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  1. Has anyone in Europe gotten hold of this book yet from their local game stores ? I've not seen it available here in Norway yet... still waiting....
  2. I've not read the whole thread yet, and i've not received my copy of FO, so please excuse me if this is a stupid comment/idea, but from some of the discussion i've read, it seems one of the major issues is that you can make starfighters with armor 11 or something silly. Now, my question is this, would it not make sense to have a pool of resources, that you spend from to pick your desired armor/speed/handling. That way you could make an insane 11-armor starfighter ... but it would be more like a space-turtle, i.e barely able to move and handle. Example (semi-arbitrary numbers picked) Spaceship A with starting values of: Armor 0, Speed 0, Handling -5 Pool Size: 10. Now i could choose to make this ship into different variants depending on what i wanted the ship for: Armor 5, Speed 5, Handling -5, Armor 2, Speed 4, Handling -1 Armor 1, Speed 1, Handling +3 Obviously the starting points and poolsize would have to be adjusted, and maybe they would be depending on which template you select.
  3. I would assume you just pay for the weapons as normal, isnt there something in the core rules about them taking 1HP for each turret/weapon or somesuch ? Yes there is, "Upgraded Weapons" attachment/mod... 1 HP for adding a new weapon system.
  4. Each type of frame, engine or hull has it's own cost, time to construct, and difficulty. Which skills do the checks use ?
  5. I'm crossing my fingers that some of you americans or canadians are starting to wake up, and that you're able to pick up your copies of Fully Operational today, or atleast tomorrow :-)
  6. This has me jumping around like a small kid anticipating a big bag of goodies :-)
  7. Would you happen to have the "raw" files available still ? Would love to get my hands on them since we'll be playing with a E9 in our upcoming campaign.
  8. In 1 campaign we're using a C-Roc (mostly just as a mobile base with a workshop), and in upcoming campaign we'll be starting with a Loronar E-9 Explorer-class armed long-range scout vessel. (My character will also be starting with as a Seeker/Navigator + Ship Captain spec, so the DM was kind enough to let us pick a ship with a little bit higher value than usual)
  9. It seems like we wont get the Dawn of Rebellion book here in Norway in time for the new campaign i'm participating in shortly, were i will be playing a Duros Seeker/Navigator & Ship Captain. I was wondering if anyone would be able to share with me (privately) the info for the "Ship Captain" spec. Preferably "everything", but completely understand if people are hesitant to do that. Any info is better than what i got now, which is only the 4 (i believe) career skills, and a couple of talent names with no description.
  10. Ah nice catch, i had not noticed that detail, so in theory you'd only need 1 arm to get the characteristics bonus, but both legs to get it.
  11. Hi! I'm playing a Droid technician (modder/cybertech), and i'm now looking into crafting my own cybernetic appendages (arms/legs with +1 agility/brawn bonus). Now, from reading about cybernetics in general, i understand that you need to buy arms/legs as pairs to get the +characteristics benefit, and that the price listed is for 1 arm/leg. So i assume the same is true when you craft them yourself, so you have to craft 2 cybernetic appendages of the same type to get any bonus. The big question is, does creating say 2 legs, with the "Cybernetic Appendage" template count as being the same type, or do the Triumphs/Advantages you spend have to be exactly the same on both legs, or both arms, to get the +characteristics benefit ? In my personal opinion that doesnt make much sense, and it should be enough for it to be the same template, but i figured i'd ask you guys to see if my initial thought makes sense.
  12. Any chance of this ever making it over to iphone/ipad ?
  13. Thanks! It's nice that this might be useful for others aswell :-) Added some filter views to the sheet, 1 for each Type of combat, and some for each type of resource etc.
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