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  1. Well i'll add Intel Officer Luke (a.k.a @Captain Weather). Turn 6, first SSD kill. Which oddly didn't win him the game either! It took him sacrificing the Mon Karen MC80 in a double knock out!
  2. Hi all, Got a fun upcoming MOTF project I'm working on. Basically I want to do a Clone Wars battle report. We have the ships and squadrons, we just need the cards. Normally I'd make stuff up myself but thought I'd engage the community on resources you might already have. So if anyone would be so kind to supply me fan made custom ship and squadron cards of the following that would be great! Republic - Venator Class star destroyer - N1 Naboo star fighter - J-type 327 Nubian royal ship - J-type star skiff CIS - Providence class destroyer - Recusant class light destroyer - droid tri fighter - hyena droid bomber - vulture class droid fighters - droid bomber Preferably I'd like them using the Armada card templates like on DAs Shipyards https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/ Except some of those pages are not working anymore. As much as a like KDY, I'm not interested in the way they look. Any help is appreciated! Ken
  3. to be fair, i'll be happy if tournaments even happen at all with the way FFG OP is right now with Armada.
  4. Intel Officer Luke goes up against the Master Painter Fang Zhou in the grand finals of Season 2 of our local league. The Sydney Skirmisher League (SSL).
  5. I'll attempt. Bounty was released along side with Infiltrate. There are currently no Imperial units with Infiltrate, on release there was only 1 unit with Bounty whilst rebels had 2 with Infiltrate. Additionally, you can have multiple units with infiltrate in an army list where an imperial could only have 1. Now 2 with Bossk. For Recover Supplies, its quite easy for Rebels to Infiltrate and run away with the middle box. Bounty provides an additional means for imperials to even the score if this happens. For Key Positions, you have options to infiltrate the back line objective (most of the time there is only 1 unit here holding it). The Imperial player has to focus additional resources to deal with it, therefore less units trying to claim the middle. Or can try go for the bounty. For Intercept Transmissions, you can claim the middle earlier for quick points, or disrupt the back line with Infiltrate. Bounty can give options to even the score. For Breakthrough you can literally infiltrate into a weakly defended area of their deployment zone. Once again bounty can give options to even the score somewhat. For Moisture Vaporators not much you can do here, but theres not much a bounty hunter can do as well unless the rebel player makes a mistake. For all situations an infiltrating unit can deploy to intercept the bounty hunter. Not saying that the above is right and yes i know most people don't use units with Infiltrate anymore. I'm just saying that this is probably what the designers were thinking when they introduced Bounty and Infiltrate. FFG systems have a tradition of keeping factions asymmetrical, or 'same same but different'.
  6. Cool. Was the table setup by both of you?
  7. Intel Officer Luke goes into the Sydney Skirmisher League Season 2 Semi Finals with the newly released Bossk operative expansion!
  8. If you did, you could only ever take 1 strike team?
  9. I personally like the idea of High Velocity only applying if: 1. Both minis having LoS to the target OR 2. The target is in Range 4
  10. I heard it's going to be released along side with Half Life 3!
  11. The force is strong on both sides, but who will come out on top?!
  12. Hey now, they could be if they were turning up to a special homebrew tournament! Like the ones you've mentioned before.
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