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  1. Luke/R2/Predator/RR/SSF/IA

    2x Green Squad/PTL/Outmaneuver/Title/CharRefi/and either VT or AT; cannot decide which



    Loads of fun to fly. 


    Really wanted to take a Buzzsaw Whisper list (in a fit of nostalga) escorted by either two Star Wings or a Krennick carrier plus Vader. Chickened out.

  2. 4 hours ago, Crit Happens said:

    100 pt. Whisper

    Whisper with Krennic, VI, AS, ACD

    Vermeil with Palp, Adaptability, title, LWF

    Scimitar bomber with TIE shuttle, Kylo crew, Courier Droid

    It's the most broken squad I've ever flown, and I'm obsessed with it in an unhealthy way.

    Woah. Thats...an amazing list! Hope you do well with it!


  3. Just now, DR4CO said:

    It becomes whatever is next to it on the dial. There are many situations where someone might be changing speeds if you BoShek them. 

    Right; 1 bank or 4 straight. Thanks for the clarification!


  4. 6 hours ago, Commander Kaine said:

    Listen folks

    I get it. It's annoying to hear about someone's favorite ship not being up to their standards, be it the most well known ship in the universe, or a lovely overweight bomber. 

    It's also crappy to hear that one of your favorite cards or combos is overpowered, especially when you put in effort into practicing with it, or you just really like the flavor of the K-Wing (hey... I'm not gonna judge) or something. 

    It is also annoying to listen to these things all the time, over and over again. 




    It would be foolish to disregard these threads, posts and comments in their capacity to induce the change we see today. If everybody just "shuts up and gits good", FFG would hardly see the level of dissatisfaction with some mechanics like turrets, high PS alpha strikes, bombs etc. 


    I'm not saying that every change in 2.0 was induced by us whining. But I'm also sure that without it, not everything we like about 2.0 would be manifested as it is today. 


    Being thankful that FFG listens, while claiming that the posts they listened to are ruining X-Wing is a bit harsh I feel. 


    So I don't know. Hug a whiner today. Or at least  don't deny that their dissatisfaction had a role to play in us receiving the version of the game most of us wanted. 

    C'mon...whining got the community 2.0 and all those nerfs to 1.0. 

    That's gotta count for something. 

  5. 15 hours ago, DScipio said:

    Premise is already wrong. Why should he be the coolest charakter in the old movies? Never understood that. He was a pretty bland and uninteresting character. 

    Name a character "cooler", then. What constitutes "cool"? 

    And for the love of all, if he's a bland and uninteresting character, then please tell us why. 

  6. To all the bored people who seem to populate these forums: find something else to occupy your time so that your need for stimulation can be met by something other than staring in a Pavolvian trance at your device waitng for new content to be publised. You're trying to fill a hole that has no bottom. You are going to mess up what is a really great game. Coming from XWM, this game is such a breath of fresh air!

    It's the bored folk (not the netlisters...they're just the natural consequence of the incessant yammering for new stuff that got XWM to where it was, and where it now is with a new edition) that are responsible for the 2.0 situation that now exists, and it's the bored folk that drove me out of XWM and into Armada. Stay away. This game is golden. And it's hella fun. ???



  7. 2 hours ago, MaxPower said:

    No disrespect to any kinds of troops or to you, Cubanboy, whose posts I regularly enjoy, but this has no place here. Such a salute is purely off-topic and - if anything - belongs in that part of the forum. In addition, I agree 100% with what GreenDragoon said. This is an international forum.

    You've not been paying too much attention, I think. This board is littered with "off topic threads". This one is no worse (but at least a lot better) than some of what's been posted. 

    He even took pains to mention "USA" to make sure it reaches the correct audience. 

  8. 3 hours ago, GreenDragoon said:

    I want to preface my post by saying that I don‘t mean any offense to you or anyone who served, and that I will soon have  finished my own 600days of service in „the“ army (not US).

    This is a very international board and as such it strikes me as very odd to celebrate armed forces of one country in such a context, especially centered on the one country that is involved in more armed conflicts than most others.

    How should chinese, russian, iranian, syrian or venezulean players respond to such a post? Or historical opponents?

    I understand and even appreciate and personally agree with the sentiment. But we genrally leave politics out of here. I don‘t see why this should be different.

    Do they even have to respond? 

    He even took pains to mention "USA" to make sure it reaches the correct audience. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Hobojebus said:

    Apples and oranges there mate, obi wan is a hero with magic powers you know is alive in hope.

    Soldiers in a war film have no guarantees of survival and those films are historical not prequels.

    It applies to the prequels of other genre as Well like the bumble bee movie think he'll be destroyed and not be in transformers 2007? Was the man with no name not going to make it through the good the bad and the ugly? 

    There's precious few good prequel movies exactly because you know certain characters are immune to death so you never get caught up in the situation, you know that seismic charge won't hit obi and that grevious can't possibly win.

    Right. I agree with you for the most part; however Obi-Wan doesn't have to be in any real danger himself in order to have a good, edge-of-your-seat movie. In the examples I cited the main protagonists weren't always the ones in the most danger. 

  10. On 5/14/2018 at 7:45 AM, Hobojebus said:

    Sorry but that's exactly what it means it's the problem all prequels share you know who lives so there's zero tension and so you can't get invested.

    It's kinda the same issue marvel has we know certain characters from a movie I won't spoil because it's really good are going to be fine because they have a movie already announced.


    Tell me...there's no tension during any point in these movies:

    The Battle of The Bulge

    Tora, Tora, Tora


    War and Peace

    The Count of Monte Cristo


    Those just off the top of my head...Aren't you being a bit simplistic? 

  11. On 5/2/2018 at 7:27 PM, MajorJuggler said:

    The goal would be to better fix balance and cost issues out of the gate. It would likely be supported by FFG's own squad builder (they're allowing community mods to some extent), or failing that a third party builder.


    1) Yes, that sounds like fun for casual play

    2) No, I only care about official formats

    3) I don't care, but you should do it anyway so FFG can use your results for free



    Further background: now that FFG can change points dynamically, they can directly take any analysis that I put in the public domain and immediately use it for themselves. This may be great for everyone else, but it leaves something of a sour taste in my mouth. I am not a playtester or paid by FFG, but I have the demonstrated capability (at present seemingly uniquely) to predict relevant point costs far better than FFG's development and playtesting process. I can do things that nobody in their entire company seems to be anywhere close to doing, and to essentially do unpaid work for them as an ad-hoc Technical Balance Director seems... a questionable use of my time. So I have a few options:

    [edit: it has been correctly been pointed out by many that "being able to do things that nobody else seems to be doing" comes across as egotistical. That was certainly not the intent, the intent was more like "nobody else has been crazy enough to put in the prerequisite amount of time to do the original research and many hours of resulting coding"]

    1. Inquire about consulting for them, since they still have a clear need to polish balance before launch. (This will almost certainly result in them politely saying they don't need me, and then they will turn around and just use my ideas anyway.)
    2. Continue to do the analysis on my own, but go completely radio silent on the public front about it.
    3. Launch my own "X-wing 2.0 Balance Mod", expecting all the work from it to get stolen without credit. This would likely also involve eventually publishing some related academic papers. I don't exactly need 'Tabletop Games Technical Balance Director' on my resume, but the publications would make for an entertaining addition to the resume.

    I am undecided on which route to go, but am interested in the community's interest in a balance mod.

    First off, what you've said is a statement of fact. You are right to take pride in your abilities. I, for one, appreciate what you can do. If people get upset or take offense, here's a line from one of my favorite songs: **** the naysayers, they don't mean a thing. 

    FWIW, you are unique in what you do. In my opinion, it IS a questionable use of your time given how you've framed your argument, an argument with which I agree. Therefore, IMHO, I think you should keep it close to the vest. They don't deserve what you can do for them, especially if they're not going to/interested in compensating you for it. 

    Thanks for all you do for this community. Thanks for all of the help you've given me. 

  12. On 5/3/2018 at 8:52 AM, Herowannabe said:

    THANK YOU! This man speaks wisdom, everybody. 

    FFG is not forcing anybody to buy anything. Your collection is not invalid- it still does all the exact same things it did last week. You can continue to play and use your ships just like you have always done, so long as you’re able to find someone to play X-Wing 1.0 with you. And if you can’t find someone willing to play X-wing 1.0, then it’s not FFG who is twisting your arm to upgrade to 2nd edition, it’s your friends and fellow gamers.



    Therin lies the rub for more than a few, I think. 

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