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  1. Scopes

    Disney Resurrects Lucasfilm Games

    Please. Make it happen, Lucasarts.
  2. Launch BayNext is great IMHO.
  3. Scopes

    Old Luke as crew upgrade for Resistance

    Well played. I love it.
  4. Scopes

    Resistance: The Falcon - What the am I supposed to do with it?

    Well, as you said in another thread, the bombers are #SOGOOD!!1!!1, just fly your winning list and be done with it. What do you care? Leave the Falcon on the shelf with the rest of the stuff that needs 3.0 to be moar good. You guys will eventually get 3.0. Kill the past and all.
  5. Some laugh, but for ffs, there's some truth to your joke. You've already got enough cards that are going to sit in a binder unused even in our o so glorious 2nd edition. Doing that to trick shot will only add it to the unused, as others have said already. How often is it actually proc'ing, even on turreted ships??
  6. Scopes

    FFG have ***** up x-wing 2.0

    To be fair, this is an excellent way to make your point. Well played.
  7. Scopes

    Resistance without rey or poe

    How do you access the resistance ships in the f f g app? I don't see them. Is there an update out for that?
  8. Scopes

    Scum and Villainy Aces Patron Play In Finale

    Not to hijack the thread, but that picture is fantastic. Where did you find it?
  9. Scopes

    ARC-170 in two factions

    Love your ideas! The print and play would be awesome.
  10. Scopes

    Anyone know a lot about Home Theater stuff?

    I would say go with a receiver and speakers if you have the money to do so. Especially if the receiver can handle some of the newer audio formats
  11. Scopes

    Tie Interceptor and A-wing in a bad spot a for while

    What do you like best about the Alpha Squaddie?
  12. Force Pike + Han Solo is WAAAAY undercosted. I expect a *huge* price increase soon. That combo should cost at least 2/3 of your entire list. Boba doesn't even have a chance aganst it.
  13. Scopes


    While I agree, how does HLC interact with Marksmenship? It's a thing, after all. FFG said so.
  14. Scopes

    Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)

    BUXAYKE...I think I see where this could go, and it isn't good.