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  1. ^This, too. Don't ruin the game because an expac ruined the game. Fix the expac. VI is fine.
  2. ^ This. Opportunity cost is a real thing.
  3. Love this! Made my morning! My mother loves the original...I will have to show this to her.
  4. I moved from RI to AL. I have missed it. It did snow last week...my yard got a good dusting and I taught my kids how to make snowballs.
  5. hat's off to the 1993 reference.
  6. Seeing it tomorrow night at the local premiere. I'll share.
  7. Does the Empire have diplomatic relations with Disney? Just kidding! Interesting review, and thanks for posting.
  8. Yep. NP. Wish I hadn't read them. I was expecting a more general review, but they both give the overall plot and include spoilers...or at least stuff I didn't want to know until I was in my seat.
  9. If you're trying to stay spoiler free, don't read the Vanity Fair or (especially) the Variety review. They both spoil several things and give no warning.
  10. Just bought my ticket for the 7 PM show. Fingers crossed this one is good.
  11. I am currently flying: Ryad PTL Tie/D Mk. II PS 1 Tie/D T-Beam (switched from jamming...tractor I like more) Mk. II Tie/D Title Rho Squadron Veteran Homing Missiles EM Title that adds extra missile and torp slots Trickshot ASlam So far, it's lots of fun to fly...haven't taken it to a tournament yet.
  12. I think this is Disney's thought process for naming BB-8 as well.
  13. Speaking of ridiculous, minor spoiler, the dictionary states that EVERY. SINGLE. T-85 X-WING (and I guess all the documentation and factories) has been destroyed by DS3 in TFA and now T-70 is the most advanced X-wing Some top notch believable world building here, as expected from the sequel trillogy. ^This. I cannot like this enough. It gets tiresome. My only way to square this circle is to say that the T-85 lines have to start cranking them out again. But all of them destroyed? That's lame.
  14. Yah, I agree. An earlier iteration of this list had IR...may need to revisit that.
  15. It's defensive, but in an aggressive way: http://tinyurl.com/yctuchcn Rex Fenn (Shuttle)/M9G8/Weapons Engineer/VI/PR Shield/Title Kanan/ICT/FCS/PT/EM/TJ/Hera/RS/Title
  16. His response seems vague to me. Eh, what do I know?
  17. Your ignorance of both holidays is stunning.
  18. Thanks for chiming in, happy. FFS...you are an epic crank. Go somewhere.
  19. Oh, duh. Thanks for the correction.
  20. Isn't this one a Salvaged Astromech?
  21. This made me laugh out loud. A lingot for you, good sir.
  22. but...but...but...Ordinance needs to be nerfed! Thank you for your sane post.
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