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  1. I've been playing Armada for a month, and as of now, there is nothing about Armada I dislike. It's a much different (and in many ways better) game than XWM. I've been playing XWM since 2014, and I am not happy about 2.0. Not sure I'll keep going with that one. I got into XWM because of the "Chessy" feel of the game at the time. Armada has much like what I loved and miss most about XWM: the rewards of good positioning and having good tactics.
  2. I moved to Armada in part because the Armada Forum is just a better place. Fewer stupid clickbait threads and threads created for the sake of creating them.
  3. Scopes

    article up!

    Squad Builders need updating...ackkkkkkkkk the wait!
  4. @Astech if you ever get around to finishing the protections from snowballing, please feel free to share.
  5. You do this in jest, but just wait. Someone, somewhere, will cry for it to be done. Somebody will create an OP combo with RO and then the cacophony will reach a fevered pitch.
  6. I see what you did there.
  7. Is there a rule somewhere that states one cannot add both spinal armament and enhanced armaments to the same ship? The app isn't letting me do that.
  8. I find it interesting that some on the left insist that the small donations from, say, the NRA (just as an example...) are enough to totally buy the loyalty of Republicans, yet deny that the maximum possible donation from their supporters (COO of Facebook, anyone?) are enough to buy them. Why do they imagine everyone is corruptible but themselves? I find it more likely that they are judging others by their own standards.
  9. Yes...my son and I had been playing that wrong until we re-read the RRG. Still, we had one last evening and decided to go ahead and attack. We guessed right. And man, you guys are right about XWM vs. Armada. I really like Armada more that XWM, and I like XWM quite a bit. Armada is a much different game and way more strategic and tactical.
  10. If two ships are touching at the beginning of the round, can they attack each other? Can squadrons attack ships they are touching if there are not engaged with a squadron?
  11. With the two weapons upgrade cards shown in the OP...what if the attacker rolls multiple crit results? Would the effects stack (i.e. 1 f/u damage card per result rolled)?
  12. Okay, thanks. I also should specify that I interpret that to mean that if my printed squadron value is 2 (on the ship card), the token + the command (which just activates the ability) makes it possible for me to activate up to 3 squadrons. Is that correct?
  13. Cannes likes it: I'm out. Cannes pans it: I'll maybe take a chance.
  14. Another question: Can you, in the same round, spend a command dial (say you reveal a "Squadron" command) and then spend a squadron token you've had saved?
  15. Another question: I cannot spend the same defense token twice in the same attack; can I spend a combination of tokens on a single attack? I think that's legal if I am reading the rules correctly.
  16. Played my first two games (ever) of Armada yesterday...what a great game! However, I have a question: How many sets of 3 fighters do I place for each squadron card? I flew Rebels both times last night. As you veterans know, the core set comes with only two Alliance squadron cards. Luke, and generic. Is it a "2 for 1" deal? I thought each ship stand of 3 fighters was itself a squadron.
  17. So I <ahem> edited my post to reflect the knowledge gained and correct the error.
  18. Oh, duh. Of course...yeesh. We've been using the formula (nCr)(p^r)(1-p)^(n-r), which is the same as what you have above, but only doing it on a "term by term" basis, if that make sense (vs. your expansions). Interesting side note: We generated Pascal's Triangle yesterday. My students spent a few minutes looking (and finding!) some of the patterns hidden within the array. It was a neat review. Your values are exactly the same as mine for the paints vs. non paints experiment. If I combine the two experiments, the distribution is symmetrical: 4 dice: [0.0039 0.0469 0.2109 0.4219 0.3164 0.3164 0.4219 0.2109 0.0469 0.0039] My classes do the hits vs. misses experiment tomorrow as that's the binomial experiment, but I've enjoyed working on the other numbers. It's been a good review of the maths invovled. Thanks for your help!
  19. Right, but my work (sorry if it isn't clear) is for 4 dice, paints vs. not paints. I'll try to upload the file again. Not sure why you got that message. Binomial Distributions- 4 XWM Dice.pdf
  20. So...I was doing a little prep and thought I'd share. I found this work interesting. It's work done for an experiment looking at paints vs. no paints on 4 dice. Obviously, the two sets display similar results, although the two graphs display data for different experiments. So, that brings me to my question: 3 dice (comparing hits to misses where a focus counts as a miss; see OP) can create a symmetric distribution (again, see the OP and his work for 3 dice, ignoring the stuff after it as that horse is dead), but 4 do not? I found that curious. Anyone have any observations/thoughts? I am certain I am missing something, but I don't see it. Sorry for the file quality.
  21. Ha ha! I teach computer science, and I was referring to it myself (in my head) as a queue rather than a stack!
  22. My son is 12 now, and I have had a similar experience. Especially with the part I bolded.
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