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  1. Irokenics

    Players obsession with symmetrical releases

    Show me an Imperial unit with Infiltrate and we'll talk symmetry.
  2. Irokenics

    Squadrons 3

    Honestly, I think FFG have an opportunity right now to print a Squadron Super Pack. It would come with 4 of each squadron from squadron packs 1 and 2 and maybe throw in some new uniques and aces like CC did. Like it would help new players get into the game and make things interesting for existing players.
  3. What happened to travelling hundreds of miles for an epic game of big points?
  4. You have to wear 3D glasses to get the full effect!
  5. It tracks your wins to add chains to your fleet deck. 😆
  6. I love how this started as a "more comms" thread that somehow has "game mechanics rework suggestions" scattered throughout. 😆
  7. Irokenics

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    How does 2.0 change up the competitive environment though?
  8. Irokenics

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    The point I was trying to make was what we really want is an Armada game that has proper support and management from FFG. Like someone mentioned before, a FFG 2.0.
  9. Irokenics

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Quite the opposite, I was suggesting maybe we should stop asking about 2.0 and instead ask for more what we have now.
  10. Irokenics

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    It seems to be the hot topic at the moment. But I think people are assuming that more regular releases, more new players, better OP management and regular articles is something that comes along with that. Which we should all know by now that it's not the case. Armada right now mechanically in my opinion is in a sound place, albiet could do with some adjustment but that's with any game. Isn't what we really want, is FFG to just release more current Armada content and do all that other stuff I mentioned instead? I'd hate for it to go 2.0 and for them to just treat it the same way they do now. But hey maybe I'm wrong and 2.0 is the way to go.
  11. What's the purpose of this topic?
  12. Irokenics

    The state of Armada in Australia

    I'm just going to chime in here as both a player and quasi Armada community leader here in Australia. Firstly i have seen and have responded to the FB post the OP mentions. There are plenty of responses from players and store owners saying they have stock or where it can be found. In fact i even offered a free unopened core set, that was subsequently turned down. Secondly there are multiple distributors in Australia that are stocking it, however some of the common main stream shops like Good Games are not restocking it because of lack of sales (some still do, but not all). A lot of the independents are though because most of the Armada players are independent store based (The Games Cube, Rebel Outpost, The Magic Vault, IFF, Jolt, Tezzas Games, Game On Card and Games etc). Thirdly fighter pack 1 and arquittens cruisers are in short supply globally not just in Australia, core sets im sure are plentiful and stores are even trying to get sell them discounted. I think there has been some misinformation about Disney recalling product as it's simply not true. I can totally understand though if those stores were confused with an entirely different product that has been discontinued such as Star Wars Miniatures: Spaceship Battles
  13. Irokenics

    Good Times on Twitter

    Did they just pull a blizzard and deleted some of those comments?
  14. Irokenics

    We recreated the Battle of Scarif scenario!

    thanks for watching! sorry for the late reply, i havent been back to the forums over the New Years. The rules, cards and fleet lists are in the description of the video. But in case it's not working for some reason, here the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ToviRgGusuJ4osqdbJHJuE6Ri3N4a46x