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  1. On 12/4/2018 at 8:37 AM, SOTL said:

    Let's scale everything with everything everyday, everyone.

    Some laugh, but for ffs, there's some truth to your joke. You've already got enough cards that are going to sit in a binder unused even in our o so glorious 2nd edition. Doing that to trick shot will only add it to the unused, as others have said already.

     How often is it actually proc'ing, even on turreted ships??

  2. On 11/16/2018 at 10:20 AM, Darth Meanie said:

    Well, "print and play" PDFs would be a great way to go.  Yoy could then just slide a printed paper "card" in a sleeve for play.  And it could be put into the app under "casual only," since there are already filters for 2E vs. Extended.  IMHO, the most important part of this is to have Official Content for things like the Shuttle Tydirium to:

    A.  Allow for FLGS/public play of these items because the abilities have been "standardized"


    B.  Show the casual players who are in this simply because they love SW and do not want to compete that they are actually considered important customers.

    Personally, I think most of your suggestions are quite good, and not clunky at all.  All you need is an icon for the cards or a different card color to make these products obviously non-standard.  And the All Hallowed App (if it ever works) would be the ultimate failsafe.

    X-Wing Players should be the target market.  Whether they complete, play epic, or only play at home.  This game needs to stop pretending there is only one kind of player worth focusing on.

    As for the last part, here's my idea for the Test Product.  Release the Bladewing with its superweapon.  The model has been sculpted, it just needs a new paint job.  It's a small expansion pack.  Heck, I've even done a design that could work.  See how it sells.  Who knows, maybe tournament players will even buy one simply because they want to have an orange B-Wing for Ten Numb.

    Love your ideas! The print and play would be awesome.

  3. 19 hours ago, Icelom said:

    I think the interceptor is fantastic... I have had nothing but good experiences flying soontir, and the alpha squadron pilot is fantastic like "holy **** this ship is **** good" fantastic.

    My a-wing experience is much less but it has felt good in the games I have played it.

    I guess I just disagree? 

    The interceptor got such a massive buff in second edition and I am really liking where it is. Just because it does not fit your playstyle does not make it bad.


    What do you like best about the Alpha Squaddie?

  4. On 10/7/2018 at 10:57 AM, nexttwelveexits said:

    No. HLC turns the crit back into a hit.

    While I agree, how does HLC interact with Marksmenship? It's a thing, after all. FFG said so. 

  5. 23 hours ago, ForceM said:

    Yeah well i guess this makes perfect sense, Disney supporting the kids alphabetization is really a nice move.

    Next year, playschool squadron will be the new hotness i suppose.

    But what really catches me is that they won’t include the K-Wing and the E-Wing in their alphabet. I guess the legeds Kids are not allowed to play in their schoolyard anymore.

    BUXAYKE...I think I see where this could go, and it isn't good. 

  6. 2 hours ago, McFoy said:

    For a political poll that may be enough but the 2016 US elections are a good indicator just how skewed and incorrect polls can be. In this particular case though they are looking at tweets directed towards Johnson specifically. As mithril2098 points out it's probably going to be the most disgruntled or purposeful people out of a wider community who are going to tweet angrily to the director as opposed to having an open conversation so I don't think the numbers are indicative of the whole. 

    I suspect though if the dislike of TLJ was more numerous in the sample then the conclusion would have more emphasis on the haters being racist, sexist, white males (which was already pointed out quite a bit in the summaries of the groupings).

    Math question: 1000 is what percent of 45,000,000? 


    Yes, it's a relevant question. 

  7. 4 hours ago, CrippleCrit said:

    At this point I'm pretty sure X-Wing 2.0 was not meant to be out by now. The whole thing feels rushed and looks like it would have needed just one more year to finish. No idea what happened.

    Here's what happened: people can't just wait; they HAVE to have something new every day/week/month or so (check out the Armada forum...) or there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

  8. 5 hours ago, Commander Kaine said:

    Already have. This is not a post about hating 2.0. It's about realizing that 2.0 isn't going to be the promised land. Apparently some people can't tell the difference between these two positions. 

    Great. Have fun paying for 3.0, I guess. 


    FWIW, I actually agree with your post. Just frustrated that it's even had to be mentioned. 

  9. 30 minutes ago, Darth Meanie said:

    This game is always about competitive play.

    And that why it fails, over and over.

    The chances this game withstands the balance nit-picking of hyper-competitive players is about the same as crops withstanding a swarm of locust.

    This game should be designed to be about Star Wars, beer, and pretzels.  End of story.

    Then, if desired, the ban hammer should be used to remove egregious balance problems from tournament play only.


    To be honest, I really thought people would actually have to have the game in hand before they decided the honeymoon was over.

    FFS. So we're replacing a "flawed" game with an update/patch that also is flawed? Methinks we have 2.0 because of the lamentations, ADD, need to "have something new all the time",  and angst that this forum has become. 

    This, if accurate, and I suspect it is, is why I'm not going to 2.0. I've spent enough money. I like 1.0 even though I hate the Scum faction and harpoon missiles. I am absolultely loving this list:


    Jek/PTL/R2 Astro/RenRef/SSF/IA

    Dutch/R2 Astro/Title/ICT

    AP-5/R2 Astro/Insp Recruit

    Although I disagree about the ban hammer, I think I see/understand your point. 

  10. TBS Comics SC in Fort Walton Beach, Florida won by TS Nym/TS Crimson Specialist "Bob"/R3A2Ezra. Beat out a 2xCS Zealot/2xCrack/Snap AW/AP-5 list. 

    FWIW, I had my first ever top 8 finish! Came in 8th out of 8 with a 0-4 record and a 96 MOV. My worst.performance.ever. netted me some swag. Woot. 

    (highlight invisitext)

  11. 3 hours ago, Biggsy_boy said:

    With 2.0 around the corner, I want to run something a store champs that would be utterly ridiculous.  Below is what I am thinking about, but I am look for other ideas.  I don't meta or competitive, but my only requirement is that it has to be fun and entertaining.  Bonus points if I can make it do something ridiculous.


    Bossk - fearlessness, cluster missiles, dengar, 4-lom, oulaw tech, glitterstim, guidance chips - 48 points

    Boba Fett - Fearlessness, cluster missiles, bomblet generator, tail gunner, glitterstim, andrasta title, guidance chips - 51 points.

    The general goal is to get something off the board quickly and get up in someones face.

    Holy cow...that's hilarious. Well done!

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