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  1. Stop it. I can't breathe from laughing so hard.
  2. That is a nasty list. I like it.
  3. I'm thinking it's taken because it can attack out to R3 moreso than it can deal a maximum of 2 damage. The mechanic they applied to make it "realistic" (i.e. death by "paper cut") actually is pretty good, I think. If ICTs were range 1 - 3, I'd never run TLTs. Control > max 2 damage in my book. If BT wasn't "Spend the Focus" (gads, what a HORRIBLE condition) and was range 1 - 3, I'd never take TLT. The rest? I take ABT all the time because I always manage to fly against the one guy who always rolls evades. And I do mean always. In both instances in the previous sentence. What I wish for is that TLT was to be used on ships that attempted to shoot down opposing ordinance. It couldn't be used to attack other ships; it would be more like a countermeasures type weapon. Alas, that, too, would probably not be good,but I think it's a neat idea. Old school Battletech had such a weapon. It made LRMS a bit less scary, but only until the AMS ran out of ammo.
  4. Mine have been Expertise/Concussion/GC/Title Rhos. Consistent 4 hits with the Concussion missiles. Vynder runs Prockets and Ion Pulse Missiles. Fun way to outfit him.
  5. I've run versions of these lists since the Star Wing came out. Wampa just dies way too fast.
  6. There's also a line in the novelization where Obi-Wan tells Luke "Even a duck has to be taught how to swim". To which Luke replies, "What's a duck?"
  7. Could you imagine? WAVE XXIII Ewok Glider "Smash" Condition...assign the Smash condition and place two stones next to opponent's ship. What it does...I have no idea. Discuss.
  8. What I find most funny about this picture is that the CO for the Imperial fleet is surrounded by guys with guns. And no one is guarding them, at least from what I can see.
  9. FI is really good in HOATC. Just sayin'.
  10. I quote from an interesting (and I think very well written) review of TLJ (emphasis mine): Lucas was a devotee of Joseph Campbell, a scholar of comparative religion and mythology at Sarah Lawrence College, who had spent his career exploring what he called “the monomyth.” This is the great story which, despite all sorts of different accents and emphases from culture to culture, remains fundamentally the same and which conveys some pretty basic truths about nature, the psyche, human development, and God. It customarily unfolds as a “hero’s quest.” A young man (typically) is summoned out of the comfort of his domestic life and compelled to go on a dangerous adventure, either to secure a prize or protect the innocent, or subdue the forces of nature. In the process, he comes to realize and conquer his weakness, to face down enemies, and finally to commune with the deep spiritual powers that are at play in the cosmos. Usually, as a preparation for his mission, he is trained by a spiritual master who will put him quite vigorously through his paces. Campbell was particularly intrigued by the manner in which this story is concretely acted out in the initiation rituals among primal peoples. Lucas’ mentor was Campbell, and Campbell’s teacher was the great Swiss psychologist, C.G. Jung, who had spent his career exploring the archetypes of the collective unconscious that play themselves out in our dreams and our myths. Now one would have to be blind not to see these motifs in the original Star Wars films. Luke Skywalker is compelled to leave his mundane home life (remember Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru?), and under the tutelage of Obi-Wan and Yoda, he overcomes his fears, discovers his inner strength, faces down the darkness, and learns to act in communion with the Force. Attentive Star Wars fans will notice, by the way, that Yoda pronounces a number of the well-known sayings of C.G. Jung. I referenced the philosophia perennis (the perennial philosophy) above. This is a standard set of philosophical and psychological insights shared by most of the great spiritual traditions of the world, and it provided the inspiration for Jung, Campbell, Lucas and hence the Star Wars films. Coming from this point of view, argue why the Rey character is not a "Mary Sue". I found this to be a pretty compelling argument for her character to be labeled as such, and I was initially very taken by her character. My daughters love her, and we don't mix politics and Star Wars at my house (although Disney doesn't have the same scruples, I'm afraid) so this is my only outlet. My daughters are too young to be jaded. I love their idealism and their innocence, and I'll protect it as long as I can. I am not labeling you as an ignoramous, so please don't take what I am going to say as an insult, but I find many Star Wars fans are guilty of the same lack of understanding of the driving force behind that mythos as they are regarding JRR Tolkein's. Many fans of the SW franchise don't really have a full understanding of the influences on Lucas (or Tolken, fwiw) and his story.
  11. While I agree with a lot of what you're saying, I thought Rogue One was pretty good. I liked it a lot more becauase of the cameos during Scarif, tbh. Without those it wouldn't have been as cool, I think. If only they'd had some extra footage of Pops, Tiree, and/or Jek...
  12. ^^ This. Glad to know I am not the only one. For me? ...I like to fly T65 X wings ...I won't fly Scum ...I can't do crossover lists with Sequel era and OT era ships ...I get angry at statistical normal distributions. I need stuff skewed (for me) heavily to the "shows a paint side". ...I always focus when I should TL, and vice-versa
  13. I'm finding success with 3 of these: Rho Squadron Vet Expertise GC Concussion Missiles EM Title Control the approach, be VERY paitent, and let loose when the moment comes. Turn 0 is where you can win with this list, and you have to be smart with your asteroid placement. Works well against other stuff too, although right now the banked BR from the new Star Viper title is giving me fits to fly against and plan around.
  14. Move this to the Off Topic section? Just sayin'.
  15. Good Luck Andrew, Steven, and all the other Barons that go. Fly well!
  16. Bingo. Getting tired of being labeled as a "hater". Alinsky would be proud of all the ones who throw that word at people they disagree with. Nothing kills debate or discussion like name calling.
  17. No, it wouldn't. The crybabies would then wail and wail that RAC was OP..."it was an unintended card synergy nobody saw".
  18. bwahahahahahahahaha! You're not serious, are you?
  19. Ah, Mr. Jeff, you win the internet today! I am still smiling...thank you!
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