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  1. I necro'd this thread to give credit to those who contributed. 


    I used material from this thread in my Algbra 2 classes I teach to help explain Binomial Distributions. I will be using XWM dice to do the experiments in my classes. Here's to hoping it goes well. 

    And maybe a few kids get interested in XWM for our school's Wednesday Gaming Club meetings...

    Thanks all!

  2. 12 hours ago, Drasnighta said:

    That's one reason.

    The Rebels also have a card that lets them change all of your dials, and its a great way to recover from that.

    One turn (out of the 6) can often make-or-break a ship with its command.  So its important to have the command you need now rather than later......  and there are ways of denying that to the enemy...  

    Thanks! I will keep this in mind. I get the core set this weekend and cannot wait to try this game. I'm doing Campaign Against Cancer for XWM this weekend as well, so I may have to wait a bit to try out Armada, but I am really excited about trying something new.


  3. 11 hours ago, jbrandmeyer said:

    At a bare minimum, Skilled First Officer makes a command-2 ship command-1 for two turns.  Sometimes you can do better.

    Turn N.  You see at the top of the round that it has the wrong command queued up.  Put the right one on the bottom of the stack.  When it is this ships turn to activate, you throw out the top dial, and reveal the dial you placed this turn.

    Turn N+1.  You have zero dials face down, and therefore place two dials for this ship.  One for this turn, and one for next turn.  So, on both turns N and N+1 you got to choose the command you are using this round.

    In some situations, you can get a bit more flexibility as well.  Make your best guess about which commands you will need, but alternate them.  Now, on each turn, you have the option of delaying your command choice all the way until you reveal the dial. So on Turn N you get to choose one of two key commands at this particular ship's turn to activate, and still also choose the command fresh at the top of turn N+1.

    To make sure I understand:

    The command I add to the bottom is the one I reveal after I discard the top one?

    Turn n+1: That's really neat...Armada is a more strategic and tactical game than I realized. 


    Thanks for your help. 

  4. Just getting into Armada. I've grown tired of XWM and the 100/6 format; very few players around me want to try other formats,  so I've moved into a new game. So far, I love Armada.

    However, I have a question about cards that allow you to discard command dials. 

    Why would you want to do this? Specifically, there's an upgrade that lets you discard ALL your dials. Why would you want to do that? Is it because you've royally messed up and need to "redo" your command dial stack?


    Thanks in advance!



  5. On 3/20/2018 at 4:18 AM, Conandoodle said:



    Admittedly, the movies are watchable. They lack the charm and charisma of the originals and certainly won't enjoy the longevity of those first 3. But this garbage in the book!? Seriously .. what the actual phuque is it? It feels like that terrible midichloriad scene again .. and again .. and again .. 

    I get it, we all have different personal canons and I confess I am very Vanilla. Anything from EU outside of X-Wing series was too far out there for me. Rebels is too far out there. But this stuff described in the book is laughable.

    ^^^ This. well said, and pretty  much exactly how I feel. I wanted this trilogy until I got it, much like the prequels. Yeesh. I am one sad panda.

  6. 18 hours ago, FTS Gecko said:

    I've never even thought about putting FAA on an ARC-170.  :blink:  How come I never thought about putting FAA on an ARC-170?!

    Great work @Wiredin

    I think it's because with a rear arc, FAA is a little bit harder to get to proc. You really, in my opinion/experience, have to fly to intentionally avoid arcs to get the free reposition. Sometimes that's not easy with one firing arc, let alone two. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Biophysical said:

    It's funny how players view different ships in completely different ways.  

    I view Dash as a refuge for conservative players, who can fly wherever they want and can still take shots with the one of the biggest guns in the game.  I'm not saying I'm right, but it seems to me a ship whose main weakness only comes forth when hard countered or seriously outplayed. 

    I'm sure there are people who think my favorite ships are boorish as well.  We all like to think our favorites require cunning and boldness to maximize their strengths, while opponent's ships are solidly reliable across a broad spectrum of situations.

    Woah woah woah woah...Tie Defenders are never boorish. ;)


  8. 21 minutes ago, Stoneface said:

    As one of the oldest players and posters here I will say that Americans on the whole are ruder. Don't know why that is. Lack of upbringing, no social graces, entitlement? It might be all the doom and gloom the media bombards us with daily. I have my own theories on this sad state of affairs but I doubt anyone will confirm it.

    You've never been to France, methinks. 

  9. On 3/25/2018 at 4:38 AM, Captain Lackwit said:

    "Here's the facts and there's the facts, there's no denying the facty facts."

    Quit that. You have an opinion like the rest of us, but the least you can do is respect it.

    You are absolutely right, fwiw. I should/do respect everyone's opinion, even if the tone of my post sounds like I don't. 

  10. 1 hour ago, FTS Gecko said:

    Touché.  And here in the UK we have apparently decided to cut ourselves off from our closest neighbours, friends and allies and revert our tiny little Atlantic island back to it's Dark Ages isolation.

    Seriously though, I'm confused how the communities East and West of the Atlantic can appear so different.  After a big European event, the atmosphere usually seems happy and joyful - everyone has fun.  Conversely, all of the big X-Wing organised play controversies and dramas - the intentional draw fiasco, last week's live stream drama and this weekend's System Open final - have all originated in the US, and the feedback and coverage of events on the forum, podcasts etc is quite cynical.

    Why is there apparently such a big difference?  It can't be so difficult to enjoy a game of plastic pew-pew, surely?

    Y'know, it's like there's oceans between us. Or something. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Then don't expect it to always be fun.  NASCAR is "drive fast and turn left."  I'll bet they get bored sometimes.

    If tournament players are only going to seek the best 1% of the game so they will win tournaments, you can change the points, you can change the pilots, and/or you can change the abilities.  But a stalemate will happen.  It not a reflection on the game, it's not a reflection on the designers, and it's not a reflection on the players.   It's a reflection on how the game is approached and played. 

    ^ This. You get what you ask for, even when you ask tacitly.

  12. 21 hours ago, Wazat said:

    @Kaptin Krunch: That's a pretty elitist and abrasive way to describe people who don't agree with you, or even, haven't yet agreed with you.  Yes, multiple things need to be nerfed with Harpoons, including rebel regen and other fortress builds.  But you're not going to garner much agreement with your choice of wording.  You seem more focused on insulting people than convincing them, which feels like severely underplaying your argument, even poisoning it.  That can't be your intent, can it?

    And the Genius, Advanced SLAM, Jumpmaster nerfs... these happened without a total rehaul of the entire game.  They were targeted nerfs to remove specific problems.  They were not held back until the entire game could be rebalanced with them, and the resurgence of their enemies is a problem but not worth withholding the fix.  Nerfing harpoons shouldn't have to be withheld until all other potential problems can be anticipated and solved.  And saying "please nerf harpoons" doesn't mean we're all too stupid to also want nerfs to rebel regen and friends.  It just means we feel the harpoons considerably more intensely than, say, Miranda or Wookies.  Harpoons are the new enemy, and new threats can sure as **** leave people nostalgic for the problems of the past, the good old days when we were mainly worried about shield regen or fat tanks.  That... wow, that doesn't make anyone here ore elsewhere nearly as ignorant, stupid, or dismissable as you insist.


    And another point that gets glossed over for meta discussions: Right now, if you're fielding munitions that aren't harpoons (other than tracers?), chances are you're playing casual.  Sure you can get other munitions to work (mainly Proton Torps), but not as well as harpoons.  Not even close.  The question now is, will FFG nerf harpoons, or rebalance other munitions to operate at that level, or leave the situation as it is (one objectively correct munition choice to rule them all).  My guess is Harpoons have been left alone to let gunboats have their fun, but eventually FFG will have to address them one way or another.

    As for their effect on the rest of the meta, they feel at least as ugly as rebel regen and other meta evils.  Sure, you can play in a way that outplays the harpoons, "git good or get out".  But that applies to everything that dominates the meta: correctly build and fly a specific counter-play, or you're doing it wrong; get out.  That's independent of whether it's a problem worthy of a nerf.  Rather, dominant fleet designs forcing rigid counter-plays and eschewing everything else is what FFG usually targets with its nerfs.  Certainly what they should target, IMO.


    And on that same note, I wonder if any sane buff to the T-65 can make/keep them relevant... time will tell.  People sure freaked out about the "OP" Vaksai title, but it never quite delivered.  Same concerns extend to the U-Wing... I worry that in the current meta of X-Wing, U-Wings and X-Wings themselves are just not well-suited.  Pump them with new abilities, even ones that sound OP, and there could still be something missing once they hit the table.

    And yet, I still find excuses to fly Wedge and Wes in OT tournaments, so honestly, I think there's a lot of reason to hope.  Even as X-Wings have been left behind, many of us have found excuses to play them simply because of fun pilot abilities, or their iconic status.  So here's to hope!

    CMs work very well paired with GC and Expertise.

    HM are always a solid choice, even at 5 points. 

  13. 15 hours ago, Kieransi said:

    Yeah, I've been known to proxy stuff before, I just usually don't to avoid confusion. And I'm a total purist. Also, I've just honestly been too lazy to go sort through my collection to pull out new lists. Listbuilding lethargy is apparently a real thing.

    I did get absolutely destroyed by the triple Red Squadron Veterans list last week though. That list is legit.

    What triple Red Squadron list? Sounds interesting. 

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