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  1. Hard Bargain (SoF) A Quick Stopover (SoF) The Corellian Shuffle (SoF) Long Arm of the Law (SoF) Conicla Six Summit (SoF) Sabacc Game on the Row (SoF) Beyond the Boiling Sea (SoF) Taming the Dragon (SoF) Tunnel Delving (SoF) A Deal Gone Wrong (LoNH) Welcome Aboard (LoNH) Toydarian Grocery Shopping (LoNH) The Dead Road (LoNH) Rubbing Slimy Elbows (LoNH) Onslaught At Arda 1 (AoR Adventure Book) Operation - Shell Game (AoR Beta) Takeover at Whisper Base (AoR Beginner's Game) Operation Shadowpoint (AoR Web Adventure) Perlemian Haul (AoR Core) Dead in the Water (AoR GM's Kit) Rescue at Glare Peak (I don't have a source off hand for this) Lessons of the Past (F&D Core) Mountaintop Rescue (F&D Beginner Game) Lure of the Lost (F&D Beginner Game Bonus Adventure?) Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (F&D Adventure Book) Hidden Depths (F&D GM's Kit) Lost Knowledge (F&D Beta) Escape from Mos Shuuta (EtoE Beginner's Game) Long Arm of the Hutt (EtoE Web Adventure) Crates of Krayts (Beta EtoE) Debts to Pay (EtoE GM's Kit) Trouble Brewing (EtoE Core) Beyond the Rim (EtoE Adventure Book) Under a Black Sun (EtoE Web Adventure) The Jewel of Yavin (EtoE Adventure Book) Phantoms in the Dark (SoR) Claustraphobia (SoR) The Geharr Incident (SoR) In Too Deep (SoR) Exploring the Acablas Ruins (NoP) Witch's Wrath (NoP) Cave Security (NoP) Vault of Justice (NoP) The Trial of Skill (NoP) The Light Within (NoP) If it Sounds too good to be True (NoP) The Menagerie (NoP) Otherspace (Fan Made - I Think) Tattoine Manhunt (Fan Made - I think) Strike force Shantipole (Fan Made - I Think) Force Explorer (Fan Made - I Think) The Game Chambers of Questal (Fan Made - I Think) Rendezvous at Ord Mantell (Fan Made - I Think) Rebel Breakout (Fan Made - I Think) ----------------------------------------------- This is everything I've found so far. They're in no particular order. All of these are from published material with a few fan-made adventures available on pdf thrown in. Check the Pinned "Compiled Resources" topic for the fan made adventures. I think I got most of them there.
  2. Coming off what Kallabecca mentioned above, One option is to let him transfer himself into an NPC stat based droid body. It would allow a form of instant upgrade. The trick here is to figure out the XP costs it would take to get a base droid to that level, then inflict an XP penalty that the character has to pay off as he has to get "used" to the new body, software, whatever. The character would start out a bit more powerful and would totally have to rely on equipment alone to upgrade anything until that XP penalty is paid off. I also wouldn't allow the character to keep any unusual talents from the new body (specifically, Adversary and such - Those abilities simply didn't survive the transfer) It's a thought, but balancing power levels between players might be a bit of an issue.
  3. Ahh, I gotcha. Yea, it was just me being dense. For some reason I wasn't getting the intention of the sentence and without that reference couldn't place the terminology. I understand now. I think that little run through also helped me understand the fighter combat a little better, so thanks! I really like that comparison. Seems very on the mark. I get your point about the Tie fighters. I'm not entirely sure I agree, but I understand where you're coming from.
  4. Ok, now we're talking. You make a lot of good points there Ghostofman. I totally missed that part of the description in the Nightshadow coating. Makes a couple of my questions mute. As for "to what end?" I'm not sure yet. I'm playing with the system a bit to see what I might want to do. If the stealth tech is viable or more trouble than it's worth. Probably will cost more than it's worth, in cash and rarity effects... but alas... The part about the telescopes being computer controlled but not computer interpreted is an interesting distinction. I like the concept, but the big question is does the telescope simply show what it's seeing, or is there a computer interpreting the data and relaying it to a screen for the officers to look at. If it's the former, then Nightshadow coating would have no effect at all on it. If it's the latter, it's likely it would. On a Star Destroyer, I'd assume the latter since seems like it would be more technologically sound, but I can see how it may defeat the purpose of having it installed in the first place... I dunno... The incoming fire from a stealth vessel may make that question mute as well. I think I'd still add a couple setback dice to attacks made this way using former, but I agree that type of system is viable on a large ship like an SD. But I still think the officers would be insulted by the antiquated tech in a telescope that isn't high-end computer controlled and interpreted. As for your reference to Star Trek, I think I have to disagree. Well, it depends on what specifically your talking about. In the NextGen stuff, The computer takes sensor information and creates a visual interpretation of what it can read on the view screen. There's almost no actual optics (as we would think of them) involved. I know this because of the episode where they're doing a mock battle against a weaker FedShip and Warf, on the weaker ship, hacks into the Enterprise sensors and fools them into believing there's a Roman Warbird incoming. The Enterprises computer interprets the data and creates a Warbird on the view screen that isn't actually there. I'm not as familiar with what they do in TOS and Enterprise. Boy, this became a very technical discussion about telescopes and optics for what I had originally intended, lol. You make a good point about the tie fighters, but I'm on the fence with that. Stripping shields like that does make some sense, but their pilots are nowhere near talented enough to justify it generally. BUT, as you said, this is kind of another discussion entirely. I totally am not getting you're last sentence. What's "Blind spot narrative" and "GtA?" I might just be dense at the moment, but... huh? Great post.
  5. You make an interesting argument for this. I suppose you could use Blanket Barrage this way against big ships. The only issue I could see is people complaining that the BC's attack rolls are what determine if it (the BC) takes a hit. It's a little counterintuitive, but workable. Cool
  6. I thought I made this pretty clear. I'm digging into the starship mechanics and mods and looking to understand how all of these things will work correctly. These examples and quick run combats seem to be the best way for me to understand them. And yes, I'm also interested in creating some stealth starships in my game and I'd like to understand the limits of the tech in the system. You assume too much. One of my places of employment is a deep space telescope facility that tracks space debris for NASA and Air Force space mission planning. They can track a wrench in orbit by visual only, and that's 300 km through an atmo. A battleship at 1000 km through open vacuum would be a walk in the park. A Star Destoryer could mount dozens of such telescopes and you wouldn't even notice, it would just be little bumps and that's assuming Star Wars hasn't figured out a way to make them smaller (which they probably have). That said, if you want to do this, I'd say just reduce the target's Sil like with an actual cloaking device. Something like a Star Destroyer trying to hit a Sil 5 target isn't going to have a ton of luck. You're telling me that they don't use ANY computer or sensor equipment to do this? Just a guy with a big, manual telescope? Because as an ex-computer programmer, I've seen some of the code they use in those tracking systems... The Empire is so arrogant that they don't even equip their Tie fighters with shields, how reliable are their manually run telescope backups going to be? From everything I've seen about naval officers in Star Wars, they'd be insulted that anyone even thought manual telescopes would be a necessary backup. I'm not saying it isn't a viable backup system, I'm just saying it can't possibly be that reliable on a moving starship over thousands of kilometers in space. And remember, without a tracking system of some sort, this would be like trying to find a fly on a barn wall with a pair of binoculars at 20 ft. Yes, to reach out to Short Range the TIEs would have to focus. BUT the standard TIE flight group is 4, that's a fighter for every direction, so it's totally doable within the narrative. Even not focusing on it, it's not a big deal, a Cruiser shooting at Sil 3 TIEs is gonna suck. So yeah, they'll have to fly to close, but it's not that hard, a cruiser going Speed 2 ain't gonna get away from a TIE going Speed 5, all they gotta do is follow the turbolaser fire to the source and, boom done. They report the position back to the cap ship and that's that. Coordinating fire like this would actually be pretty common practice when you start talking war among the stars, you just get a position, speed, and vector (probably all done automatically by the TIE's fire control computer) and bounce it back to the capship. If you want to get fancy, deploy TIE/fcs and TIE/rcs and start allowing upgrades and reduced difficulty. You make some good points here. Military Artillery and Naval Ballistics use a form of mathematic vector tracking without computers. I don't know a lot about it, but I'm sure once the first Tie Fighter or two got a bearing, they could use that as a basis for their firing solutions. Should probably still add a couple of Setback die due to inaccuracies though. I think this is the most likely (and viable) backup to not being able to use scanners. I'd really like a reference for this. Where does it say anywhere that Nightshadow Coating doesn't work at close range? If you're just talking about visual scanning making it a non-issue, I could easily see a scenario where a group of PC's are following another ship at close range by staying in their blind spot (i.e. behind them or something) and using the Nightshadow coating to stay off sensors. And as for the Rarity 8 thing, see above. lol, you're right, the A-Wing's jammer already says exactly what it does: "Miradyne Ltd. 4X-Phantom Sensor Jammer. Blocks all sensors within range, counting its ship or vehicle's silhouette as one smaller when being fired at. Immediately notifies all ships in a star system, or within one hundred kilometers if planetoid, to the ship or vehicle's existence." Now, Blocks all sensors in range seems pretty clear to me... The -1 to sil on attacks would be because of the inability or difficulty of using computer sensor based tracking systems. . Everything else you mentioned has already been addressed in above posts.
  7. How do you figure? If they're trying to commendeer it for the rebels I wouldn't think any conflict would be involved. If they just "want a Star Destroyer" or are planning to use to indiscriminately kill then yes.
  8. You raise a valid point. The only issue I would have is that the SD would be firing on a spot in space (where they guesstimate the fire is coming from), not the actual BC. That should require some increased difficulty at minimum I would think.
  9. Ok, thanks for the responses guys. That helps. I re-read some of the sections from the book. But I have a few more questions: I was confused about those capital ship maneuvers because on page 244 it says that capital ships can make one maneuver and one attack per round just like smaller ships. I missed on the next page where it says they can only do one Pilot maneuver per round. Thanks for that. I totally understand what you mean about the SD's traveling in packs and such. I'm not looking to create a SD hunter/killer, I'm just curious as to how it would play out if a stealth BC encountered a SD it wanted to attack. Like, say if both ships are in-system and the SD tractor's the Tantive IV and the BC tries to free it by taking out the SD. lol Just an example off the top of my head. Questions #1 So after the first strike, the SD focuses it's sensors in the direction of the attack, this pushes the SD's sensors to extreme in that one arc, and with the Whisperthrust coating pushing a -1 to sensor range the SD can now see the BC at long range. I imagine that this would require a sensor check on the part of the SD to get a fix with active sensors. I know the default check is easy (1 Purple), but If the check is failed, that would mean the SD still can't see the BC right? P.S. I was looking at the stats for Pseudo Cloaking Device and Whisperthrust Engine mods that would add +4 upgrades to a sensor check at low spd. That 1 Purple would become 1 Purple and 2 Red on the sensor check. Could be fun. Question #2 If the SD knows it's being attacked, but can't see it due to a failed sensor check (I'm assuming that at long range - Several thousand Kilometers according the the ACRB pg 253 - Visual scanning would be out without a lot of luck and a REALLY powerful telescope) I would assume the SD can fire blind. The best idea for blind-firing mechanics for a cap ship I can find would be something like the Overwhelming Barrage Maneuver. You know, fill that arc with fire and hope to get a couple hits. That maneuver specifically is meant for attacking multiple ships though. How would you guys handle this? Question #3 I was considering allowing the SD to route sensors through it's tie fighters, but if their engaged with fighters or otherwise occupied this won't work very well as a tie only has a range of Close. Could a tie even pick the BC up on scanners at all without focusing them? Even with focusing the sensors, the tie would have to be in Close range - practically on top of the BC - before getting a sensor hit. which leads to: Question #4 If you threw the Nightshadow Coating on a fighter, like an X-Wing, no fighters would be able to see it all all without making visual identification or focusing sensors, right? Question #5 The A-Wing comes with a built in sensor jammer that blocks all sensors in range. Would an A-Wing have anything to fear from a SD if they maintained a moderate distance to prevent visual identification? Tie fighters can track and attack visually, but I think a SD would be hard pressed to do this. Personally, aside from all that above, I don't think it's really plausible to be able to visually track something in space beyond close or short range. The distances are just too much to see anything. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I think everyone is focusing on the wrong thing here. Fenrir has the right idea but I'm not sure he got the point across. The check is a social check, not a check to activate a force power. This isn't an aspect of Mind Trick, it's essentially using the force to just enhance a characters ability at a social interaction. I know that some people will say that's the same thing, but it's not. If you wouldn't be able to do it with a Skill of 5 and a Characteristic of 6, then it's not possible. No, they wouldn't be able to talk an imperial out of a Star Destroyer unless there was a REALLY good reason for it. Like appearing to have all the correct credentials, being in uniform, acting the part of a superior officer (Moff maybe), and generally being able to pull off the greatest con in the world. Using Influence in this way may let you hoodwink someone for a few moments, but if a used car salesman really puts one over on you, don't you think you'd realize what happened the moment you pull out of the lot and the tires fall off? With Mind Trick, perhaps not, otherwise YES, YOU'D NOTICE! If you can't accomplish it with strait skill, then it's not possible with the Influence enhanced skill either. Not unless you're using Mind Trick. Some things are simply impossible through the use of simple social rolls... I don't care if you're the most suave, fast talking, slick person in the world, you come to my house and try to sleep with my wife and I'm gonna beat you to death... lol
  11. Ok, I was just playing around with the starship combat rules and differing tech and stuff and I have a scenario I want to run past everyone. I'm aware that I probably don't know the starship rules as completely as I should, so please correct me where appropriate. This is JUST ABOUT THE MECHANICS. Please skip this if you're just going to tell me the scenario is impossible or that I should never allow specific mods on a starship of that size or whatever, that's not what I'm looking for. Ok, heres the scenario: I have a Battlecruiser (We'll shorten this to BC for now) with the mod Nightshadow Coating which reduces the range other ships can detect it. Battleship: Sil 8, Armor 6, Spd 1, Sensor Range: Long Primary Weapons: A few Heavy Turbolasers, Range: Long, Damage Base 11 -- These are the only pertinent stats for this experiment. Now, the BC wants to attack a Victory Class Star Destroyer (SD) Star Destroyer: Sil 8, Armor 9, Sensor Range: Long Primary Weapons: A lot of Medium Turbolasers, Range: Long, Damage Base 10 Now, the BC pulls into Long Range of the SD. Because of the Nightshadow Coating, The SD doesn't even know it's there unless it moves into Medium Range. The BC opens up on the SD. Average Damage of about 10 per hit. The SD knows it's been hit, probably has a good idea where the fire is coming from, and starts moving in that direction with 2 move maneuvers. The BC sees the SD moving, and starts moving as well to maintain range. Using 2 move maneuvers (and suffering 2 strain for the extra maneuver), the BC moves away from the SD, maintaining distance, but keeps firing. This continues until the SD is destroyed by a ship it can't see. Question #1 Now, assuming the SD doesn't jump to hyperspace to get away, is this plausible? I was thinking the SD could make blind attacks suffering several Setback dice (3 I think, perhaps adding in +1per range band or something) to try to hit the BC, but is this (basically) a sound idea? Question #2 If the BC pulls an extra maneuver per round, does the ship itself take the Strain for the extra maneuver, or would it be whoever's piloting? It makes more sense to me that the ship takes the strain in this instance. Question #3 Is there any way to extend Sensor range in the rules beyond the one mod that does it? Question #4 This is a more general question, but can weapons of any sort fire past their listed range limit without special talents or mods? Questions #5 Am I making any sense at all? Or do I have the whole idea skewed? I actually ran this experiment and managed to get a crit on the SD on the first strike that took out it's engines. It took several rounds for the SD to get into firing position. I didn't move the BC away in the test run ( i guess I was overconfident in the damage I was inflicting ) and the damage to the BC skyrocketed as the SD closed in. The BC pulled a narrow win, but it was very close as the BC I used in the test didn't have nearly as many weapons as the SD. Just to clarify, for the attack rolls, the BC had a base attack of 4 green. This was upgraded eight times to represent the eight heavy turbo lasers. The Victory SD has two banks of ten medium turbo lasers. I guesstimated (didn't bother to look it up) a base attack of 2 green upgraded ten times with one attack roll per bank. As the ship closed in it's other weapons also came to bear.
  12. Unnecessary Exercise? Of course it is. That's kind of a given. And there's a simple reason that he's got all those Spec's & XP, that's how I see his character build. (notice I didn't say because, lol) I assume you're talking about narrative relation versus a specific character design based around accepted traits. You're correct. That was also, kind of the point. I totally missed what you were saying here on the first read through. I opened that link and was like... WTF? 0.o lol Ok, first of all... There were only two pages of talents on the character sheet. Second of all, Of course there's no NEED for stats in a narrative game like this where you can just tell the PC's there all dead when Vader catches them or work up arbitrary stats like with the Inquisitors. The whole point was, using XP and the available Career/Spec listings, to make a character that resembled what I know of Vader and his abilities. I found it a fun exercise. Also, I've never liked the limits people place on these games. Limit the XP so the characters don't get overpowered, limit the money so the characters have to struggle to get by, limit the tech so they really appreciate that new toy you've allowed them to have. I don't know if everyone else was born a rich badass, but those are limits I deal with every day in real life. I have no desire to play a game where I'm essentially, even in a cool sci-fy/fantasy setting, dealing with the same things that frustrate me in real life. I want escapism. I want a character who stands above the rest from the get-go. I don't want to wade through two years of adventures to get that way. I realize that some people do like to play that way, and I have no problem with that. I occasionally want to play extremely low powered games to get that sense of realism, but it's just not something I find interesting all that often. That might make me some version of a power gamer, but I'm ok with that. As a GM, I run the game the same way. If my players want to try something cool, I usually try to find a way to let them, even if it's potentially game breaking or they have to deal with the consequences of their actions (people often forget that these games are set within functioning societies...usually). And why is it such a bad thing for PC's to want to take on Vader? He's the epitome of Star Wars bad guys. How epic would the fight become where the GM dropped Vader into your lap. He'd totally dominate the fight, but any character that scored a significant hit, crit, or cool narrative event (even just making him fall down) would have some cool bragging rights. A build like this pretty much guarantees they won't kill Vader, but dial it back just a bit on the Parry (which I already admitted I got carried away with), and assume in Vader's arrogance (or whatever) he doesn't use most of his abilities, and that could be an interesting fight. Six PC's attacking a single NPC at once can possibly mess up even a powerful bad guy's day. I'd never let them walk away without kicking their collective butts, but it'd be cool. I'd want to know all Vaders abilities for that fight. Even if it's just to make sure the fight goes the way I want it too without having to fudge dice rolls or make up narrative excuses (not that these are always a bad thing mind you) to keep the PC's alive. Are Vader's stats necessary? No. Was it fun to try to make up a build for him? Yes. Would it be useful? I dunno, I think it could be. And on a final note, I disagree about Luke. Just my two cents, but he's running Rebel missions from the beginning pretty much non stop in all the lore. I'd have him between 500-1500 XP just off the top of my head. Ace Career (I read that somewhere) and Spec's (Don't know which without looking), then Force Sensitive Emergent, maybe a Soldier or Commander Spec before hitting up Peacekeeper and a lightsaber form (or two). What can I say, I like making characters. I don't really disagree with you're views on Vader here. I've seen discussions and good rationale for making him more or less powerful based on his injuries and cybernetics. This is just my take on him based on this game's options and I'm assuming that as badass as he is, he'd be even more so if he'd never gotten hurt. I'm also of the opinion that Rancors are really underpowered in this game. As for Yoda, you have a point about the whole diminishing returns thing, but I'm of the belief that your 18th level wizard should have received some xp for destroying the village, even if it's a minuscule amount, unless that's all he does and it's become totally mundane. Experience isn't always about testing your abilities at their fullest, often it's just about doing something new or different. I don't know of a way to compensate for that in this game. People, even super people, often don't fare all that well against artillery. You find a workable counter, please let me know... That would be awesome. Also, It's not really difficult at all to mod a pair of bolster pistols to do over 13+ damage per hit. A group of PC's all duel wielding modded blasters or using custom heavy blaster rifles set to auto fire could possibly still cut him down pretty quick if he wasn't careful. Then there's Cortosis rounds that will take the lightsaber out of the equation all together... Possibilities man... Possibilities...
  13. Just to really throw a wrench into the discussion, I started a Darth Sidius build. It's not finished yet and some of these abilities may drop a bit as I decide which Talents he has from each tree. These stats assume all Toughened, Grit, Dedication, Force Rating, Parry & Reflect talents. Darth Sidius Age 86-ish Career: Mystic Specs: Seer, Advisor, Makashi Duelist, Shadow, Sage, Healer, Shien Expert, Aggressor, Niman Disciple, Ataru Striker, Agatator, Ambassator, Scholar, Peacekeeper, Protector, Characteristics: Brawn 2 (-1 from age) Agility 4 (-1 from age - Does this seem high? I dunno...Maybe he should skip a few Dedication Talents...Probably will...) Intellect 5 Cunning 6 Willpower 6 Presence 5 Wound Threshold: 40 Strain Threshold: 41 Force Rating: 12 Parry: Soak 15 for 3 Strain Reflect: Soak 10 for 3 Strain Primary Weapons: Lightsaber: Damage 11, Crit 1, 1 Auto Adv., Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 2, Shadowsheath, Force Lightning: Damage: 6+1 per DSP, Crit 1, Burn 2, Ensnare 2, 1 Adv = 1 Strain, +1 DSP / +3 Targets, -- Costs to use: 5 DSP to get the Base Dmg 6, Crit 1, Burn & Ensnare 2, Skills: Charm, Coercion, Cool, Deception, Discipline, Leadership, Negotiation, Perception, Stealth, Vigilance, Lightsaber, Ranged Light (for the Force Lightning), Knowledge: Core Worlds, Education & Lore ALL and 5. Skulduggery, Streetwise, Melee, Knowledge Outer Rim & Underworld at 4 Everything else at 1-3 Powers: I gave him all of Sense, Move, Influence, Enhance, Forsee, Bind, Protect/Unleash, Heal/Harm, & Seek (Not sure about seek) I'm looking at around 8,000 xp for the build. Just for the Spec's, Skills & Powers I'm already at 4,000 xp. I could probably drop Agitator, Administrator & Scholar as well, but they seemed to fit.
  14. I dunno, maybe I just see things a bit differently. Between 0-4 ABY Darth Vader is extremely powerful, second only to the Emperor, and he's been living under the Emperor's guidance for the last 20ish years. As we see from things like The Force Unleashed Game, and even his stint on Rebels, Vader is quite intelligent even aside from his aptitude for mechanics and has learned a great deal of cunning from the Emperor on top of what he already had as a brilliant tactician in the Clone Wars. Admittedly, as I touched on above, I may have overdone a few things a bit, but I still wouldn't drop more than 500-1000 xp even in hindsight. This isn't a bad build, and if you never expect your characters to break 1000-1500 xp I'm sure it'd do just fine. I wanted to make a build that I felt best represented all the scary bits we see of Vader. Something that represented his abilities even against someone equal in power. And remember, this isn't the Manic Depressive Anakin from Episode 3 everyone gets fixated on. This is the Sith Lord that has already become accustomed to his armor (and upgraded it? - the texts are controversial in this), his place in the dark side, and has relentlessly hunted and exterminated every threat he or the Emperor can conceive. The Emperor (supposedly) had his cybernetics and armor built with substandard materials AND a weakness to Force Lightning just to ensure he never tried anything. If the Emperor was worried... Remember, Darth Vader is ONLY beaten by Luke in the original trilogy and that's due to Vader's feelings more than anything else. In game terms, Luke got to him emotionally and Vader stopped using parry long enough for Luke to score a crit and take off his hand. Without parry, it's not impossible with a moderately high Lightsaber skill & Characteristic. Unlikely, sure, but not impossible.
  15. When I statted one of these for my game I took a basic 1300 and replaced the weapons with the single forward facing medium cannon, gave it -2 to handling (total, because of the extra bulk), +2 to Hull Trauma (more ship to hit), and 330 Enc. I read somewhere that the 1930 was basically just a modded 1300, so it seemed to make sense. I like this, but why would it have a speed of 4? With the extra bulk that seems odd. Is the 1930 mentioned anywhere as being faster than a 1300? Just curious.
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