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  1. Hi all


    Heading to my first Store Tournament this weekend. Here's my build: 


    blank.gif?v124Mauler Mithel + Veteran Instincts + Engine Upgrade (22)
    blank.gif?v124Soontir Fel + Royal Guard TIE + Push the Limit + Stealth Device + Autothrusters (35)
    blank.gif?v124Turr Phennir + Royal Guard TIE + Veteran Instincts + Targeting Computer + Autothrusters (30)


    Is this a build that should fare well, if flown well (goes without saying), against jousters or turrets or arc-dodgers? I've been playing casual games up to this point. 


    I know this is a tough question to ask anonymously and I know that so much of this game is situational, but any feedback would be appreciated. 

  2. However you look at stories with the S3 TIE Interceptors pawn them very easily  in the Rogue Squadron comics.  It says right in the SW TEGTW the S3 tactic for dealing with enemies that are more manuverable than them is to pick a target thats a cap ship and head at it as fast as they can while the gunner picks them off.  This may work with TIE/LNs but TIE Interceptors it seems to be very suicidal.  Agressor squadron, part of Grey Group at Endor, were blown to bits by Interceptors.  And although the got Baron Fel it was a two one one dog fight between Wedge & Salm vs Baron Fel.  If Wedge had not been there in his enhanced T-65 all of Agressor Squadron would be dead. 


    What's your source for that?

  3. imo, not like that they can't


    if you're running rebel Ys, you're running control (because you're not getting the gnarly R4 aggro). If you're running rebel control, you're running R3-a2; no ifs, ands, or buts.


    R3-A2 is the god of stress, able to neuter soonts and cheri and aggressors and anyone under the sun from any range through any defensive mechanism. R3-A2 largely takes the bull of the every possible list (Except PWTs because nothing tops that bull; stress helps) and breaks it over its little astromech knee.



    Second, BTL-A4--again, no ifs, ands, or buts. The stupidy of PWTs necessitates you bring as many dice as you can, because there is literally no other way to beat them. You plink away at one damage max with just your ict and they will automatically win due to poor game design without counterplay. Enter the Y-wing title, which can double your ICT damage output against fat-asses and push through the difference between full points and no points for m.o.v all while carrying the potential ionization for devastating turns. Best of all, BTL-A4 and R3-A2 is its own double stress + ion in a can. Nothing enjoys getting hit by that.


    Between two BTL-A4 ICT Y-wings (one with R3-a2 and one with R2 astro), you have a pair of ships that can tackle the about as fresh as a rotting corpse combo of large fat ships and small fast ships.


    The two B-wings can be whatever, be they tacticians or FCS. With double Tacts, you get 99 total points for the bid. With double FCS, you get 97 total points (enough for a hull upgrade on the all important vessel of r3-a2, god of stress)

    Sorry...what's "PWT? It's not listed in the Slang Glossary thread  ;)

  4. Dracon, the Twin Laser Turret doesn't ionize. It's capped at one damage per attack like an ion cannon, but it doesn't dish tokens. It would be overpowered at that cost if it did. Nevertheless, three stress in one go is no joke. As you might expect, the three stress in return (on a not-terribly-maneuverable platform under ideal circumstances) will inevitably result in the Y-Wing's demise. It's essentially a Rebel Doomshuttle. Could be fun!

    Scopes, my interpretation is as follows. The BTL-A4 title says "perform an attack" just like the TLT says "Perform this attack twice". On page 10 of the rulebook, it says, "To perform one attack, resolve the following combat steps in order". Step 1 is "Declare target". R3-A2's text says, "When you declare a target". Therefore, R3 will proc on your primary weapon attack AND on each TLT attack.

    If my interpretation is correct, you could in theory spray your three shots at three different targets and stress them all. However, I don't think I'd call that a good idea, since each of those ships could then perform a green and clear it all, and when the alternative is a hard shut-down of one target...

    Thanks for the clarification, all. The idea of a hard shut down is really neat and is causing me to reevaluate my lists that use astromechs. 

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