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  1. Does Han's ability proc for each obstacle that he is w/i range 0/1 of? Surely not...
  2. Passive Sensors...any change to them? I don't see them on the list. Edit: NVM. Found 'em.
  3. I'm going to venture a guess that it's the latter. Just a hunch, though.
  4. Props to Andy Douglass and MoE Val making top 16.
  5. What a name for a rules-interpretation discussion podcast or monthly missive from FFG...
  6. FFS, you got a redesign with 2.0.
  7. Thanks! I should have stated that I read the rules reference before I posted, but some folks like to argue the shade of black, so...
  8. Yep. I didn't realize how useful she was to the list for the first few games. And in the games where she was the last ship, it was hard to catch her and hit her. The Force Points mechanic makes for a small challenge but can be overcome. He was flying her with Brillian Evasion and R2 Astro plus. Fun games as well. @ficklegreendice, I also forgot to mention the synced console upgrade looks to be situational but helped him more often than not.
  9. I play against someone who also loves the ARC 170. He uses this astromech. It extends the life of the ship way past what the lifespan of an ARC under fire every round should be. Especially when you couple it with a hull upgrade. We played 6 - 8 games Saturday, me with my list and him with a list VERY similar to the one you described above, just minus the Torrent. Every game was tough because of the ability to repair damage cards. I left Wolffe for the end game only a couple of times, and by far that was one of the worst decisions I made over the course of the games. He was target number one for the remainder of our day. R5 kept him in the game. I was flying Ved Foslo (FCS, Outmaneuver), Vynder(FCS, PT, APT, Trickshot, Config, ASlam), Saber Ace(Predator, HU), and Seyn(Marksmanship, HU). I was dishing damage cards often (particularly Seyn), and needed to with all the repairs occurring on the ARCs. Having Snips to pass out actions was tough as well. I recommend it.
  10. What about this? Ved Foslo executes a 3 bank. He focuses--> barrel rolls. Player then boosts via afterburners. Is this legal? We cannot agree. I don't think it's legal only because of the wording on afterburners that states "after"...to me that's proximate to removing the maneuver template. Am I wrong?
  11. Scopes

    Meta-Wing is Back

    It definitely got us 2.0. Not excited at the idea of where this may lead. More casual for me and less competiive events is my solution.
  12. Of course you'd say these. You're in at least 2 of them!
  13. Scopes

    What is an "NPE?"

    An expression men old enough to die for a country use when they lose in a way that isn't fun, basically.
  14. To be fair, he should be.
  15. Scopes

    Wave 5 announcement

    I HATED playing against Dengar pilots in 1.0, but this is freaking hillarious. Well done.
  16. I agree; I was just noting that an even more advanced fighter is capable of being played in a 4 ship list, which personally adds to my frustration with the game. And as a result, they'll have to patch the Phantom in order to correct and rebalance. I just find the whole idea odd. I enjoy a measure of realism in wargaming. I don't really get to enjoy that in this case (with XWM given how some ships get priced), but that's why I mostly play casually, at home, in scenario type games now that 2.0 is out. 1.0 was fun enough, and I still mostly play 1.0 since I've got waaay too much of that stuff, but I no longer like to play competitively that often. For the competitive side: I know; fluff< gameplay. Yech. Makes competitive less appealing to me, though. But that's just me. Everyone enjoys their favorite version of the game. That's a good thing.
  17. Well, this IS the XWM forum. You didn't think 2.0 would change that, did you? Really?
  18. Yet, quad sigmas is a thing....
  19. Scopes

    Sigma Jukes

    Excellent points. Well said.
  20. Only to be outdone by Goblin Hera. Yeesh. Both are baaaaad.
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