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  1. XTrueFinale

    Design Feedback

    I thought I'll like to bring up that I thought it was pretty much app design 101 to make the app user friendly, and reduce the no. of clicks to get something done. With both this and Imperial Assault game app, it's really annoying that you have to click into each item once in Collection to select you have ownership of that expansion to be integrated into the app. I wish they would design it, so you can just click each of the collections just once to add your collection with a checkbox icon or something and another button if users really want more info about that expansion.
  2. So now that all of first cycle dynasty packs are out, the meta will stir and settle once all the hardcore players test and play and figure it out. The question is when will the next expansion pack be? A year's time? does anyone know?
  3. XTrueFinale

    Clan Loyalty...

    So now with a few dynasty packs out AND thanks to the LCG format, I found whatever sense of clan loyalty wavering...the clan I liked the most just seem pretty average in terms of their cards, whereas the new cards is making a particular clan very enticing to play...
  4. XTrueFinale

    Organizing a Kit

    Thanks peeps. New Question, so according to FFG tournament regulations we have to use official FFG mat materials for the event. Does this still hold true for relaxed tourney event using kits? Since we're organizing this event through a club, getting the maps that will be rarely used (for us) is a no go so wondering if printed mats can be used? Or will we get in trouble and get pulled up by FFG?
  5. So I've noticed you're given 3 weeks between each story quest. In the 3 weeks there's always been 2 side quests so far I've seen and a spare week to visit the shops. My question is if you don't use up the spare weeks between the story quests, do they accumulate after each story quest. I.e if you have 1 spare week left but you did the story quest, does that mean you will get 4 spare weeks after completing it to the next story quest?
  6. XTrueFinale

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Thankfully for my wallet I'm ok with no new Descent physical products either. I have not yet collected all the expansions yet as my campaign hits the table quite rarely due to busy friends with families. I will look forward if they continue to support the game with new campaign scenarios though. Seems to me their focus with the the Terrinoth IP is focussed on Runewars and Dragonholt RPG.
  7. So going by FFG's IP and product line record, I'm guessing we'll probably see an L5R game involving miniatures sometime in the future. Either a wargame like RuneWars or possibly a dungeon crawler like Imperial Assault, but probably less likely as L5R is harder to adapt into a co-operative campaign game. What do you guys think?
  8. XTrueFinale

    Organizing a Kit

    So guys I want to organize a kit event for my game club, but the problem is I want to play too so I can win kit prizes. The organizer technically is not allowed to participate to win prizes from a kit right? Does that mean I should find someone else to host a kit event for me?
  9. Hi guys, so I'm curious about the Quarterly Kits. So it's obvious and makes sense that the organizer cannot be a participant in the event itself, however my question is does the organizer (marshals, and judges etc) get to receive a "prize" or something for their efforts? I'm asking because the amount of events in my local area is very limited, I'm interested in being an organizer but I'm worried if I do, I can't be a participant to compete for some of the the cool prizes.
  10. XTrueFinale

    The Rant

    Yes that's what I mean I think I'm just frustrated that the ease of being part of this game has not been made easy. So far it's been heavily based off the online community and sources from everywhere to learn more the rulings and even the tournament event. The improvement I want to see from FFG is something more like an official resources page, where they provide a page - for all the rulings they have made so far and keep it up to date - an official tournament events page, with player's name, their country, clan, which they can update results with as each round of the tournaments progresses. For example Starcraft 2 is ancient in terms of video games, but their tournament results and twitch support from Blizzard is really impressive and what I would call a Gold Tier for passion for supporting their games with players. I probably mentioned this another post, but heck create and assign player ID's to use for official tournament events. I have no hate for this game but I just wish it's more accessible in terms of community product support. Maybe I just have OCD for information organization . The community or potential community for this game is HUGE, but I just feel that FFG has not been providing the game the top notch community support that I want/expect that is all.
  11. XTrueFinale

    The Rant

    Ok let's start with the reason I'm ranting is besides getting this off my chest hopefully I'll get some opinions and other perspectives on their thoughts. I really want to like this game, the artwork, I appreciate it's a new game system that is not a MTG clone and I'll be honest I don't find myself loving it as much as I did with ANR. Then I come to the following things that annoy me: more official rulings and FAQs that seems to grow every single week and I haven't even looked at playing cards out of the core set yet. lack of clarity and ease of finding information about World Champs events, most of the info/data came from the community itself. I mean they could have a proper webpage dedicated to posting daily results and Stats etc. the commentators/judges at world champs could have been much better...
  12. XTrueFinale

    Neoprene Playmats

    I personally see the neoprene playmats as a rather pricey item in terms of how often it gets used (unless you have a group who plays skirmish often). However if they ever come up with neoprene tile mats, that I think will be something I will be quite excited about, though I doubt the production value will be cheap.
  13. XTrueFinale

    How's your local LCG scene?

    My local scene, currently has from I've heard or seen about 4 players for Game of Thrones 2nd, about 4 players that meet regularly to play Netrunner and about 6 for Legend of Five Rings...whereas there is about at least double that no. or more MTG players most of the time (outside scheduled organized play events). Is the scene similar in your area? and if so why are LCGs not that popular in a local gaming scene for people to meet up and play? Lack of promotion from the hobby shops? Not as profitable as selling TCGs by hobby stores? What are your experiences and thoughts?
  14. The Hatamoto concept is nice but I wish we have a more sophisticated ranking system. A system recording worldwide competitive plays, their country and some basic stats. FFG has so many competitive games but I'm surprised I haven't seen any official ranking system introduced anywhere at all...
  15. I think I kind of get what the OP means by luck, you have somewhat limited control of the cards that you draw or appear from your deck, especially coming from a background as Netrunner player, you had more freedom and options with your actions (tutor cards etc). A lot of people who have played NR also commented that this game isn't for everyone. I think my best way to describe the game is that it's very swingy, and yes luck on what cards show up in a match is a quite a factor in this game and I think it's just part of the nature of this game