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  1. What's the purpose of this topic?
  2. Irokenics

    The state of Armada in Australia

    I'm just going to chime in here as both a player and quasi Armada community leader here in Australia. Firstly i have seen and have responded to the FB post the OP mentions. There are plenty of responses from players and store owners saying they have stock or where it can be found. In fact i even offered a free unopened core set, that was subsequently turned down. Secondly there are multiple distributors in Australia that are stocking it, however some of the common main stream shops like Good Games are not restocking it because of lack of sales (some still do, but not all). A lot of the independents are though because most of the Armada players are independent store based (The Games Cube, Rebel Outpost, The Magic Vault, IFF, Jolt, Tezzas Games, Game On Card and Games etc). Thirdly fighter pack 1 and arquittens cruisers are in short supply globally not just in Australia, core sets im sure are plentiful and stores are even trying to get sell them discounted. I think there has been some misinformation about Disney recalling product as it's simply not true. I can totally understand though if those stores were confused with an entirely different product that has been discontinued such as Star Wars Miniatures: Spaceship Battles
  3. Irokenics

    Good Times on Twitter

    Did they just pull a blizzard and deleted some of those comments?
  4. Irokenics

    We recreated the Battle of Scarif scenario!

    thanks for watching! sorry for the late reply, i havent been back to the forums over the New Years. The rules, cards and fleet lists are in the description of the video. But in case it's not working for some reason, here the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ToviRgGusuJ4osqdbJHJuE6Ri3N4a46x
  5. Irokenics

    Dear FFG Forum Mods

    I thought Crabbok said he removed all his posts himself?
  6. Irokenics

    Using Legion's setup?

    Yavaris using Son of Skywalker? No thank you! 😆
  7. Intel Officer Luke gets Wookies painted on release day for the last batrep of 2018!
  8. Irokenics

    We recreated the Battle of Scarif scenario!

    Thanks for watching. It's unfortunate that you did not enjoy the video that you envisioned it to be. Whilst we appreciate the feedback, there is no need to make judgement on our intelligence or vocabulary. Additionally, we respect the military community and think there is no need to judge their intelligence and vocabulary based on its colourful language culture. It was an ability from a custom card, Admiral Gorin.
  9. Irokenics

    We recreated the Battle of Scarif scenario!

    Thanks for the solid positive responses everyone!
  10. Irokenics

    Season 4 kit article

    Annnnnndddd there it is. Shots fired.
  11. Yes we finally got there in the end! Thank you to all our supporters that helped us get the shield gate from Mel's Miniatures! Intel Officer Luke and Fulcrum Nick had a blast playing the scenario and I had fun filming it. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Merry Christmas fleet commanders!
  12. Irokenics

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Appropriate teaching is a skill that not many gamers have as well. I'm sure many male gamers can't be helped but be called out as "mansplainers" from one extreme to not breaking it down "Barney style" enough in another. Simply because they do not have the skill for identifying ones learning needs and applying the appropriate teaching method. It is disappointing that male culture in competitive Armada is a barrier for women playing. Just locally I've seen maybe 10% of an X-Wing nationals were women which I thought was great compared to Armada. So something is being done right over there!
  13. Irokenics

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Our meta does have slicers, and im pretty sure the last few Armada videos we've done on MOTF have featured slicers. There are just better things to deal with slicers than liasons, such as Thrawn, Leia (officer), Wing Commander (and the like), deployment and sometimes not caring due to all the commands being good at that point in the game lol.
  14. Irokenics

    worlds is April... faq needed?

    Rather than nerfing things are being used, how about changing up the things that never get touched. Propose the following cards to be changed in someway or another to make them usable or at least a viable option! Independence Redemption Point Defence Reroute Dominator Insidious Sensor Teams Fire Control Teams All the liasons XX-9 Liberty YV 666 Lancers All the red objectives that are not Most Wanted, Advanced Gunnery and Station Assault Fleet Ambush Director Isard Redundant Shields Cluster Bombs (a great upgrade really, but it only comes in the mc80?!) Heavy Turbo Laser Turrets Ion Canon Batteries (killed by HIEs) MS-1 Ion Canons Expanded Launchers Walex Bissex
  15. Irokenics

    MOTF Batrep 31

    I was only behind the camera, not playing so i wouldn't know. But @Captain Weather (Intel Officer Luke) could probably give you more information!