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  1. Pops, Tiree, Red 10, and any other on screen pilots.
  2. I absolutely love this. I don't play competitively, so I'd add SNR to Luke with R5-D8 and Autothrusters. I'd also add some fun stuff to Thane. I'd then challenge all comers. But even if I did play competitively, that list you have is great.
  3. Took someone long enough
  4. What do you mean by "action consistency"?
  5. Scopes

    Tie Interceptor

    Brilliant. I have to try this. Thanks for sharing.
  6. My issue (only one) with Passive Sensors on LI ships is there is no way to modify defense dice whey they're getting attacked without including synergy in the list (Garven to pass a focus token, for example) to augment rolls. Anyone have any suggestions on how to work with the fact that PS prevents defense dice modification of LI ships? I'm open to any ideas.
  7. Scopes

    Tie Interceptor

    ^^This. It's why I really am enjoying flying Interceptors and A Wings in 2.0. Resist the temptation to link actions in that first ROE and an Interceptor be a real thorn in somebody's side if it gets behind.
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