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    New article up!

    Dash doesn't need any more help, thanks. That'd be my guess.
  2. Scopes

    New article up!

    Ah, well, you can't have everything...
  3. Scopes

    New article up!

    #truth But, I'm not banking on an unmodded shot.
  4. Scopes

    New article up!

    It's doable...add VI. Run Fleet Officer in the list on another ship. Sorted.
  5. Scopes

    New article up!

    Erm...Expertise? Forgot about Jonus, though...great shout. The Nerfers will be after him soon enough, though.
  6. Scopes

    New article up!

    I am calling it now... SLAM into Range 1. Unload an APT. Wreak havoc. Cries to nerf APTs follow. You know this to be true.
  7. Scopes

    Q4 kit

    Would like the Horton card more if the y wing was painted with gray accents instead of gold.
  8. /thread Made my day! Needed that laugh. Thanks much!
  9. Welp, I will go ahead and start it up. AS NEEDS A NERF! IT'S WICKED OP!
  10. Your Fringer/Han list...how do you fit anything in? The Fringer alone is at least 38 if you don't equip the title. Neat list, though. I love flying OT ships like the Falcon.
  11. While the ability to ionize a tie fighter so new waves wouldn't spawn was very helpful (as was disabling capital ships), the X wing was the best fighter in the game for the rebels, IMHO. The B wing had great shields, but then again so did the Y-wing. At least until XvT came out. I feel it's a very lazy marketing campaign if the game's name is what it is because it's catchy. I got into the game because it was a table top game modeled (in part if not mostly) on the old flight sims. At least, it used to be. I am not sure you can argue otherwise. Now...I don't know what it's becoming. Thank goodness we got the "Gussleboat". A bit of sanity in an otherwise crazy couple of waves of releases. And, given the current state of the game, maybe fluff should trump gameplay. Crimeny, the current competitive game sucks. The wave 11 stuff is boring and uninspiring. The wave 12 stuff, with the exception of the Gussleboat, is esoteric. Noob players take the latest power list and roll through opponents like they're not even there. If you can't throw 4+ red dice, don't bother bringing it. Ordinance isn't the problem, either. It's the inevitable power creep that happened after wave 8 or so. It's really too bad FFG overreacted and nerfed the Phantom. The old decloaking rules wouldn't be too bad now, would they? Yes, I was around for pre-nerf Phantoms. Focused ion weaponry worked like a charm then, just like it does now. Maybe, as others have suggested, you increase the points limit in standard play to 105 or something like that. I dunno. The Azituck is an insult, I feel. The Scurgggggggggh gives the meta more of what the complainers don't want to a faction that is already a PITA to play against. The Aggressor? What a joke. A stupid concept for a faction that didn't need a turreted ship, but got one because reasons. Meh. And to name a ship the B-SF17 bomber? Is this a joke? As if naming a spherical driod series "BB" isn't insulting enough, they go there. The current game is boring and it's predictable (although naming the bomber the way they did...who saw that coming?). The recent releases seem full of ships that don't seem all that Star Warsy to me (Gussleboat and the Ep VIII stuff excepted). Yes, I'll stick to playing the stuff I like. It just sucks that I have to express my individuality on the competitive side by conforming to the meta. I've made peace with the fact that my lists will land me in the bottom half of any SC (or larger event) I attend. I'm still going to fly them, but mayhaps just drop the tournament scene entirely. Just gotta decide if that's "fun". /rant. Flame away.
  12. Luke should have Poe's ability. Sucks that he doesn't.
  13. Which is exactly how bombs work. You don't need to be accurate...just close. Quite a realistic game mechanic IMHO.
  14. Very nice! The Endor Trooper checking out the girl and the Yoda number joke are my favorites. Needed a laugh today. Thanks all!
  15. Yes. Just fix everything. Yeesh. Enough already.
  16. People, ffs. Either you want ordinance in this game, or you don't. For too many waves ordinance was not remotely relevant to the meta. Now with GC, EM, and Bomb Tech it's relevant. It's Star Warsy, yet I wonder how many people who play this game are actually (a) Star Wars fans and/or (b) have seen a Star Wars movie. I'll leave the book reading and other stuff out of it, although I wonder about that, too. Especially if you think the 90s flight sims don't have an impact on this game (either in its inception or its continued growth). Many people wailed and gnashed their teeth to make ordinance viable. Now it is. It's exactly as dangerous as it is supposed to be. I'm going to laugh out loud at the salty tears of the players who flip out when the Gunboat preview is published. I've already seen it (and the Wave 13 prediction...really? The body's still warm, people). Either stop complaning for fixes to make things relevant (because there is a massive amount of myopia on the part of many of the players that do demand change), or deal with the consequences of the changes you asked for. This is not directed at anyone in particular: just the fact that people are complaing about Genius (really?) now that he's got a ship that he's actually really useful for (albiet in a niche application) just makes me laugh (or cry when I actually pause to think about what that means). That's just one example. I can cite more. People are actually now complaining about stuff that hasn't been meta relevant ever now being relevant, then proceed to complain that not enough stuff is relevant. Make up your minds, people. Folks keep screaming for change...soon the game's going to be changed so much from what it once was that I'm not sure anyone will recognize the Frankenstein monster of rules and FAQs. Sometimes, just sometimes, maybe change isn't so good. There's a reason why some things are done the same way even though said things have been around for a long time. I get it. For example, the Biggs/Wookie Gunship list is an "NPE" . I don't like playing against it either, but mostly because I cannot seem to resist the urge to joust the monster, or I end up making bad decisions and have to joust it. Guess I"ll fire up a new thread demanding change because I can't change. It can't possibly be my fault, right? It's getting tiresome. /rant
  17. Gunboat! At least 2! SO HAPPY FOR THAT RELEASE!!! Dusted off the old flight sims just for the heck of it. I still cannot hit Gold Squadron A wings without either Advanced Concussion Missiles or Tractor Beam or both. Yeesh.
  18. Man, that is one sexy pic. Love that one.
  19. Scopes

    Time to Quit??

    And that's why we can't have nice things on the internet. That being said, I laughed loud enough that my neighbor next door wanted to see what all the hubub was about. Thank you for making my day.
  20. Mayhaps Baze Malbus crew can help with fighting FSR 2.0?
  21. You said it. While I am enjoying the challenge of trying to compete with it, man, "extraordinarily difficult" describes it to a 'T'. Yeesh. I'd almost rather face Paratanni.
  22. Not sure this can be done with a succinct answer, but why zero value on R4-D6? It really is, as you say, tremendous value to assign 0 value to it (if I follow, and I am trying to as the formulae are really interesting). Mostly just curious, if you don't want to divulge, I understand. Some nice math here.
  23. Thanks for starting this thread. Definitely needed right now. Ten Numb(31) Ion Cannon (3) ASTS(0) Heff Toeber (23) Jyn Urso (2) Jan Ors (2) TJ (1) Enhanced Scopes (1) Luke Skywalker (28) R2D2 (4) LW (2) Flichette Torp (2) I get smashed with this list every time I take it somewhere other than casual nights, but man, it's so much fun to fly. Mostly because it's 3 ships I really like and two pilots I would fly almost every time I play if I could.
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