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  1. Intel Office Luke and NOVA 2019 Champion, Gunnery Chief Matt try out the new superweapons!
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't know. I left that to the guys who made the ship bases!
  3. Heyo Admirals! So we did a fun little battle report project using various custom armada compatible miniatures from Mel_Miniatures and Cards/Stats from guys on the forums who made this [https://imgur.com/a/MzbcwoZ] Shoutout to the Armada Discord for helping me get the ship base cardboard size right! I figure it would be a great first look into what Clone Wars Armada might look like. Just thought we'd end the year with some fun and in the Armada range of content!
  4. I mean that's what I was looking for, could've just linked that like he did. When I first read that I didn't realise it was a translation. Thanks @LordCola!
  5. I have tried looking and nothing I can find points towards a translated rules insert that describes the Onager interactions. Translated cards yes. Well known or not, some people (like me 😁) have not seen the live streams or been part of community discussions and are simply waiting for official written rules on it.
  6. Is there a translation somewhere on how the ignition stuff works?
  7. You got half the formula right. It's about killing their ships and keeping your ships alive!
  8. Wasn't the first Worlds for Legion the Top 8 from the High Command? Which also needed invites. Strange to compare the two that way. It's changed for both systems now I believe.
  9. The MOTF crew jump into the Clone Wars factions for the first time!
  10. Well i'll add Intel Officer Luke (a.k.a @Captain Weather). Turn 6, first SSD kill. Which oddly didn't win him the game either! It took him sacrificing the Mon Karen MC80 in a double knock out!
  11. Hi all, Got a fun upcoming MOTF project I'm working on. Basically I want to do a Clone Wars battle report. We have the ships and squadrons, we just need the cards. Normally I'd make stuff up myself but thought I'd engage the community on resources you might already have. So if anyone would be so kind to supply me fan made custom ship and squadron cards of the following that would be great! Republic - Venator Class star destroyer - N1 Naboo star fighter - J-type 327 Nubian royal ship - J-type star skiff CIS - Providence class destroyer - Recusant class light destroyer - droid tri fighter - hyena droid bomber - vulture class droid fighters - droid bomber Preferably I'd like them using the Armada card templates like on DAs Shipyards https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/ Except some of those pages are not working anymore. As much as a like KDY, I'm not interested in the way they look. Any help is appreciated! Ken
  12. to be fair, i'll be happy if tournaments even happen at all with the way FFG OP is right now with Armada.
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