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  1. It's because of crap like this, and the B-Wing stuff described above, amongst other things, that I say "tuck fwo point oh". Just sayin'.
  2. Luke/R2/Predator/RR/SSF/IA 2x Green Squad/PTL/Outmaneuver/Title/CharRefi/and either VT or AT; cannot decide which Zeb/BoShek/EMP/SabMas Loads of fun to fly. Really wanted to take a Buzzsaw Whisper list (in a fit of nostalga) escorted by either two Star Wings or a Krennick carrier plus Vader. Chickened out.
  3. Woah. Thats...an amazing list! Hope you do well with it!
  4. Right; 1 bank or 4 straight. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. How does BoShek interact with a zero maneuver dialed in on, say a U-Wing? If I BoShek a dial with a 0 showing, does that become a 1 straight?
  6. That's going to leave a mark.
  7. Man, you have the eyes of a hawk (Terran version, ofc).
  8. C'mon...whining got the community 2.0 and all those nerfs to 1.0. That's gotta count for something.
  9. Would the presence or lack of shields on the affected hull zone prevent the blue crit from triggering?
  10. Name a character "cooler", then. What constitutes "cool"? And for the love of all, if he's a bland and uninteresting character, then please tell us why.
  11. To all the bored people who seem to populate these forums: find something else to occupy your time so that your need for stimulation can be met by something other than staring in a Pavolvian trance at your device waitng for new content to be publised. You're trying to fill a hole that has no bottom. You are going to mess up what is a really great game. Coming from XWM, this game is such a breath of fresh air! It's the bored folk (not the netlisters...they're just the natural consequence of the incessant yammering for new stuff that got XWM to where it was, and where it now is with a new edition) that are responsible for the 2.0 situation that now exists, and it's the bored folk that drove me out of XWM and into Armada. Stay away. This game is golden. And it's hella fun. ???
  12. You've not been paying too much attention, I think. This board is littered with "off topic threads". This one is no worse (but at least a lot better) than some of what's been posted. He even took pains to mention "USA" to make sure it reaches the correct audience.
  13. Do they even have to respond? He even took pains to mention "USA" to make sure it reaches the correct audience.
  14. Don't worry. Someone else will. The Gunner Luke thread is already the genesis of the new version of nerf thread crying.
  15. In Armada, can you use a navigate order or card ability to click the Maneuver Tool beyond the values for a ship as given on the ship card?
  16. Right. I agree with you for the most part; however Obi-Wan doesn't have to be in any real danger himself in order to have a good, edge-of-your-seat movie. In the examples I cited the main protagonists weren't always the ones in the most danger.
  17. Tell me...there's no tension during any point in these movies: The Battle of The Bulge Tora, Tora, Tora Waterloo War and Peace The Count of Monte Cristo Those just off the top of my head...Aren't you being a bit simplistic?
  18. Newbie question, but why do you say that? Sorry if this is a dumb question or has an obvious answer.
  19. Me neither, and it's that attitude that brings us XW 2.0.
  20. First off, what you've said is a statement of fact. You are right to take pride in your abilities. I, for one, appreciate what you can do. If people get upset or take offense, here's a line from one of my favorite songs: **** the naysayers, they don't mean a thing. FWIW, you are unique in what you do. In my opinion, it IS a questionable use of your time given how you've framed your argument, an argument with which I agree. Therefore, IMHO, I think you should keep it close to the vest. They don't deserve what you can do for them, especially if they're not going to/interested in compensating you for it. Thanks for all you do for this community. Thanks for all of the help you've given me.
  21. Therin lies the rub for more than a few, I think.
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