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  1. Could Lando be placed as a crewer on an epic ship? I know that epic ships aren't supposed to deal with focus or stress tokens. Lando can give evades, though.
  2. Let's say we're playing Tarn Mission/R7 Astromech; player has a TL on opponent flying a ship that has predator equipped. Opponent attacks. and rolls, say, two hits and a blank. Does Tarn's R7 kick in before Predator?
  3. Only if the dice die on ya...
  4. Hi all Heading to my first Store Tournament this weekend. Here's my build: Mauler Mithel + Veteran Instincts + Engine Upgrade (22) Soontir Fel + Royal Guard TIE + Push the Limit + Stealth Device + Autothrusters (35) Turr Phennir + Royal Guard TIE + Veteran Instincts + Targeting Computer + Autothrusters (30) Is this a build that should fare well, if flown well (goes without saying), against jousters or turrets or arc-dodgers? I've been playing casual games up to this point. I know this is a tough question to ask anonymously and I know that so much of this game is situational, but any feedback would be appreciated.
  5. Scopes


    However you look at stories with the S3 TIE Interceptors pawn them very easily in the Rogue Squadron comics. It says right in the SW TEGTW the S3 tactic for dealing with enemies that are more manuverable than them is to pick a target thats a cap ship and head at it as fast as they can while the gunner picks them off. This may work with TIE/LNs but TIE Interceptors it seems to be very suicidal. Agressor squadron, part of Grey Group at Endor, were blown to bits by Interceptors. And although the got Baron Fel it was a two one one dog fight between Wedge & Salm vs Baron Fel. If Wedge had not been there in his enhanced T-65 all of Agressor Squadron would be dead. What's your source for that?
  6. I also don't have lots of luck with BBY where the Y wing is the BTL/ICT/R3A2/EU build. I can't get the Y wing to live long (mostly I think because I'm still very new at this game) enough to be much of a factor.
  7. Sorry...what's "PWT? It's not listed in the Slang Glossary thread
  8. Considering the typical state of my local meta, I wouldn't. Can you elaborate? It's an interesting comment you make.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, all. The idea of a hard shut down is really neat and is causing me to reevaluate my lists that use astromechs.
  10. I didn't think that R3 A2 could stress the same target more than once per round. Am I wrong?
  11. What is a "Super Dash"? I thought the YT-2400, when cannon-equipped, has a donut hole that is easy to exploit. What's the difference?
  12. Noob questions... 1. What does Post nerf mean? 2. What does zero-**** giving pwt mean? Thanks in advance...new to the game but I absolutely LOVE it!
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