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  1. I hate to be that guy, but there are several TIE Bomber pilots that have EPTs...
  2. Scopes

    Happy MLK Day!

    Ah, last day off from college...those were the days. Enjoy them. Going back to a real, paying job just isn't as fun. To your question: I studied for the Praxis and fixed one of my son's bed frames after he and his siblings decided to do cannonballs onto it from a higher bed also in the room. Hoping to get a game or 2 in tonight against my son's Silencer/twin Gunboat list.
  3. Right, but if I understand correctly, doesn't the K-Fighter title reduce the costs of the mods? Or are you referring to the hypothetical title posted? If so, I agree with you. The title posted here...would -2 be more realistic, or is the ship really that overcosted? I would definitely be happy with a 4 point deduction on the title itself.
  4. Man...this would be amazing. Maybe not -4 points, but still, great idea. I'd equip it.
  5. The frustrating thing to me is the K-fighter title...that, to me, should have been the T-65's title. What a miss IMHO.
  6. That's a fair point, but then the trends indicate that maybe they missed with this one? Not sure, and I am not trying to prove a point by linking that article other than to say that perhaps the box office take tells more than people realize.
  7. Interesting article: http://www.showbiz411.com/2017/12/23/box-office-last-jedi-now-running-over-100-mil-behind-force-awakens Would not have expected this.
  8. My sentiments exactly. I'll join you if you don't mind.
  9. Not mad. Never was. Am not now. Carry on. Love your last sentence, though. Says a lot about you.
  10. I agree with you on the politics...I also want to leave that out of it. I think that there is a certain amount of politicization that is taking place with this franchise, but that's just my thoughts. I don't have the desire or the energy to defend my views, so I'll leave vague statements vague. There are a number of movies (modern and aged) that I would argue show women in roles that do not demean their feminity but make the to be the social glue and heroines that everyday women are. There isn't a need, in my opinion, to turn them all into "Rambolinas" or superherines written to overcompensate for past slights, real or perceived. But that word "feminist" has been hijacked, so it's a problem, I definitely agree. I didn't think this movie was feminist any moreso than TFA, and my daughters are much bigger Star Wars fans now then they were prior to TFA. That does make me happy. I do have issues (as others have posted) about the overdoing of said roles, but again, that's just my opinion. I don't have the desire or the energy to defend my views, so I'll leave vague statements vague. Again. And thanks for not flaming me. I think my post came across more condescending than I wanted it to. It wasn't my intent. Thanks for keeping it positive.
  11. ^ This. My kids loved it, I felt the same way you did both times I walked out of the theater. My exact sentiment: "I waited 2 years for this? " The OT characters are characters I cared about. I hate the treatment they are getting. People say that they're tired of the "Skywalker Soap Opera", but that's what we got in these two, so far. I hate it on many levels. I tried it a second time because my daughters wanted to see it and I had been following fan reaction to this movie. I really figured something was wrong with me, that I missed something. To some, perhaps I did miss something(s). I don't agree. I tried to like this movie, but in my book it's at least as bad as AOTC, if not the worst SW production I've seen since the Christmas Special...and I saw the CS live on TV when I was in the first grade. At the time, I loved it. Now...I can't make it much past the credits of that one. This one is very close to that. I am in the minority here, evidently, but Rogue 1 had me on the edge of my seat from the time the heroes landed on Scarif until the final credits rolled. RO was a good movie made really good by a pheonomenal third act despite the "Disneyfication" of the franchise. George, I blame you for that. Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. There was no point in TLJ where I was concerned about the well-being of the characters, because other than Leia (for obvious reasons) no character was really expendable, and evidently she wasn't in this episode. Fair enough. Disney's gonna Disney, and that for me doesn't help. I was surprised by Luke's demise, but only because they did it; that entire portion of the movie was not engaging to me once I realized how it was going to play out. I am sad to see him meet his physical end. And people seriuously think that the Rey/Kylo "crossover fight" was the best lightsaber scene in the entire movie catalog...how can people say that when these five exist (in no particular order): 1. Obi-Wan/ Qui Gon vs. Maul 2. Luke vs. Vader on Bespin 3. Vader vs. Rebel Fleet Troopers 4. Luke vs. Vader, Round 2 5. Obi-Wan vs. Vader Any one of these has 100% more emotional appeal, 100% more tension, and 100% more meaning than the forced fan service scene we got in TLJ, although an argument for fan service could be applied to the third entry in the above list. If they don't, then I am not sure what to say. The Rey/Kylo fight was eye candy on the order of Yoda vs. Dooku or Yoda vs. Sidious. Nothing else. The only thing I really liked about TLJ was how they treated Kylo Ren. He's a much more believeable villan this time, and is one I am really interested in and (a little bit) invested in. The movie does capture his heritage rather well (sociopathic killer, ace pilot (kinda...), force-wielder of power, fallen knight-type) and the trope does serve the series.
  12. I'd suggest you get out and watch more movies. Just sayin'. Your opinion and all, I get it, but...
  13. First, Gunboats (!) My son has been flying one that equips an HLC and I believe @Biophysical is correct...Missiles are fun and thematic, but the HLC is horribly and terribly efficient in a way that makes me cry when I fly against it. If you ignore an HLC gunboat, you are setting yourself up for pain and suffering and the loss of at least 1 ship in your squad. Regarding Fen Rau: I've had fun flying: Fen Rau Flight Assist Astromech/Pulse Ray Shield/Kanan/EPT dependent on rest of list; in this case: Horton Salm/TLT/Title/FA Astro/VT (Silly fun to fly if you manage his range well) Luke Skywalker/Expertise/R2D2/VT OR Wes/R2D2/EU/Expert Handling OR Wedge/R2D2/EU/EH The coordinate action, coupled with Kanan, really opens up what is a really stiff and hard to fly chasis (T-65). FWIW, adding a FA Astro in lieu of R2D2 is definitely a viable option...more than viable. Who needs regen when you can dodge arcs? Yes, turrets are still a problem, but they were a headache for the T65 and Y wing long before now. So...EPTs I've used on Fenn are Wired (never really helped), VI (useful when coupled with FA Astro), Snapshot (Not bad if I could roll halfway consistently on 2 attack Dice) or my personal fave, Intensity. Flight Assist Astromech is the REAL DEAL, folks. It's utterly amazing what it allows a high PS ship to do. I cannot believe the Phantom ExPac only comes with 1.
  14. Fair enough. It's a bit of a hyperbolic post; I get that, but my underlying point still stands. VI isn't the problem, I think. It's the ships FFG releases that cause the issues.
  15. Boom. This. You've summed up my feelings on the movie and the sequels, in general. Rogue One had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie. This one...only at the very end. I also wonder if this one would feel more "Star Wars" if Hamill had gotten his wish. And yes, I haven't forgotten the prequels. This one felt...off.
  16. Fair enough. You never see him (Luke, not Avatar Luke) with any physical damage, as I reflect. Not sure how I feel about what you said. The force-projection power...I really don't want to nerd out with why I think it's bad, but I think @Azrapse is right with his post earlier in the thread. Disney is reinventing the franchise. Not sure that needed to happen. Also...sad to see Luke go. That really doesn't help me like this film, nor the scene when Rey beats him. Yeesh. It's like the EU novels. He should be a badass. I get the arc they started him on...makes sense. However, once the force awoke in him...and I think it did once he decided to train Rey (or perhaps, I wish it had THEN, instead of later if that's what happened). Just sad. I was hoping for more, but I understand why I didn't get it.
  17. It seemed to me that Ben had Anakin's lightsaber in the flashback...or am I just focused too much on the fact it was blue bladed? Not sure I can sit through it again. You nailed it with the text I bolded above. The stuff in red is what is currently got me really frustrated with this series.
  18. Right; Luke did. I guess I wasn't clear. If Actual Luke can't be killed by that massive salvo, how did the lightsaber do its job? I read several reviews of the movie (Variety, Vanity Fair amongst others) and I didn't see the same movie they did. The majority of the humor was poorly placed, I think. I lost all tension in the moment when Poe did his sassy pants routine with Hux. I only got on the edge of my seat at the end of the movie. Too much slapstick...I agree wholeheartedly. The movie couldn't decide if it was taking itself seriously or not. IMHO.
  19. ^ This x 10000. Just got back from the movie. Not feeling it. At all. My gut reaction: I waited 2 years for this? The ending is really bad...lightsaber kills him, but not the walkers? C'mon...If the avatar took lightsaber damage, why not laser blasts? And the lightsaber was a dead giveaway it WAS an avatar.
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