video/MMO gamer and those communities thrive on that behavior.
  7. I'll chip in with my $.02. My wife and I have played all the LOTR LCG and Arkham LCG content and loved it. Co-ops are for us. While playing LOTR LCG, we wished we could simplify and shrink our deck size and deck building. It was usually a chore to play multiple scenarios in an evening. Part of the puzzle was building a deck that could handle the scenerio. With Arkham LCG, we were very excited to reduce our deck size by 20. Additionally, each investigator had deck-building restrictions. It made deck-building much more focused, but maintained complex decisions due to the smaller deck size. Also, the campaign format, persistent decks, and buying upgraded cards was a home run for us. We haven't played Marvel LCG yet, but we LOVE what we are reading about constructing a deck. It is great that I can play any hero and that doesn't limit her hero choices. (i.e. in LOTR, with 2 players it was impractical to have 2 Lore heroes each; or in Arkham, it was difficult for me to play Roland if she wanted to play a seeker). In Marvel, if she wants Black Panther and I want Spiderman, since they are not tied to a specific aspect, we can do it. Awesome amount of flexibility. Additionally, if there is an aspect you particularly like, you could play that aspect with any hero, double bonus! We are personally excited and the deck-building complexity has us very excited.
  8. QQ, after reading the rules reference, I still don't get how to apply this rule. When the game says to 'discard an asset you control' how do I apply the following: Ownership and Control pg16 "A player controls the cards located in his or her out-of-play game areas (such as the hand, deck, discard pile)." Apologies, can't think of the specific card, but it has definitely come up in our short time adventuring. Can I discard from my hand, search my deck, discard pile? Gibby
  9. Loving the app, but a couple of strange things occurred...wasn't sure how to rule. It seems like you should 'ignore' most things on the enemy card except for dice to roll, is that right? For example: Darth Vadar performs 'force choke' on *HERO*. It doesn't say in the app he needs line of sight, but does say so on the card, does he still do the ability? EWeb/ IG88 - do both of these units still get 2 attacks as indicated on the deployment card (if possible) even though the rules say max 1 attack per imperial unit? Do Trandoshan Hunters use their abilities if within 3 as indicated on the card? Or does it not apply if the app doesn't list it? Thanks guys! Gibby
  10. Hi guys, Was wondering if there are great AH:LCG fan or blog sites out there that talk news and strategy/deckbuilding? There are many great ones for LotR:LCG (Beorn, Tales of Cards, etc), but I haven't found a great one for AH:LCG. Any suggestions? Gibby
  11. I am still stoked as well. Since it's announcement 18 mos ago, I generally check here for news then try to forget about it, otherwise the waiting would be agony for me. It seems I'm the same now that it's officially coming...if I stayed tuned in, I'd go crazy! So I come back every few days to see what the buzz is, but try not to get too excited. Mostly because it could be out in a week or a few months.
  12. I have never touched the skirmish component of the game and I own all content released so far. I was over joyed at the release of the co-op app and hope they continue to focus on campaign and let legion serve it's purpose for .vs type games.
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