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  1. Battle over the pit of Carkoon! For fun, I wanted to test Luke Skywalker, to see if he could actually pull off the things we see him do at the start if Return of the Jedi. I four changes to his statblock: I gave Luke Improved Reflect, as he uses it in the movie. I upgraded him to Armored Clothes, as the appearance in the book for Armored Clothes is quite similar to what Luke wears. I gave him Influence. And I gave him Luke Skywalker's lightsaber instead of Anakin's. Luke's Cool easily allows him to top the initiative. He first is faced with two Weequay and two Street Tough minions, all armed with Vibro-axes. The second skiff has not yet gotten involved. Luke's first action is to take out the two Weequay he is engaged with, dispatching one with damage, the other with a crit. The two Street Toughs attack, ending with 1 success and 2 threat. Luke parries, only taking one damage, and cuts the two down with his next action. His maneuver frees Chewie from his binders. At this point, a Boba Fett joins the action, using his maneuver to climb the stairs, and an action to fly over to the skiff. Luke attacks, and with a lucky roll, disarms Boba Fett before the clone bounty hunter can fire at him. Boba Fett uses his whipcord instead, inflicting a wound, but not succeeding in restraining Luke. Chewie frees Han, before a gunner from the barge hurts Chewie. The second skiff moves in, with three Apprentice Hunters firing at Luke, but missing. Luke's action drops Boba Fett (staggering him with a crit). Next turn, Luke leaps to the other skiff. Han picks up a Vibro-ax, and with assistance from Chewie, rolls a lucky success and four advantage, disabling Boba's jetpack. No jetpack, no rocket. Boba is out of the encounter. Meanwhile, four Street Toughs armed with Vibro-axes and two Apprentice Hunters attack Luke, bleeding through his strain and inflicting three wound and 1 crit, a gruesome injury to his Presence. It takes three turns, and a lucky Improved Reflect, but Luke dispatches all 7 minions. He then leaps onto the barge, taking out a Weequay minion that tried to pop out and shoot him from the side. As Luke climbs onto the deck, he finds himself facing two gunners (who fire at the skiffs, not him), a Gamorrean, and an Apprentice Hunter. Luke cuts down the gunner, the Gamorrean misses, and the Apprentice Hunter dies to Improved Reflect. Luke's first attack staggers the Gamorrean with a crit, as two more Weequay, armed with blasters, pop up and start firing at Luke, bleeding away more strain and inflicting a wound. Two more Toughs with axes pop up, but aren't in range to attack yet. Luke kills the guard, the toughs close in and inflict two more wound, and the Weequay burn through more strain. Luke, who has been using most of his Advantage to recover strain, is still dangerously close to maxing out. He strikes down the two Weequay, the two toughs miss with their axes. Luke takes the Toughs down, but gets shot by a new hunter who pops up, dealing two wound. Luke's last action drops the hunter, ending the encounter. All told, Luke had 11 strain, and over half of his wohnd threshold.
  2. In current canon, and especially in this rpg, suited Vader is Vader in his prime.
  3. This is my first time seeing the one from last year! Is this the only instance we have of the KX Security Droid as an adversary? I know we have K-2SO in Allies and Adversaries, but I don't recall seeing the generic droid statted out in anything yet, until now
  4. And I am beyond excited! I tend to share my books with all of my friends so they can stay up to date on Star Wars content, but I can't do that with audiobooks (I only have audible on my phone).
  5. I like the idea of a light side-attuned crystal "fighting back" against the corruption of the Dark Side. The player attempts to bleed the crystal, and the crystal attempts to pull them back to the light. This could be done through visions of their past, present, or future. A chance to make different choices, or a possible path back to redemption. The player has to overcome this temptation to the light, re-affirm their commitment to the Dark Side, and impose their will upon the crystal. This is how I handled it when I had a player turn to the Dark Side in a previous campaign. Of course, this did all ultimately boil down to a difficult Discipline roll (they were actually rolling against their own Discipline, as they'd been the ones to bond with that crystal when they were a Jedi), but the flavor leading up to it was what really set the tone and gave gravity to their actions.
  6. It's all a bit vague, timeline-wise. I think this is intentional on the part of Lucasfilm, as having a vague timeline leaves more room for stories to be told, with less frequent contradictions like what happened all the time in Legends (which rigorously set specific dates for virtually every event). That said, from what I've been able to piece together in all the new canon content: 1. Dooku and Sifo-Dyas train as Jedi, growing up together in the temple. Dooku eventually discovers his past, and the family he had before coming to the temple. Meanwhile, Sifo-Dyas begins having visions of a war to come, and grows increasingly erratic. Dooku's connection to his family and disgust over the corruption he sees in the Republic eventually lead to him abandoning the Jedi to rule his home world. During all of this, the friendship between Dooku and Sifo-Dyas still seems to last. (Don't want to say much more about that specific tale, as I strongly suggest getting the Dooku: Jedi Lost audiobook on Audible). 2. Senator Palpatine, acting behind the scenes, begins deliberately orchestrating tensions between different political and corporate parties throughout the galaxy, sewing the seeds of what will eventually boil over into the Clone Wars. Sometime after Dooku leaves the Jedi, but before the events of The Phantom Menace, Dooku meets Sidious. Sidious likely didn't take Dooku on as an apprentice until after Maul fell on Naboo, but he was probably still grooming Dooku to become the leader of the Separatist Forces even before the Naboo Crisis. Dooku, prior to Maul's defeat, does refer to Sidious as his "Master." I see this as somewhat along the lines of what Asajj Ventress' relationship was to Dooku. Until Maul fell, Dooku was probably just another tool being used by Sidious, only truly named as an apprentice after the previous apprentice failed. 3. Dooku tries rallying former Jedi companions to his side, such as his previous Padawan, Rael Averross (As we see in Master & Apprentice, another story I strongly recommend checking out), and likely Sifo-Dyas as well. This is when Sifo-Dyas commissioned the Clone Army (lying to the Kaminoans and claiming to have the backing of the Jedi Council and the Senate). This is also when Dooku found Jango Fett. From what we learn in the Age of Republic story centered on Jango Fett, the Kaminoans are the ones who paid the bounty hunter, not Dooku himself. Dooku appears to have merely recruited Jango. Around this same time, Sifo-Dyas died over the moon of Oba Diah, never informing the Jedi about the Clone Army he commissioned. Dooku and Sidious use the death of Sifo-Dyas to secretly assume control over the cloning project, likely bankrolling the project with Dooku's newfound wealth. 4. The Naboo Crisis happens. Maul is lost, the Trade Federation manages to slip out of any serious charges by the rest of the Republic, and Viceroy Nute Gunray is allowed to stay in power. Dooku becomes Sidious' true apprentice, if he wasn't already considered one, and the two continue sewing the seeds of discord throughout the galaxy. The Age of Republic story based around Dooku is a pretty solid example of his actions leading up to Attack of the Clones. Lastly, Dooku took on an assassin, Asajj. 5. The rest is pretty much Sidious and Dooku just building up tensions for the next ten years, and Dooku founding the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Separatist Alliance. The confederacy is made up of mixed ideologies, with many different interests. Mainly, it's made up of worlds who have grown distrustful of the Republic, due to how corrupt it has become, and how poorly it has handled issues over the past decade. And also of corporations, using the impending war to garner vast amounts of wealth and political power. These corporations help to further spread the corruption within the Republic, fueling systems to join their cause. The trickiest part of putting all this together is how spread out all the sources are. Some bits of info are in audio books, some in novels, some in comics, some in the Clone Wars TV show. The overall plot is slowly coming together, but a lot of these sources don't have a definitive place in the timeline. For example, the Age of Republic story about Jango just mentions his recruitment as "Some Time Ago." I've pieced together as much as I can recall without cracking open books and pulling up the audio book again. Hope this helps some!
  7. The Throne Room scene, for obvious reasons. The Thrawn Trilogy, for opening my eyes to the wide world of the Expanded Universe, and showing me how much could be done in Star Wars beyond the movies. Luke confronting Kylo Ren on Crait, for perfectly embodying how a Jedi should approach conflict. Halting an entire army, buying time for his allies to escape, and teaching his fallen apprentice one last lesson, all while fully committed to pacifism.
  8. The method is pretty straight-forward, honestly. Deliberately not an ideal build, as I was aiming to make something as close to the F&D adversary as possible, at exactly Knight Level XP. I went with a base human, 120 XP (10 from obligation), and a free rank in Melee and Ranged (Light). I started with Martial Artist, 2 ranks in Athletics, 1 rank in Perception, 1 rank in Vigilance, 1 rank in Piloting (Space), 1 rank in Discipline. Spent 30 to raise Agility to 3, 30 to raise Intellect to 3, 20 to get Imperial Academy Cadet. From there, I purchased Knowledge Specialization (Warfare) and Tactical Combat Training on IAC, the first rank of Parry from Martial Artist, and with my last 20 starting XP, I raised Melee and Vigilance to 2 ranks each. With the 150 from Knight level, I bought Iron Body, a second rank of Parry, Toughened, Grapple, a second rank of Toughened, and Dedication to raise Brawn to 3 (Putting my Wound at 16, Strain at 12, just like the F&D adversary). Spent the rest of my XP to raise Melee to 3, Vigilance to 3, Ranged Light to 2, Discipline to 2, Piloting Space to 2, and Perception to 2. With Knight Level beginning with 9k credits, it's a simple matter to purchase Heavy Battle Armor, a Force Pike, and a Heavy Blaster Pistol, leaving 2,800 credits left to spend on attachments or other equipment. (Now if only there were a weapon attachment for 2,800 that could give the cortosis quality...) And with that, you pretty much have a replica of the F&D version of the Adversary, but shy a few ranks in some skills, and two ranks of Parry. It's also missing Heightened Awareness. And of course, it's impossible to give a player character ranks in the Adversary talent, so that'll have to be made up for somehow.
  9. As a quick experiment, I made an Imperial Royal Guard as a human PC with just Heroic Level XP (150) pretty easily. It's even really close to the version of the Imperial Royal Guard found at the back of F&D. It's only really missing two ranks of Parry and a few ranks in a couple skills. Truth be told, it's pretty easy to make a Red Guard, mechanics-wise, and there are a ton of different ways to go about it. Personally, I try to go as simple as possible with my character builds, keeping them to just one or two trees whenever possible. I've seen how many different pages some of my friends have for their characters, and I could never keep track of all of that! At most, if I were to build a Red Guard character, I might add in Shii-Cho Knight or Makashii Duelist for those few extra ranks of Parry, after getting where I want to be with the rest of the build.
  10. 86, iirc? Whichever page is right after the Kashyyyk blurb. It's part of the modular encounter for that world. If I'm off on the page number, I'll correct it after I get off work. Edit: Just double-checked, now that I have time. It's page 113. I was way off
  11. So, looking at the Terentatek as statted out in Collapse of the Republic, I'm seeing that I wasn't too far off: I had Brawn 5 instead of Brawn 6. I had the Agility and Intellect mixed around (although I feel that was actually a typo on my part back then, as I can't imagine why I would give it a high intellect). I was spot on with the Wound and Strain, but I was off by three on the Soak (12 instead of 15). I had Brawl 4 instead of Brawl 2, but I nailed it on Perception 2, Survival 3, and Vigilance 2. I was one rank of Adversary too high, sitting at Adversary 2 instead of 1 (I was aiming for a challenge for my current group, sitting well over 300 XP at the time, iirc). My description for Detect Force Sensitive is almost spot on with the Force Sense given to the official build, with my version only going out to Medium instead of Extreme. I also had Damage 8 on the toxic claws, same as the book. However, my version had a much more brutal poison, and lots of other abilities, while the book instead just goes for high pierce, stun 5, and vicious 4. All in all, I'm pretty proud of my educated guess back then! Between this, a few of the capital ships, and the B2 Super Battle Droids, I've been on a roll with all my old home brews. Now, to just figure out how I want to throw the Terentatek at my players in this campaign...
  12. I like the idea of combining trials, but I'm more leaning towards trials that can be conducted within the Jedi Temple, as a form of formalized testing. After all, the Jedi didn't always have a war going on that they could use to test their Padawans with. I could easily just pull examples from their previous adventures as examples of them passing trials, but I want the trials to be a session of their own, so I'd rather cover the more conventional ceremonial tests.
  13. I'm currently running a Clone Wars campaign, and next session, I plan on Knighting my Jedi players. Since this is taking place at the height of the Jedi's power as an order, I figured I'd actually put them through the Jedi Trials. This means I have to have each player go through the Trials of Spirit, Insight, Flesh, Courage, and Skill. Nexus of Power has a small blurb for each of these, but not much in the way of examples. I've got a good plan for both Flesh and Skill for each of them, but it'd be cool if I could get some recommendations for the others. Spirit is supposed to focus on overcoming an emotional weakness. One player's weakness is his Doubt, his uncertainty of the Jedi's role in this war. How would you handle his Spirit trial? The other's weakness is Trust, or more specifically a lack thereof. She is hesitant to extend trust to anyone. I figure the trial will force her to place her trust in someone else, but what would be a good scenario for this? Insight is another odd one. Nexus of Power recommends a Vigilance check to solve a riddle or puzzle of some kind. Got any suggestions for a good Jedi-themed riddle? If not, there's always the option to have them solve a puzzle box or something. Lastly, the Trial of Courage. It's supposed to be a Fear check, drawing upon the characters' fears. Would you do this as some form of vision through the Force? Or would you say that by constantly fighting on the front lines of the war, the Jedi have already passed the Trial of Courage by demonstrating their bravery?
  14. Had an extra few minutes, and decided to try building a "Movie Ready" Jedi Knight, using the optional 30xp to purchase an extra FR at creation from CotR. Nautolan: Br 3 Ag 2 In 2 Cu 2 Wi 1 Pr 2 100 XP, Athletics 1. Using the starting Morality to add 10 XP for 110, plus 150 for Knight Level: With starting skills, go for Cool 1, Discipline 1, Lightsaber 2, and Knowledge Lore 1, plus Athletics 1 from Nautolan. 50 XP going to raise Willpower to a 3, 30 to get FR 2, 30 remaining. Buy straight down the Knight Tree so you have one rank in Parry, one in Reflect. With the remaining 150 XP, spend 35 on Move to get the base, one Strength, one Range, and the Hurl upgrades. Spend 30 on Enhance to be able to leap horizontal or vertical. Spend 20 on Sense to get the Control. Spend 30 to get Improved Parry and Improved Reflect. With the last 25 XP, either get another rank in Reflect/Parry or just focus on picking up some skills. I'm thinking Parry 2, Discipline 2, and maybe pick up another 5XP talent. Grit, probably Seems like a pretty solid "Movie Ready" Jedi to me. You can do almost everything ESB Luke and TPM Obi-Wan are shown doing on screen.
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