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  1. Excellent analysis. It does seem to suggest that something (new objectives or upgrades) needs to be done to bring the rest of the fighters back into the game, especially for rebels. Something like: • An upgrade increasing your squadron activation range to 5 (might encourage long-range bombing runs, more like the old Xwing/TIE Fighter games, where the bombers launched and ran 5 or 6 clicks to the target.) • An upgrade that spams only squadron tokens, like a SquadronTarkin? Something to let each ship send at least one more fighter a turn? • I can only think of objectives that might increase points for killing squadrons. Or maybe one that eliminates all AA dice? These might be objectives that simply end ship-only builds, which isn't really the goal. I haven't investigated the rogues stuff yet, maybe that will open up more value in squadrons working together with them. As you point out, Rhymer alone makes squadrons worth it for Imps. Of course, the IFF guys poo-poo Rhymer now.
  2. How do you get the inside of the TIE/Adv wings? Having trouble getting the marker to put down ink at such an extreme angle.
  3. So, are fighters broken? Do you think anything but a-wings will ever come back into valuable use?
  4. I just want to hear more Star Wars names pronounced in Spanish. Also, whatever language Dan-o speaks. Stah Worrs Fahrin' Ahhks.
  5. Great podcast. Keep 'em coming. By way of feedback, you have at least 2 outstanding promises* to fulfill: 1. Discussion of obstacle placement. 2. Squadron discussions? I know you've gone away from squadrons altogether, but maybe a discussion on how to actually use the fighters if you were going to try. You've got time to play yet before Wave 2 and see how you could make each fighter work, if you wanted... *hah...
  6. Don't you want XI7s with Salvation? You want all Salvation's doubled crits and hit-hits getting through without being redirected.
  7. I apologize if this was answered elsewhere: What do I do if the ship model (e.g., the nose or side corner of a VSD) overlaps and prevents the ship from completing its maneuver, which would not result in an overlapping base? p. 10 states, "...the plastic ship model does not affect . . . overlapping, or any other game mechanic." So the move is legal and results in no crash/damage. But to resolve it, what must I do: Stop the ship where it meets the other; push the existing ship out of place; lean the moving model on the other one; remove the model from its holder until it can be replaced?
  8. Maybe the question is, can a player refuse to share dice if the other player only brings 3 of each?
  9. I see it now. Mostly the glue strings are what make it look wonky. The model sure seems to be multiple pieces, though. It looks as if halfway through the engines is a seam. I was wondering if you could drill each one out. But maybe that's not worth it. As for the Neb, I was able to wiggle the engine block off the [weak] side arc beam easily, and it sure looks like there's a cuff on with a plug glued in it. I can work my knife a little between it, but I haven't tried getting it out. If you could, again, wondering if you could drill out the engines to put in the lights?
  10. What does the ship look like when you cut into it? Is there space inside, or did you make some? Could you cut somewhere else and avoid all the gashes on the back?
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